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58. Eleanor/ Ellinder/ Ellender Winnie (Winford) Love (Married Henry Colerider/ Coultrider (#58) on 28 September 1816. [Note: The marriage certificate is dated 16 September 1816] Source of green information is from Claudine Harding in e-mail February and March 2009 to Susan L. Snyder. [Note: Claudine Harding is the GGGG Granddaughter of Rebecca Love #58-c (Eleanor Winnie Love's sister) and GGGGG Granddaughter of William Love (#115) and Winford Carney (#116)] .


Born: 22 February1798; 1799 (Source: a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner, a Colerider Descendant) in Shenandoah County, Virginia of William Love (#115)and Winifred Carey (Winford Carney) (#116). (Source of birthplace: The 1860 Census shows that Eleanor was born in Virginia. The 1880 Census for Taylor County, West Virginia lists Edward J. Colerider (#29). He is Eleanor's son. The census states that the birthplace of Edward's mother is Virginia.)

Died: after 1870; 1871 (Source: a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner, a Colerider Descendant) Eleanor's name appears in the 1870 census; 27 December 1870 in Harrison Co., West Virginia


[Her siblings, included:

a) Samuel Love: Married: Sarah Newell on 10 October 1813 in Harrison Co....Now Upshur Co., WV (daughter of Isaac Newell and Abigail Vanscoy) ; Born: about 1792 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; Died: after 1850

b) Charles Love: Born: 21 September 1793, in Shenandoah County, Virginia; Died: 21 January 1856 in Pike County, Ohio; Miscellaneous: Charles served in the War of 1812 as a Private in the Infantry with Captain Henry Whitings. Charles was 6 feet tall, had a light completion, blue eyes, light hair, and was a laborer when he enlisted for five years. Click here for his discharge papers.

c) Rebecca Love: Married: Edward Hadden Jackson about 1813 in Harrison Co., WV. (son of John Jackson and Rebecca Haddon); Born:15 September 1795 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; Died: after 1860

d) William Love: Married: (1) Rosannah McGee about 1823 (2) Mercy Wood on 27 August 1865 in Washington Co., Ohio (daughter of Levi Wood and Phebe); Born: About 1800 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; Died: 19 March 1875 in Lawrence, Noble Co., Ohio

e) Robert Love: Married: Hannah Westfall on 23 February 1823 in Lewis County WV, and moved to Ohio; Born: 30 May 1801 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; Died: 27 December 1880 in Salem, Meigs Co., OH.

f) John E. Love: Married: Mahala Rohrbough on 27 October 1831 and stayed in WV; Born: 8 May 1806 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; Died: After 1880

g) Fanny Love: Married: (1) Isaac Riley Reger on 20 September 1828 in Lewis Co., VA (son of Philip Reger and Dorcas) (2) Samuel Hurst on 30 March 1869 in Lewis Co., VA (son of William Hurst and Elizabeth) and stayed in WV; Born: About 1808 in Shendandoah Co., Virginia; Died: ?

h) Elizabeth Love: Married: Anthony Reinhart Rohrbough on 12 October 1830 in Lewis Co., VA. and stayed in WV; Born: 17 December 1811 in Harrison Co., West Virginia, Died: 23 November 1861 in Lewis Co., West Virginia.]

[Source of green information above is from Claudine Harding GGGG Granddaughter of Rebecca Love Jackson (Eleanor's sister) in e-mails dated 20 and 21, February 2009 to Susan L. Snyder. The source of some of this information was a declaration for pension made in 1850 by Eleanor's brother, Robert. When Robert wrote his letter, Eleanor, Samuel, Charles, Rebecca, and William were alive; that documents that all of them died after 1850.

John, Fanny, and Elizabeth were not mentioned in Robert's declaration, but Winford signed her permission for Fanny & Elizabeth to get married and she stated that she was their mother. There is some confusion as to whether John, Fanny, and Elizabeth were really siblings of Eleanor since Eleanor's father was admitted to the Williamsburg Insane Assylum on 28 December 1803 and was in the hospital until his death circa 1812. John, Fanny, and Elizabeth were born during his hospital stay. ]


Miscellaneous: On the 1840 United States Federal Census of Lewis County, Virginia, Eleanor's husband, Henry, was listed as the head of his family. Living with him were two males 20 and under 30. He was listed as 50 and under 60. There was one female under 5, one 20 but under 30, and one 40 and under 50. The later was probably Eleanor.

Click on the image to see the 1840 census.


Henry and Eleanor had three children: Edward Jackson (#29), William L., and Mary Cecelia. Click on The Pioneer -1976 to read more about the family. [Note: Claudine Harding (GGGG Granddaughter of Rebecca Love and Edward H. Jackson) suspects that Edward Jackson Colerider was named after his uncle, Edward H. Jackson].

In the 1860 Census of Buckhannon, Upshur, Virginia, enumerated on the 30th day of June, there were 2 people living in Henry Colerider's home: Henry Colerider: 79, (old and infirmed) and Eleanor: 71 (wife). (Note: if 71 is her correct age, then her birth year would have been 1789, not 1798. If the 1798 date is correct, then she was 63 years old in 1860.) The census states that Henry was born in Maryland, Eleanor in Virginia. The value of his real estate was $200 and his personal estate: $500. [Susan Snyder's note : Above their names on the census is one of his sons, Edward Jackson Colerider and his family.)

Click on the image to see the 1860 census.



Henry, Eleanor's husband died in 1863, aged 87 years. He is buried in Buckhannon, W. Virginia. His will was signed and dated on 3 January 1859. He left most of his estate to Eleanor.

Eleanor's son, Edward (Edward Jackson Colerider (#29)), is listed in the 1870 West Virginia Census Index page 180 (WV56917825) as living in Elk Township in Harrison County. The listing includes: Edward J: 52, Boot Shoemaker; Jemima: 46 (Jemima Reger (#30)), keeping house; Mary E: 19, at school; Virginia M: 17, at school, Alverda: 13, at school; Henry C. (Henry Clay Colerider (#15) ):14, at school; Sallie T. : 9; Florence C.: 7. Eleanor: 71, at home. [Susan Snyder's note: At some time after 1863 when her husband died and before the census in 1870, Eleanor was living with Edward. Eleanor's age is either incorrect on this census or it is incorrect on the 1860 census or it is incorrect on both. Both censuses list her as 71 years of age.]

Click on the image below to see the 1870 census.


Lifetime Events Summary for Eleanor Love:

Eleanor's age
~ 1799
Age at Father's Death
Children's births
1817 - 1832
18 - 33
Age at Mother's Death
Age at Husband's Death
~ 1862
West Virginia became a State
Civil War
62 - 66


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