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109. Daniel A. Albright (Albrecht): (Married: Catharine (Catherine) "Katie" (Katy) Loy (#110)) about 1789 in Orange County, North Carolina, according to; LDS says in Alamance County, North Carolina) [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website]

24 June 1765 (Source: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Burlington, N.C. Cemetery Records) 1765 (U.S. and International Marriage Records 1560 - 1900) [Note: If this birthdate is correct, then Daniel was likely born in Orange County, N.C. ... See comment under Miscellaneous below] (1757 in Berks County, Pennsylvania) (1757) of Jacob Albright (#197/217) & Sophia Catharine (Catherine) Welder (#198/218). (The source of the green information is e-mail from Maria Bruce 2005 ( [Michael Cavenaugh note: The Joseph H. Vance book says he was born in 1757].

Died: 13 February 1831 in Orange County, North Carolina. According to St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery Records, Burlington, N.C, he is buried in that cemetery.
[Note: the gravesite was not located in a visit to the cemetery by Susan Snyder (#3) and her cousins, Sandra Henson and Mary Lue Finch on 30 September 2005.]

[His siblings include:

a) Sophia Catherine Albright: (Married John Ludwig Clapp Jr. 4 July 1766 in Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania, son of John Ludwig Clapp Sr. and Anna Margaret Strader) Born: about 1749 in Orange County, N.C. (in Berks County, Pennsylvania, christened 3 September 1749 in Reformed Church, Berks County, Pennsylvania); Died: 1821 in Guilford County, North Carolina/ buried in the Brick Church Cemetery, Guilford County, North Carolina ("Ludwig served in the Revolution (Pension #5157. At one time he served under his brother, Lt. Jacob Clapp. Both brothers fought in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Sophia and family were said to have been harrassed by Tories who destroyed all the crops and stole everything from the barn...copied from Albright, Clapp and Berk Families by Joseph H. Vance copyright 1987 Library of Congress catalog card number 87-050664 published March 1, 1988;

b) Jacob Albright: (Married:Sallie Wolf (Wolf) (Wolff) in 1776 in Orange County ) Born: 6 August 1753 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Died: before February 1825, buried at Stoner Church Cemetery Alamance County, NC.;

c) John Albright: (Married: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Graves about 1780, she is the [sister of Maria Graves (#52)] daughter of John Jacob Graves (#103) and Anna Dorothea "Turley" Coble (#104)) Born: after 1750 (about 1750) (1751/52) in Berks County, Pennsylvania; Died: 24 October 1830 (24 October 1824), buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Alamance, North Carolina, buried at the Brick United Church of Christ in Guilford County, North Carolina: Source: The Guilford Genealogist, Published by the Guilford County Genealogical Society of N. C., Vol. 23, No 2, Spring 1996, Number 73, p. 64; [Michael Cavenaugh note: Source for John Albright: Albright Family Records, Revision 1, January 1993, edited by McBane and Donnell.]

d) Joseph A. Albright: (Married: Barbara Basin after May 1778 (about 1780) in Orange County, NC.) Born: between 1753 and 1757 (about 1755 in Berks County, Pennsylvania). Died: About 1821 in Orange County, North Carolina. (July 1817 in Orange County, North Carolina) [ Michael Cavenaugh note: His will was dated 28 July 1816 and probated in May 1821 in Orange County, North Carolina;

e) Henry Albright (#99): (Married: Mary "Polly" Gibbs (#100) in 1783/84 (about 1783 in Orange County, North Carolina.) Born: 16 May 1759 in Berks County, Pennsylvania (4 May 1759); Died: 2 June 1840 in Orange County, North Carolina (Source of blue information about Henry: statement at the end of Henry's Will); 9 June 1840 (Source: Stoner's Old Meeting House Graveyard records ) in Orange County, now Alamance County, North Carolina. He is Buried at Old Stoner’s Cemetery, Alamance County, North Carolina. According to his tombstone he died at the age of 81 years and 29 days.

f) George Albert Albright: (Married: Barbara Catherine “Katie” Holt 1791) Born: 1761 in Berks, Pennsylvania, 1761 Berks County, Pennsylvania(1751 in Berks County, Pennsylvania) Died: 1838 in Orange (Now Alamance ) County, N.C.; buried Mount Hermon (Harmon) Cemetery, Alamance County, North Carolina), another source says 27 August 1835 in Guilford, N. C.;

g) Katie ("Katy") (Catherine) Albright: (Married: John Sharpe (Sharp) [Note: John Sharp is the brother of Bostian Sharp (#97) and brother-in-law to Catharine Garrett (#98)] Born: 1763 in Berks County, Pennsylvania Died: Before 1880 in North Carolina.] (Source of purple: Ancestry of Albright and Holt Families of Clay County, Missouri Book 1,1984, p.120, Compiled by Claribel Albright McClain. great granddaughter of Daniel Albright and Amelia Holt.)



