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50. Elizabeth ("Lizzie")Albright (Married William Graves Sharp (#49), 5 November 1817 in Orange County, North Carolina.)

Born: 12 October 1792 (Source: Stoners Old Meeting House Graveyard tombstone) in Orange County, North Carolina of Henry Albright (#99) & Mary "Polly" Gibbs (#100).

Died: 20 May 1873 (one set of records from Old Stoner's (Steiner's) Church Cemetery states 20 May 1773, [Note: That would be impossible because she would have died before being born]. Another set of records says 20 November 1823 in Orange County, North Carolina. Her tombstone at Old Stoner’s Cemetery, Rufus Dale’s farm, Alamance County is difficult to read and looks like either May 20 1873 or 1823. In a study conducted by Dr. Linda France Stine in 1998 for the Stoner's Cemetery Preservation Fund Board, Dr. Stine's records document the date at 1873 and Elizabeth's age
at death at 81). [Note: 20 May 1873 is the most likely date because she was alive in the 1860 North Carolina Census. Had she died in 1823, that would not have been the case.]

[Her siblings included:

a) Jacob Albright: (Married: Sarah “Sallie” Nease on 29 July 1807 in Orange County, North Carolina) Born: 4 January 1784 (Circa 1785/87) in Orange County, N.C. Died: 25 January 1845 in Flat Creek area, Bedford County, Tennessee;

b) Catherine (“Katy”) Katie Albright: (Married: John Stockard, Col. in 1810) Born:30 November 1786 (Circa 1790-95) in Orange County, N.C. Died: 10 October 1842 in Orange County, N.C.;

c) Joseph Albright: (Married: Nancy Whitsell (Whitsette) (Whitsett) on 5 May 1818) Born: 1794 in Orange County, N.C. Died: 9 November 1876 in Randolph County, N.C.;

d) Mary “Polly” Albright: (Married George Clendenen (Clendenin)) Born:(Circa 1806) in Orange County, N.C Died: ? ,

e) Nicholas Albright: (Married: Ann (Anne) (Annie) Rogers on December 1812 in Orange County, N.C.) Born: 1789 (1788-92) in Orange County, N.C. Died: 14 May 1844 in Orange County, N.C., buried in Mt. Herman Cemetery, Alamance County, North Carolina ] (The source of the green is e-mail from Maria Bruce 2005 ( (The source of the blue information describing Elizabeth's siblings is Nicholas Gibbs and his descendants, 1733-1977 by Nicholas Gibbs Historical Society, 1977, Ohio Historical Society Library) [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website; Nicholas' wife Anne and William M. Rogers were Executors of his will dated 8 May 1844).]


The 1830 North Carolina Federal Census Index for Orange County, p. 291, shows William Sharp listed as the head of his family. The actual 1830 North Carolina Federal Census shows there were eight people, including 6 children, living in his home: one male under five years of age, two males of five and under ten, one male of ten and under fifteen, one male of thirty and under forty, two females under five years of age, and one female of thirty and under forty. According to church records, in 1830, Elizabeth would have been 38 and her husband, William, 36. Living nearby, and listed on the same census page, are Elizabeth's parents. The link to this census shows the actual census page and the probable names of family members.

In the next few years, the Sharps added to their family. Eventually their children numbered 8 and included: Henry Albright Sharp (#25), Jerry Mars (Jeremiah) Sharp, Edwin (Edward) Sharp, Mary Catherine Sharp, Eli Sharp, Elizabeth A. Sharp, William Graves Sharp, and John Sharp.

In early years, the area that is now Alamance County was a part of Orange County. In 1850, it was made a separate county. William Sharp is listed in the 1850 North Carolina Federal Census Index for Alamance County, p. 23, South District, ID # NCS5a1535581. In the 1850 North Carolina Federal Census, William is 55, his wife Elizabeth is 57, and his children include Elizabeth 21, William 19, and John C. 16. William is a farmer. The value of William's real estate is $1600. The link to this census shows the actual census page.

The 1860 North Carolina Federal Census for Alamance County on 11 July, 1860 shows that William is 65, Elizabeth is 67, and John is 21. There is a J. A. Sharp (female and 21 years of age) listed. She is probably Julia Ann Steele Sharp, John's wife. William is a farmer. The value of his real estate is $2000 and the value of his personal estate is $1000.

On April 26, 2006 Norman Sharpe (Great Great Grandson), Helen Leach (#4) (Great Great Granddaughter) and Sandra Henson, Mary Lue Finch, and Susan Snyder (#2)... all Great Great Great Granddaughters.... visited Stoners Church Cemetery located in a pasture on Rufus J. Dale's farm in Alamance County on Bellemont-Kimesville Rd. near the village of Belmont (near Graham) just off highway 49. Found buried in the dirt was Elizabeth's tombstone. The stone was broken in half. Blue chalk was used to enhance the inscription as shown in the second photograph below:

Her tombstone reads:





Oct. 12. 1792


May 20, 1873."



Lifetime Events Summary for Elizabeth Albright:

Elizabeth's age
War of 1812
20 - 23
Children's births
26 - ~ 42
Age at Mother's Death
Age at Father's Death
Civil War
69 - 73
Age at Husband's Death


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