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25. Henry Albright Sharp (Married to Catherine H.(Katie) Findley(Finley, daughter of Hance Finley and Nancy Thompson)7 September 1839 (Source North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868) , then in October 1844 (16 Sept 1844) to Ellen Glass (#28) (According to Stoners Church, N. C. records, "22 November 1843, Catherine, wife of Henry Sharp and Daughter of widow Nancy Finley. Died in child bed. Leaves 2 children. Excellent woman. Member of Church. Sermon 1 Cor. 15:19)" [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website); according to Cavenaugh, sources do not agree on the wedding date for Henry and Ellen. The family bible of William Lacy Sharpe, 307 North Mendenhall Street, Greensboro, NC states they were married October 1844. North Carolina Marriage bonds say 16 September 1844.]

Born: 10 October 1818, christened 3 March 1821 in Stoner's Church, Alamance County, North Carolina (11 October, according to Stoners Church records in Alamance County, N. C.) of William Sharp (#49) & Elizabeth "Lizzie"Albright #50). He was baptized at Stoners Church in Orange County on 3 March 1821 according to Stoners Church records. His parents were his sponsors. [Note: Alamance County was created from part of Orange County in 1849.]

Died: 26 September 1870, (51 y 11m 16 d according to The Guilford Genealogist V. 20, #1, Number 59, p. 49 and his tombstone shown at the bottom of this page). He is buried at Moriah Methodist Church Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina.


[His siblings included:

a) Jerry (Jeremiah) Mars Sharp (Married: Jane Albright) Born: 15 September 1822, baptized 30 November 1822 by John Rudy in Stoner's Church, Alamance County, North Carolina Died: ?;

b) Edwin (Edward) Sharp: Born: 10 July 1820, christened 3 March 1821 in Stoner's Church, Alamance County, North Carolina Died: Young;

c) Mary Catherine Sharp: (Married: Phillip Isley (Eisley) 2 October 1847) Born: 7 January 1827, Baptized 14 August 1831by John Crawford in Stoner's Church, Alamance County, North Carolina, Died: ?;

d) Eli Sharp: (Married: Frances Tate) Born: 20 August 1824, christened 10 December 1824 by John Rudy in Stoner's Church, Alamance County, North Carolina Died: ?; (Eli, Isaac, William, and Jeremiah are living near one another when the 1850 Census was taken. Eli, William, and Jeremiah are Henry's brothers. It is unknown what connection Isaac had to family).

e) Elizabeth A. Sharp: (Married: Jerry Sharpe) Born: ~1829 Died: ?;

f) William Graves Sharp: (Married: Emily Isley (Eisley)) Born: 8 October 1833 in Orange County, North Carolina, ~1831 Baptized 7 June 1834 by John Crawford in Stoner's Church, Alamance County, North Carolina. Died: ?;

g) John Sharp: (Married: Julia Ann Steele) Born: ~1834; Died: ?; Miscellaneous: There was a John Calvin Sharp born in 1833 in Alamance County and died in 1923 in Alamance. According to his death certificate, his father was William Sharp and his mother was Elizabeth Sharp. This might be this John Sharp.] (The source of the green information describing Henry's siblings is Nicholas Gibbs and his descendants, 1733-1977 by Nicholas Gibbs Historical Society, 1977, Ohio Historical Society Library.[Note: there may be errors in this information from Nicholas Gibbs and his descendants, 1733-1977. In that publication, it states that Henry was born October 11, 1818 and died on April 24, 1821. His birth date is correct, but the death date is 49 years off, and according to it, he died at the age of 3, not nearly 52.] (The source of pink information is the 1850 Census for Alamance County, N.C.)

[In a translated copy of Stoners Church Records, children of William Sharp (#49 and his wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie"Albright #50), are listed as: Henry, Edward Born 10 July 1820 and Baptized 3 March 1821; Jeremiah Born 15 September 1822, Baptized 30 November 1822; Mary Catherine, and William Graves. The Stoners Church information is from a copy of Calvin Hinshaw’s transcription in 1959 of Rev. D. I. Offman’s translation. [Note: Probably Jerry is Jeremiah and Edward is Edwin. Why aren't Eli, Elizabeth, and John mentioned with the other children? Were they born later? This might be true of Elizabeth and John, but according to dates above, Eli was born before Mary Catherine and William Graves.]



In the 1850 United States Federal Census enumerated on 29 August, Henry was 33. He was living in the Southern Division, Guilford, North Carolina. Other members of his household were Ellen Sharp [Ellen Glass (#28] aged 36, Nancy Sharp aged 8 and William Sharp aged 0. [Nancy Sharp was born about 1842, and a child of Henry's first marriage to Catharine Findley. After Catharine's death "in child bed" on 22 November 1843, the infant son, Edgar Tompke Sharp, was raised by Catharine's mother. The source of this information about Edgar is from Cindy Fentress, descendent of Edgar.]

In the 1860 United States Federal Census for South Division-Guilford County, North Carolina enumerated on 9 July 1860, Henry's age is difficult to read, but he would have been 41, Ellen was 44, Nancy was 18, William was 10, John was 7, and Julius was 2. Henry was a farmer with the value of his real estate of $1600.

In the 1870 United States Federal Census enumerated on 29 July 1870, Henry 54 was living in Gilmer Township, Guilford, North Carolina with his sons, William (20), John (17) , Julius (12), and a woman named Rachel McAdoo (20) who was Keeping House. All of his sons were attending school and Henry was a farmer. Henry's wife Ellen is not listed because she died Dec. 1, 1869, a little more than 6 months earlier. The value of his real estate was $2000, the value of his personal estate was $1000. Henry died two months after this census was taken.

[In a conversation among Sharpe cousins (Susan Snyder #2, Sandra Henson, Mary Lue Finch, and Norman Sharpe on September 29, 2005), Norman related that in addition to Henry's children with Ellen Glass, he had been told that Henry had children with another woman. Norman said that they are buried in another cemetery in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is believed by Susan Snyder (webmaster of this site) that the other woman was Henry's first wife, Catharine. Buried at Alamance Presbyterian Church Cemetery is Edgar Tompke Sharp, Henry and Catharine's son. Also buried at that cemetery is another of Henry's sons (but with Ellen), William Alexander Sharpe.]

In all, Henry fathered six children. With Catherine, his first wife, their children included Nancy E. and Edgar T (Tompke). With Ellen, his second wife, they had Mary L., William Alexander, John Calvin, and Julius Henry (#16). (Source: DNA Match of webmaster to another descendenat of Henry Albright Sharpe through her great grandfather, Edgar Tompke Sharpe, the son of Henry Albright Sharpe and Catherine H. Finley.)

Below: Ellen Glass (Henry's wife) and Henry.


Left: Henry’s Tombstone at Moriah United Methodist Church Cemetery in Greensboro, North Carolina. (GPS: 36° 1.45 minutes N, 79° 45.480 minutes W.) This photograph was taken on September 29, 2005. His tombstone reads:


Sept 26, 1870
51 Yrs 11 Ms & 16 ds





Lifetime Events Summary for Henry Albright Sharp:

Henry's age
10 October 1818
Age at Mother's Death
20 November 1823
1st Marriage
7 September 1839
Children's births
1842 - 1858
~ 24 - 39
Death of 1st Wife
22 November 1843
2nd Marriage
15 May 1858
Age at Father's Death
28 January 1862
Civil War
43 - 47
Death of 2nd Wife
1 December 1869
26 September 1870
51 Yrs 11 Ms& 16 days

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