Daniel is the brother of Henry Albright (#99). Both Daniel and Henry are Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfathers of the webmaster, Susan Leach Snyder.

According to Henry Albright's Revolutionary War pension apllication, "He was born in the State of Pennsylvania on the 4th of May 1759--and was removed to the County of Orange in North Carolina when about four years of age, where he hath resided every since." [Note: From this information, it appears that Jacob Albright, Daniel and Henry's father, moved the family from Berks County, Pennsylvania to Orange County, North Carolina about 1763. If Daniel was born in 1757, as several sources listed above indicate, then he would have been ~6 when the family moved; however, if he was born in 1765, as St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Burlington, N.C. Cemetery Records show, then Daniel was born after the move. ]

The name was Albrecht until the move to Orange County (now Alamance), N.C. The Albrechts first settled near Philadelphia on coming to America from Germany. This information is found in the diary of James Washington Albright, the original in the UDC, Chapel Hill, N.C. in The Southern Historical Society, Vol 1, pages 107-111.

[Note: Page 107 of the 1790 U.S. Census shows a Daniel Albrecht living in Berks County in Bern Township, Pennsylvania. Note that a Henry and a Jacob Albrecht were included in this census document. Daniel (#109) had a brother named Henry (#99) and a brother and father (Jacob Albright (#197/217)) named Jacob, but after considering evidence that Daniel's parents moved the family from Pennsylvania to North Carolina about 1763, this Daniel Albrecht is likely not Daniel Albright (#109). This Daniel Albrecht, Henry Albrecht, and Jacob Albrecht are likely related to the Albrights who went to North Carolina, but these are not the same people.]

In 1806, there was a Daniel Albright living in Guilford County, NC. This was recorded in Brick Church Records.(Source: North Carolina, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999). [Note in 1806, Daniel would have been ~ 41 years old. Caution: there is another Daniel Albright (brother of John Ludwick Albright (#111)g who this census listing may be. He would have been 35 years old in 1806.

Daniel bought 600 acres two miles west of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and located there in 1817. (The source of Russell Leach's (#3) genealogical research in black is History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People, by Rev. S.M. Rankin, circa 1934, p. 56.)

The North Carolina 1820 Federal Census Index, p. 57 & 58, lists two Daniel Albrights living in Guilford County. Their ID#s are NC32010490 & NC32010491 . One of these Daniels could be #109, while the other could be John Ludwick (Ludwig) Albright (#111)'s brother. One of these censuses (enumeration date August 7, 1820) lists: 2 Free White Males Under 10, 1 Free White Male 26 thru 44, and one Free White Female 26 thru 44. There is one person engaged in agriculture. This may be Daniel (#109), however, it is questionable. In 1820 he had 2 sons under 10: Lewis age 4 and Joel age 7. But Daniel likely has another son, Elias age 15 who lives at home and is not listed. Also, in 1820 Daniel was 55 and his wife was 48. Both are older that what appears in the census. [Note: As explained earlier, there is another Daniel Albright (brother of John Ludwick Albright (#111)g who this census listing may be, but he would have been 49 years old in 1820, which is also older than recorded in this census.]

The North Carolina 1830 Federal Census Index lists one Daniel Albright in Guilford County on p. 151. His ID # is NC55815355.

Albright, Clapp and Berk Families by Joseph H. Vance copyright 1987 Library of Congress catalog card number 87-050664 published March 1, 1988 Pg. 14 states that Daniel and his wife had nine children. Their children included Jacob (#55), George, William, Sophia, Daniel, Henry, Lewis, Elias, and Joel.

According to an source, Daniel died while visiting Jacob Albright (#197/217) (his father) & and Sophia Catharine (Catherine) Welder (#198/218) (his mother). [Note, this cannot be true since his father died in 1791 and his mother died between 1802 &1810. According to records at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Burlington, N.C., Daniel died in 1831; therefore, he would have outlived both of his parents. His wife, Catharine did not die until 25 years later.]

Lifetime Events Summary for Daniel Albright:

Daniel's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
10 - 18
Birth of his children
1791 - 1816
26 - 51
Birth of son Jacob (#55)
Death of Father
Death of Mother
Between 37 & 45


The webmaster's DNA has matched no less than 25 other members in a Daniel A. Albright DNA Circle in

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