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115. William Love (Married Winford Carney (116) in 1791 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Reverend James Ireland conducted the ceremony. According to a letter written by William Bonifield, who witnessed the wedding, "the ceremony was said on the bank of the Shenandoah River being high or swollen, the said Ireland came over in a canoe from the opposite side of the river." Source of green information is from Claudine Harding in numerous e-mails February and March 2009 to Susan L. Snyder. [Note: Claudine Harding is the GGGG Granddaughter of Rebecca Love (Eleanor Winnie Love's (58) sister) and GGGGG Granddaughter of William Love (115) and Winford Carney (116)]


Born: about 1769 of unknown father (#229) and unknown mother (#230).

Died: 10 April 1813 in Williamsburg, Virginia.
In an e-mail to Deidrien Booth from Marty Kline (Assistant Hospital Director) of Eastern State Hospital dated May 8, 2002, Kline stated, "The original Eastern State Hospital cemetery located on Newport Avenue in Williamsburg now is only recognizable by a cemetery monument placed there in 1991. Our research with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation revealed 55 patients who were buried at that site between 1777 and 1826. One Mr. Love (no record of first name) is buried there, however, the name was not included on the monument because there was no first name. The date of death according to our records was April 10, 1813.

"You are correct about the fire on two counts. During the War Between the States, many ESH records were taken to Richmond for safekeeping and were destroyed when the Confererates set fire to the city before abandoning it to Grant's army. In 1885, the original Hospital buildings burned when the first electric lighting was installed and other records were also lost. The information containing the name of Mr. Love was located in The Public Hospital, 1766-1885 by Patricia Gibbs and Linda Rowe, May 1974, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The information contained records of the Hospital paying a local carpenter for the coffin. Interestingly, these records contained the name of the deceased patient. A local carpenter by the name of John Bowden was paid to make a coffin for a Mr. Love on April 10, 1813."
The information from Deidrien Booth was sent to Claudine Harding and then forwarded to Susan Snyder.


[His siblings, if any are unknown.]



According to Claudine Harding, "William Love was in the Rev. War. for the duration of the war and was in the 1st regiment of the Light Dragoons, Virginia Continental Army. He enlisted when living in Shenandoah Co. In 1791 he married Winford Carney on the 'bank of the Shenandoah River being high or swollen, the said Ireland came over in a canoe from the opposite side of the river.' Isn't that fantastic! I assume the wedding took place in the Spring time. In 1792 William was awarded 100 acres in warrant land which he sold the warrant for. The 6 children were born there, Robert being the last born in 1801. In 1803 William was admitted to the Williamsburg Insane Asylum. Dec. 28, 1803, Michael Spiegel, High Sheriff of Shenandoah Co. went to court to be reimbursed $46.24 for housing, William Love, a lunatic for 136 days. This makes me wonder if he did something illegal and was put in jail and then went to the hospital from there. Unfortunately the hospital burned down in the mid 1800's with all the records. The supervisor at the Hospital stated William was in the hospital about 8-10 [years] before he died making his death years between 1811 & 1813. The last questionable child of William's was born in 1811. The last 3 could be children Winford took care of for someone else - but not sure if that would make sense since she had her own 6 children to care for, unless of course she was getting paid to take care of them, but if that was the case - why would she refer to them as her daughters on their marriage bonds and not their guardians? Although Robert stated his mother moved to Harrison Co. after his father's death - Winford is shown in Harrison Co. in the 1810 census."

William and Winifred had 6, possibly 9 children: Samuel, Charles, Rebecca, Eleanor (58), William, Robert, John, Fanny, and Elizabeth. [Note: John, Fanny, and Elizabeth were born after their father was committed to the Williamsburg Insane Assylum on December 28, 1803, and that is what causes confusion.]

[Note: The source of some of the above information, provided by Claudine Harding, came from letters written by William Love's heirs seeking Revolutionary War pension.]


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