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16. Anna Eliza Payne (raised as Alma Shirer) (Married Henry Clay Colerider (#15), 25 September 1879, Grafton, Taylor Co., W. Virginia). Source of green information is from Claudine Harding in numerous e-mails February and March 2009 to Susan L. Snyder. [Note: Claudine Harding is the GGGG Granddaughter of Rebecca Love (Eleanor Winnie Love's (#58) sister) and GGGGG Granddaughter of William Love (#115) and Winford Carney (#116)] .


Born: 20 June 1858 of Phillip Wroe Payne (#31) & Maria F. Hardie (#32) in Grafton, Taylor Co., West Virginia. According to the 1870 West Virginia Census, Anna was born in Virginia, not West Virginia .[Note: West Virginia did not become a state until 1863, when Anna was 5 years old.]


Died: 15 August 1935; she is buried with her husband at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C. She was buried in Section B, Lot 50, Site 6 on 17 August 1935. (Source of this information: A phone conversation with a staff member at Prospect Hill Cemetery on 12 June 2007). [Note: Photographs of her gravesite are at the bottom of this page.]

[Her siblings included:

a) William Henry Payne Born: 7 August 1851; Died: 9 March 1910 (59 years) in Camden, New Jersey. Buried Harleigh Cemetery. (Had 32 patents in his name--the last was for an incandescent lamp--for many years, he was connected with Hero Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia);

b) James Wroe Payne Born: 20 February 1854. Died: 23 February 1854, aged 3 days;

c) Mary Olive Payne (Married: John Seaber of Westernport, Maryland) Born: 9 May 1855. According to the 29 August 1870 West Virginia Census for Mineral County, Olive (aged 14) was living in Piedmont Township, Mineral County, West Virginia with William (Douglas) Hardie (aged 37) and Martha (age 31) [According to, Martha was Martha Adaline Sayre] and her sister Lucy (age 9) and William's son John R.(age 15). Mary's father had died in 1861, and it is assumed that her mother had also died. William Hardie is Mary's uncle. Mineral County formed in 1866 from Hampshire County, just 4 years prior to this census. Died: ?; (Source of green is William's death certificate.)

d) Lucy Ellen Payne (Married: Alexander Forman of Morgantown, West Virginia) Born: 2 October 1861 at Grafton, West Virginia. According to the 29 August 1870 West Virginia Census, Lucy (age 9) was living in Piedmont Township, Mineral County with William (Douglas) Hardie (age 37) and Martha (age 31). Also living there were her sister Olive (age 14) and William's son John R.(age 15). Her father had died in 1861, and it is assumed that her mother had also died. William Hardie is her [maternal] uncle. Mineral County formed in 1866 from Hampshire County, just 4 years prior to this census. In the 1880 West Virginia Census, Lucy was 18 and still living with William D. Hardy (age 46) and Martha A. Hardy (age 42), but this census is for Taylor County. Did the family move? The census states that Lucy is a relative. Note that Hardy is spelled with a "Y" in this census. Died: 20 February 1937 in Morgantown, West Virginia according to William C. Wroe in correspondence via e-mail on 11 June 2001,<>. Miscellaneous: Lucy and Alexander had four children, Dr. Alexander Forman of the faculty of the University of West Virginia, Lawrence P. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nyna Forman of Washington, D.C., and Maucealeene (Mrs. Paul Vandervort) of Morgantown, West Virginia.] Source of orange information: a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner, a Colerider Descendant, copied by Susan Snyder on September 2009).



In the 1860 Census for Independence District, Preston County, Virginia, conducted on 29 September, 1860, Philip W. Payne's home is listed as the 1647 "Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation." His home was the 1643rd "Families numbered in the order of visitation." "The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1860, was in this family" included five people. Philip, Maria, William, Mary, and Anna. Philip W. Payne is listed as 33 and his profession was cabinetmaker. Maria is listed as being 28 (This is difficult to read. It should be 29 if she was born 20 February 1831). William H. is 9 , Mary O. is 5, and Anna E. is 3 (Anna would actually have been 2 if she was born 20 June 1858). Note: Lucy was not listed because she was born in 1861.

Anna was raised by A. F. Shirer and his wife as Alma Shirer. The reason why Anna was raised by the Shirers or why Anna's name was changed to Alma is unknown. [Note: It is assumed that Anna's mother died between 1864 when her mother applied for her husband's Civil War Pension and the 1870 census, when several of her children appeared on census pages with other adults.] states that Anna was raised by Araxa Fernando Shirer and his wife, Agnes Rachel Bradshaw Shirer in West Virginia. Anna, aka Alma, was only 3 1/2 years old when her father, Phillip died on 26 December 1861. Her mother's exact death date is unknown.

The 1870 West Virginia Census shows that Alma was 9 years old, female, white, at school, and that she was born in Virginia. It states that she was living in Fetterman Township in Taylor County with A.F. Shirer (age 39), a merchant, and Agnes (age 33). [Note: Anna's age of 9 is incorrect, she was born on 20 June 1858, and would have just had her 12th birthday on 12 July 1870 when the census was done. Her birth date is confirmed on the 1880 census and on her tombstone.] The County Seat of Taylor County is Grafton; this is her birthplace according to family records.

Below: Anna on her wedding day.


Below: This certificate was found as a part of a family bible. A transcription is beside the image.





Henry C. Colerider and Alma Payne (Shirer) Her real name Payne
Were solemnly united by me in the
Holy Bonds of Matrimony
At Grafton West Virginia
on the Twenty-fifth day of September 1879
in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
and Seventy nine conformably to the Ordinance
of God, and the Laws of the State.

