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52. Maria (Mary) Graves (Married George Glass (#51). [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website)

Born: about 1777 of John Jacob Graves (#103) & Anna Dorothea "Turley" Coble (#104). [Note: She was probably born in Orange County, North Carolina. This supposition is based on the fact that her brother John was born in Orange County in 1772, as was her sister Barbara born in 1773 according to Michael Cavenaugh's research.]

about 1859 in Guilford County, North Carolina. (Source: North Carolina Wills and Probate Records 1665 - 1998, Probate date: 1836.) [Note: 1859 is her estate's probate date. As stated later on this page, her estate papers were processed in Guilford County, North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in the February Term 1861.]


[Her siblings included:

a) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Graves: (Married: John Albright, son of Jacob Albright (#97/217) and Sophia Catherine Welder (#198/218)) Born: about 1770 [Note:'s U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560 - 1900 list her parents John Jacob Graves and Turley AKA Thorley Coble as marrying in 1771 in North Carolina]; Died: 30 March 1852; buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Alamance County, North Carolina. [Note: John was the brother of Henry Albright (#99) and Daniel Albright (#109) ]

b) John "Clinch John" Graves: (Married: Sarah "Sallie" Sharp in 1793 in Orange County, North Carolina , daughter of Henry H. Sharp and Barbara Graves.) [Note: Barbara Graves was the sister of both Maria Philopena Graves (#194/224) and John Jacob Graves (#103)] Born: 8 March 1772 in Orange County, NC; Died: 6 September 1850 in Sharpe's Chapel, Claiborne County, Tennessee. [Michael Cavenaugh notes: John and his wife moved to Tennessee probably between 1796 and 1800. They had 10 children. On 22 Nov 1799, John Graves sold to Jacob Graves land on Stinking Quarter adjoining John Noe corner... Jacob Graves line... Isleys line... 100 acres, $500... in presense of Michael Holt and Joshua Holt. Recorded in Orange County Deeds, 1755-1927, FR-HE].

c) Barbara Graves: (Married: George Isley after 9 Apr 1820, son of Malachi Iseley and Mary Magdalene (---)). Born: 24 April 1773 in Orange County, North Carolina ; Died: 8 Dec 1844 in Orange County, NC; buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Alamance County, NC. Notes: She was still single at the date of her father's will in 1820.

d) Boston Graves: (Married: Barbara Keck on 25 Nov 1812 in Guilford County, NC, daughter of Henry Keck and Elizabeth Clapp). Born: ? ; Died: after 9 April 1820.

e) Daniel Graves: (Married: Mary Noe in July 1814, daughter of John Noe and Catherine Efland.); Born: 7 January 1793; Died: 23 July 1860; buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Alamance County, North Carolina.

f) Eli Elias Graves: (Married: Delilia Shoffner on 31 Mar 1820 in Orange County, North Carolina); Born: 17 February 1794; Died: 10 September 1846; buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Alamance County, North Carolina.

g) Catherine Graves: (Married: Philip Glass Jr. in 1806 in Orange County, NC , born abt 1742 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; died bef Aug 1824, son of John Philip Glass and Anna Maria (---)) [Note: Philip Glass Jr. was the brother of Christian "Crisley" Glass (#101) and was 1st married in 1790 to Maria Barbara Coble (Catherine's mother's sister... ie. her aunt); Catherine Graves later married her uncle]. Born: ?; Died: after 9 Apr 1820. [Notes by Michael Cavenaugh: Catherine (Graves) Glass was mentioned in the will of Jacob Graves dated 9 Apr 1820.]

h) Nelly Graves: (Married: John Neese on 28 Nov 1811 in Orange County, North Carolina.) Born: ?; Died: after 9 Apr 1820, buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Alamance County, North Carolina.

i) David Graves: (Married: (#1) (?) Fogleman; Married (#2): Dolly Shoffner.) Born: ?; Died: after 9 Apr 1820.

j) Sarah Graves: Born: ? Died: aft 9 Apr 1820.]



[Note: Maria's father, John Jacob Graves (#103) was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Maria's mother, Anna Dorothea "Turley" Coble (#104) was likely born in Orange County, North Carolina. This information is based on the known birth dates and birthplaces of Anna's siblings. Anna's parents moved from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to North Carolina sometime between the births of their younger children. As did many Lutheran Germans, John and Anna's families probably left Pennsylvania with their friends in the middle of the eighteenth century and settled in North Carolina. They would have traveled down the Great Philadelphia Wagon road and settled in the part of Orange County that later became Guilford County.

