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32. Maria (Myria)(Marah) F. Hardie (Married Phillip Wroe Payne (#31), 13 October 1850). (Source: West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853 - 1973 for Phillip.)

Born: 20 February 1831 of Duglas Hardie (Douglass Hardie) (#63) & Delilah Menifer (Delila Minifee) (Delila Menifee) (#64). (Source of Myria's parents' names: a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner, a Colerider Descendant in 2008); ("Delila Menifee" is stated on William (Maria's brother) 's death certificate.) (Source of dates: Research by Russell Leach and confirmed in a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner, a Colerider Descendant in 2008, copied by Susan Snyder on 8 September 2009). (Source: "Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940," database, FamilySearch ( : 5 December 2014), Douglass W. Hardie and Delila Minifee, 05 Sep 1822; citing Culpeper, Virginia, reference P 54; FHL microfilm 30,927)

Died: ? [Note: Maria's death was after 1864 when she applied for a Civil War Pension for her husband's service and prior to the 1870 census when two of her children (Mary Olive and Lucy) are listed as living with her brother, William Douglas Hardie, and another daughter, Anna Eliza Payne (#16) , was listed on the census with A. F. Shirer].


[Her sibling included:

a) William Douglas Hardie: (Married: Martha Adaline Sayre) [Source of red:] Born: 20 November 1833 in Virginia Died: 7 May 1919 in Grafton, West Virginia. He was 85 years 6 months when he died. The probate date of his will was 15 May 1919; Probate County: Taylor, West Virginia. [Note: Sometime before the 1870 West Virginia census for Mineral County, Maria's children (Mary Olive and Lucy) went to live with William and his wife. Another daughter, Anna Eliza Payne (#16) was being raised by Araxa Fernando Shirer and his wife, Agnes Rachel Bradshaw Shirer, in West Virginia, and Anna's name had been changed to Alma Shirer, as shown in the 1870 West Virginia Census for Taylor County. It is unknown where Maria's son William went to live.] (Source of green is William's death certificate.) William was a Union private in Company H. West Virginia 17th Infantry Regiment in the Civil War. The source of this information is the Index to Compiled Military Service Records.



In the 1860 Census for Independence District, Preston County, Virginia, conducted on 29 September, 1860, Philip W. Payne's home is listed as the 1647 "Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation." His home was the 1643rd "Families numbered in the order of visitation." "The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1860, was in this family" included five people. Philip, Maria, William, Mary, and Anna. Philip W. Payne is listed as 33 and his profession was cabinetmaker. Maria is listed as being 28 (This should be 29 if she was born 20 February 1831). William H. is 9 , Mary O. is 5, and Anna E. is 3 (Anna would actually have been 2 if she was born 20 June 1858). [ Note: Philip and Maria actually had 5 children: William Henry, James Wroe, Mary Olive, Anna Eliza (#16), and Lucy Ellen. Lucy was not listed in the 1860 census because she was born in 1861; James Wroe isn't listed in the 1860 census because he died at the age of 3 in 1854.]

In 1860, Preston County (home of Philip and Maria) was part of Virginia. Following the election of President Lincoln in 1860, the state of Virginia considered joining the south in seceding from the Union. But the citizens of Preston gathered at Kingwood and agreed to stand by the union. Their representatives to the secession convention remained strong for the Union even when the Virginia majority decided to secede. The people of Preston rallied against the secession with others from the region, and West Virginia, created from part of Virginia, had statehood granted on June 20, 1863. The 2016 map at right shows the location of Preston County, West Virginia.

On January 9, 1864, with application no. 42522, Maria applied as the widow of Philip W. Payne for a Civil War Pension. It is unknown whether or not the pension was granted. June 28, 1870, a minor named A. C. Baker applied with application no. 188,333 for the Pension. It is unknown whether or not it was granted.

Maria died sometime between 1864, when she applied for the pension, and 1870 when three of her children's names appeared on censuses with other families. Maria must have been in her mid to late 30s when she died.

Lifetime Events Summary for Maria Hardie:

Maria's age
20 February 1831
Marriage to Phillip Wroe Payne
13 October 1850
Children's births
1851 - 1861
20 - 30
Her daughter Anna Eliza Payne (#16) birth
20 June 1858
Civil War
30 - 34
Death of her Husband
After 1864 and before 1870
>32 & < 39


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