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31. Phillip (Philip) Wroe Payne (Married Maria (Myria) F. Hardie (#32) on 13 October 1850)

Born: 17 November 1826 of William Wroe Payne (#61) & Amelia Gaw (#62) in Virginia. Click here for the Family Record of William Wroe Payne (#61) and Amelia Gaw (#62).

Died: 26 December 1861 in Clarksburg, Taylor, West Virginia. (Source of dates: Research by Russell Leach and a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner, a Colerider Descendant, copied by Susan Snyder on September 2009). (Source: West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1873).


[His siblings included:

a) Catharine Gaw Payne: (Married: 1st. Dr. James William Newton May 21, 1844, Married 2nd: when widowed, to John A. Rightmire). Born: 15 April 1819. Died: 29 December 1870 in Paris, Virginia;

b) John Moses Payne: (Married: his cousin Ann Eliza Trone Weedon December 23, 1852, daughter of George and Julia (Trone) Weedon); Born: 8 June 1820. Died: 10 August 1888; Miscellaneous: He was only 17 when his father died; he was raised by his relatives in Prince William County, Virginia;

c) Mary Jane Payne: (Married: Redmond Foster Brawner on February 22, 1844) Born: 3 November 1821. Died:? ; Miscellaneous: She was only 16 when his father died; she was raised in Prince William County by her cousins Andrew Monroe Chancellor and his second wife Elizabeth (Wroe) Chancellor.

d) William McManus Payne: (Married: Maria Quigley on July 1, 1852) Born: 22 December 1822, Died: 4 August 1879.; Miscellaneous: He was only 10 when his mother died and 14 when his father died, so he was raised by his father's relatives in Prince William County.

e) Amelia Frances Payne: (Married: Abram Enoch Sargent January 17, 1843) Born: 6 April 1824. Died: 16 June 1905. ;

f) Joseph William Payne: Born:13 July 1825. Died: 17 September 1827;

g) Edmund (Edward) James Payne: (Married: Margaret T. Martin on March 5, 1854) Born: 19 July 1829. Died:13 December 1894. Miscellaneous: He and his wife had five children: Amelia Ellen Payne, Wlliam McManus Payne, Nancy Ann Payne, Flora Eva Payne, and Fannie Ruff Payne;

h) Eliza Elen Payne: Born: 28 February 1830. Died: 28 July 1830;

i) Henry Keppler Payne: (Married: Annie E. Rogers on April 9, 1855) Born: 5 May 1831. Died: 2 July 1863. Miscellaneous: He and his wife had four children: John William Payne, Mary Hannah Payne, Amelia Catherine Payne, and Henry Allison Payne.]


Miscellaneous: Phillip lived in Grafton, West Virginia. All blue above was confirmed by William C. Wroe in The Wroe and Chancellor Families, which William C. Wroe compiled and published in 1992. p. 273-278.

Phillip was only 6 years and about 4 months old when his mother died on 23 March 1833 and 10 years and about 2 months old when his father died on 11 January 1837. Records show that many of Phillip's brothers and sisters were raised by relatives when their father died. No records have been found concerning who raised Phillip.

In the 1860 Census for Independence District, Preston County, Virginia, conducted on 29 September, 1860, Philip W. Payne's home is listed as the 1647 "Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation." His home was the 1643rd "Families numbered in the order of visitation." "The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1860, was in this family" included five people. Philip, Maria, William, Mary, and Anna. Philip W. Payne is listed as 33 and his profession was cabinetmaker. Maria is listed as being 28 (This is difficult to read. It should be 29 if she was born 20 February 1831). William H. is 9 , Mary O. is 5, and Anna E. is 3 (Anna would actually have been 2 if she was born 20 June 1858). [ Note: Philip and Maria had 5 children: William Henry, James Wroe, Mary Olive, Anna Eliza (#16), and Lucy Ellen. Lucy was not listed in the 1860 census because she was born in 1861; James Wroe isn't listed because he died at the age of 3 in 1854.]

Records of the U.S. Civil War Soldiers 1861- 1865 includes Philip W. Payne. He was listed as a Confederate from Virginia with the 8th Regiment, Virginia Infantry. He was with company E, rank in: private, rank out: private. Film number M382 roll 43. The Civil War Pension application made by Maria, his wife on January 6, 1864 has different information. It states he was with F2 WVa, Inf.


Lifetime Events Summary for Phillip Wroe Payne:

Myria's age
17 November 1826
Death of His Mother
23 March 1833
Death of His Father
11 January 1837
Marriage to
13 October 1850
Children's births
1851 - 1861
24 - 34
Anna Eliza Payne's birth
20 June 1858
Beginning of Civil War
26 December 1861


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