Maria's family may have attended Friedens Church, also known in the early days as "Stahmaker's" Church, founded in the mid- 1740s. It was the first church in what would become Guilford County, and was probably located on the Haw River." In the years before the Revolution, Friedens and the surrounding vicinity had a steady growth." Among the many families attending that church were Albrechts (Albrights), Cobles, Greffs (Graves), Eiseles (Isleys), Vogelmanns (Foglemans), and Scherbs (Sharpes). As listed above, several of Maria's siblings married into families with these names. (Source of Guilford County History: "Guilford County, NCGenweb": History of Guilford County, North Carolina, The History of Guilford County, North Carolina, U.S.A., to 1980, A.D. by Blackwell P. Robinson of U.N.C.-G (to 1890) and Alexander R. Stoesen of Guilford College (from 1890) edited by Sydney M. Cone, Jr. project of The Guilford County Bicentennial Commission, 1971, "Volume One: Guilford County's First 150 Years" by Blackwell P. Robinson, Chapter III~ Then Came The Germans.)

Another possibility is that Maria's family attended St. Paul's Lutheran Church in what would become Alamance County. St. Paul's Lutheran Church was originally called Graves Church and it is thought that Maria's father, John Jacob Graves may have been the one who contributed the land on which the church was constructed. According to a St. Paul's Lutheran Church history document, although worship was conducted there as early as 1745, the earliest documented date for the organization of the church is 1770. In 1800, the German Reformed members moved to Old Steiners (Stoner's) Church and to Der Klapp Kirche (Brick Church). Many of Maria's siblings are buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, but her father is buried at Stoner's Church. It is unknown where Maria and her husband, George Glass, are buried.]

Below: A map of Pennsylvania shows the location of Berks County in yellow, where Maria's father was born. This county was one of the original counties in Pennsylvania, founded in 1682. Lancaster County (in red) was established in 1729. That is where Maria's mother's family lived,.

Below: A map of North Carolina shows Guilford County, which was founded 1771 from Rowan and Orange and Alamance County which was founded in 1849 from part of Orange County. Maria lived and died in Guilford County. St. Paul's Church, known to be attended by Maria's siblings, is in Alamance County. Old Steiners (Stoner's) Church is also in Alamance County. Brick Church is in Guilford, County. It is unknown which, if any of these churches were attended by Maria and her husband.


[Note: German families stuck close by others in the community. Their language, religion, traditions, and proximity led to many cases where cousins married cousins. For example, Maria's and George's child, Ellen Glass (#26) married her distant cousin. The connection is as follows: Maria's aunt was Maria Philopena Graves (#194/224), who married Isaac Sharp Jr. (#193/223). Maria Philopena Graves and Isaac had a son, Sebastion Sharp (#97) . Sebastion married Catherine Garrett (#98). They had a son, William Sharp (#49), who married Lizzie Albright (#50). They had a son, Henry Sharp (#25). Henry Sharp married , Ellen Glass (#26). Therefore, Henry's G-G Grandparents Isaac Sharp Jr and Maria Philopena Graves were Ellen's Great Aunt and Uncle].

The Will of her father, Jacob Graves, dated 9 April 1820, mentions Mary (Graves) Glass.

On or before 15 February 1836, Maria's husband (George Glass) died, leaving her a widow to raise their children. (Source: North Carolina Wills and Probate Records 1665 - 1998, Probate date: 1836.) On the cover page for the George's estate, dated 15 February 1836, Mary Glass consented to have her brother Daniel Graves act as administrator of George's estate. The probate location is Guilford, North Carolina. To see her letter of consent and the Guilford County document concerning Daniel Graves responsibilities, click here.

The Guilford County 1850 census shows Mary Glass, age 73.

The probate date was 1859 for Mary's estate. Her estate papers were processed in Guilford County North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in the February Term 1861. William Gilbreath was the Executor and six children were named.
After funeral expenses, doctor's bills, and attorney fees were paid, the remaining amount for distribution was $50.28. John Glass guardian of "Saly Glass" received $1.00, "Elizabeth Plunket" received $1.00, "Nely Sharpe" received $1.00, and David Glass, John Glass, and Eli Glass each received $15.76. (Source: North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998)

Maria and her husband, George, had six children: Elizabeth (Betsy), David, Sarah "Sally", Ellen "Nelly" (#26), John G., and Eli.

Lifetime Events Summary for Maria Graves

Maria's age
Children's births
1805 ~1819
~28 - 42
War of 1812
~35 - 38
Birth of Daughter, Ellen Glass (#26)
~ 1815
Death of her father
Death of her husband
~ 1859


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