In Presence of
Agnes Bradshaw Shirer
John Shahan

Rev Jas Flanegan of Grafton"









On the 1880 Census of Taylor County, West Virginia, Henry, Alma's husband, is the head of a household and 25 years old. He is a shoe maker. Alma, is 22 and keeping house. Albert Kelly, 18, is Henry's apprentice and boarder. Albert works in the shoe shop.

Click on the image to see the 1880 census.



Below: Anna with her family circa 1887: sons Marion and Sam, her husband Henry, baby Gertrude #8) and daughter Pearl.



Below: Anna's silver syrup pitcher and silverware.



Below: A letter written by A. F. Shirer to Alma in 1890. A transcription follows.

Groceries, Tobacco, Fruits, Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, nc & c.

Fetterman, W. Va. Jan 5 1890

“Dea Daughter Alma
I dont think I can get up this week your Ma caught cold and is not quite as well as she was. Sidney has Arysiflas very bad and I should not wonder yet if I die not come out of the Little end. Well Alma I am -chuck full of Patience and am stringing it out as well as I can. We have had a very fair Buisine__ to day and no room fa complaint. Every Person must have a certain portion of good & Bad. And so it goes. Probably the we will see the end and come out of our troubles. ___ Purified -and be the better able to conti__ with world and its perplexities than ever, but really I sometimes feel like throwing up the sponge. And Exclaim that the bad people fare better than the good, tel Gertie I will gusel her too. I want to see all the children very much. Love to all and dont forget Henry, I was just Braging on him to day to some parties and it done me lot of good.
___ Pa Shirer.”

On the back of the letter... “I am going to run off some day from my Troubles and I will come right up at your House-see if I dont and stay up all day.
_____pa Shirer”


Following the tragic death of her 17-year old son, Marion, by gunshot, Anna's husband, Henry, moved the family from Grafton, West Virginia to Fayetteville, North Carolina. He put all of the family and their belongings into a carriage, pulled by a horse. Click here to see photographs and read articles about Marion.

Anna never recovered from the loss of her son.


In the 1910 United States Federal Census Record, Henry was 55 . He was living in Fayetteville Ward 3, Cumberland, North Carolina. Living with him were his wife, Alma, aged 51; and their daughters Nettie P. (28) and Mary G. (#23). His occupation is listed "own income" and the general nature of industry: "insurance-real estate." Mary G.'s occupation is listed as "teacher", general nature of industry: "in highschool."

Click on the image to see the 1910 census.


In mid to late life, Anna developed a large goiter that can be seen in the photographs below. The photograph at right below was labeled "Mamma" by her youngest child, Gertrude (#8).


Helen (#4), one of Anna's granddaughters, remembers that her Grandma made sassafras tea whenever Helen visited. Sandra Henson (Anna's great grandaughter) remembers hearing from her mother Lucile (another of Anna's granddaughters) that Anna was a Christian Scientist.

[Comment from this webmaster: My Great Grandmother Anna had a life filled with tragedy. Her father died when she was only 31/2 years of age. It appears from census records that she became an orphan sometime before 1870; ie. before her 12th birthday. Then, she was separated from the rest of her siblings and raised by a family who changed her name to Alma Shirer. At the age of 42, her oldest son was shot and killed by a jealous classmate. Henry, Anna, and the remaining family moved from their home in Grafton, West Virginia to Fayetteville, North Carolina, leaving their friends behind. According to family stories, Anna never recovered from her son's death and she likely suffered from depression for the rest of her life.]

When her husband died July 3, 1933, the will he had written, dated 30 June 1931, went to probate. In the will Henry stated, "I give and bequeath to my wife ALMA COLERIDER all household and kitchen furniture belonging to me at the time of my death, my piano, silverware, sewing machine and any other articles of furniture, or furnishings contained in our residence, absolutely. " "I give and devise my residence - No. 1134 Park Place Northeast, Washington City, District of Columbia, with the lot on which it stands, unto my wife, ALMA COLERIDER, for the term of her natural life." [His other estate items, including money and real estate, were left to his children and the Masonic lodge. To read a transcript of his will in its entirety, click here.] On 5 October 1933, Anna filed a "Renunciation of Devise and Bequest with the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, electing to "renounce and quit all claim to any devise or bequest made to me" in Henry's will and to "take in lieu thereof my dower and legal share of the estate of my said husband."

Anna died two years after her husband. Her will was FILED AUG 22 1935. It can be read in its entirety by clicking on "will." Anna left nearly all of her estate to her daughter Pearl, who had lived with her.

Anna and Henry are buried in Section B of the cemetery with two of their children, Marion and Nellie. The photographs of the cemetery and tombstone are courtesy of Find A Grave. The photograph of the cemetery entrance was taken by Alice Crain on June 4, 2009. The photographs of the tombstone were taken by Jay Kelly on April 26, 2009.


The stone reads:


BORN JAN 25, 1855
DIED JULY 3, 1933

BORN JUNE 20 1858
DIED AUG. 15, 1935

BORN MAY 27, 1881

BORN MAY 23 1883
SHOT & KILLED DEC. 7, 1900"




[Note: "Shot & Killed" below Marion's name seems to indicate that his death was not considered an accident by the family].








Lifetime Events Summary for Anna Eliza Payne:

Anna's (Alma's) age
20 June 1858
Age at Father's Death
Civil War
3 - 7
West Virginia Becomes State
20 June 1863
Age when Anna became an orphan
After 1864 and prior to 1870
>6 & <12
September 25, 1879
Children's births
1881 - 1886
23 - 28
Spanish American War
Age when son was killed
World War I
56 - 60
Age at Husband's Death
The Great Depression
1929- 1939
71 - deceased


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