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116. Winford Carney (Married William Love (115) in 1791 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Reverend James Ireland conducted the ceremony. According to a letter written by William Bonifield, who witnessed the wedding, "the ceremony was said on the bank of the Shenandoah River being high or swollen, the said Ireland came over in a canoe from the opposite side of the river." [Source of green information is from Claudine Harding in numerous e-mails February and March 2009 to Susan L. Snyder. [Note: Claudine Harding is the GGGG Granddaughter of Rebecca Love (Eleanor Winnie Love's (58) sister) and GGGGG Granddaughter of William Love (115) and Winford Carney (116)] .


Born: about 1771/1786 in Upshur, Virginia of unknown father (#231) and unknown mother (#232).

Died: 27 December 1847 in Upshur, Virginia, at the residence of her daughter, Rebecca. Her coffin was made by John Maxwell.


[Her siblings, if any are unknown.]



William and Winifred had 6, possibly 9 children: Samuel, Charles, Rebecca, Eleanor (58), William, Robert, John, Fanny, and Elizabeth. [Note: John, Fanny, and Elizabeth were born after their father was committed to Williamsburg Insane Assylum on December 28, 1803, and that is what causes confusion.]

According to Claudine Harding, "The last 3 could be children Winford took care of for someone else - but not sure if that would make sense since she had her own 6 children to care for, unless of course she was getting paid to take care of them, but if that was the case - why would she refer to them as her daughters on their marriage bonds and not their guardians? Although Robert stated his mother moved to Harrison Co. after his father's death - Winford is shown in Harrison Co. in the 1810 census."


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