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103. John Jacob Graves (Married: Anna Dorothea "Turley"Coble (#104) in 1771 in North Carolina.[Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website] (Source of green: U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 lists John Jacob Graves marrying Turley AKA Thorley Coble.)

Born: 8 March 1746 in Greenwich Township, Berks County, PA of Johann Sebastian "John" Graff (#205/387/447) and Maria Magdalena Fuchs (#206/388/448)

10 April 1820 in Orange County, North Carolina; he is buried in Stoner Cemetery, Alamance County, North Carolina.


[His siblings include:

a) John Graves: (Married: Mary Coble, sister of Anna Dorothea "Turley" Coble (#104) and daughter of Anthony Coble (#247) and Anna Maria Amick (#248).) Miscellaneous: Michael Cavenaugh note: information on this marriage is from Billy E. Green Born: 1746 in Orange County (Now Alamance), North Carolina. Died: 1844 in Morgan County, Indiana,

b) Maria Philipena Graves (#194/224): (Married: about 1765 Isaac Sharp (#193/223)) Born: 15 Aug 1751 in Berks County, PA; Died: 4 Mar 1815 in Orange County, NC; Buried: in Old Stoners Church, Guilford County, NC.[Note: one of John Jacob's daughters, Mary Graves (#52), married George Glass (#51). George and Mary's daughter was Ellen Glass (#26). Maria Philopena Graves and her husband Isaac Sharp Jr. had a son Sebastion Sharp (#97) who married Catherine Garrett (#98). They had a son, William Sharp (#49), who married Lizzie Albright (#50). Their son, Henry Sharp (#25) married Ellen Glass (#26). To sum up, Maria Philopena's great grandson (Henry Sharp) married her brother (John Jacob's) granddaughter, Ellen Glass].

c) John Peter Graves: (Married: Mary Coble, daughter of Anthony Coble (#207) and Anna Maria Amick (#208)) Miscellaneous: Michael Cavenaugh note: information on this marriage is from Billy E. Green] Born: 13 July 1753 in North Carolina, Died: 13 November 1794 in Sharp's Chapel, Tennessee; [Note John Jacob Graves and his brother John Graves married sisters Anna Dorothea "Turley" [Thorley] Coble and Mary Coble.]

d) Barbara (Barbary) Graves: (Married: Henry H. [Heinrich] Sharp about 1760); Born: 1740/44 in Greenwich Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania; Died: 1796 1795/1805 in Union County, Tennessee; Barbara Graves:

e) Boston (Bostian or Sebastian) Graves: (Married: Sarah Efland in 1769 in Orange County, North Carolina, sister of Mary Efland (#200) and the daughter of Peter Efland (#399) and Catherine Pickard(#400).) Born: 1 October 1747 in Greenwich Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Died: 1 April 1840 in Knox County, Tennessee; Miscellaneous: Michael Cavenaugh note: This family moved to Tennessee about 1795.

f) William B. Graves: Born: ?; Died: after 1790 ].



[Note: Both John Jacob and his sister, Maria Philopena, are direct ancestors of Susan Snyder, webmaster for this genealogical study.]

[Note: The Graves who donated the land to build the St. Paul's Lutheran Church may have been John Jacob.]. According to a St. Paul's Lutheran Church history document, although worship was conducted there as early as 1745, the earliest documented date for the organization of the church is 1770. The church was originally called "Graves Church." In 1800, the German Reformed members moved to Old Steiners (Stoner's) Church and to Der Klapp Kirche (Brick Church).

John Jacob and Anna Dorothea "Turley" Coble had 11 children: Elizabeth "Lizzie", John "Clinch John", Barbara, Boston, Maria (Mary) (#52), Daniel, Eli Elias, Catherine, Nelly, David, and Sarah.

In 2006, when the photograph below was taken by this webmaster at Old Steiners (Stoner's) Church, the tombstone was covered in orange lichens and was difficult to read. The stone is small. Old records of the cemetery show that Jacob died in his 74th year 10 Apr. 1820. Seventy- fourth is written LXXIVth on the stone.


Lifetime Events Summary for John Jacob Graves:

John Jacob's age
Birth of his children
~1770 - at least 1794
24 - 48
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
29 - 37
War of 1812
1812 - 1815
66 - 69


The webmaster's DNA has matched no less than 18 other members in a John Jacob Graves DNA Circle in

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