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26. Ellen "Nelly"Glass (Married Henry Albright Sharpe (#25) in October 1844 [North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868 say they were married 16 Sept 1844] [Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website) says the family bible of William Lacy Sharpe, 307 North Mendenhall Street, Greensboro, NC states they were married October 1844. All information in this color below was provided by Michael Cavenaugh] [Note: Ellen married her husband about a year after the death of his first wife, Catherine.]

Born: about 1815 (about 1816 in Guilford County, North Carolina) of George Glass (#51 & Maria (Mary) Graves (#52). [Note: At Moriah Methodist Church Cemetery, many Glass relatives are buried.]


Died: 1 December 1869, aged about 53 years, buried at Moriah Methodist Church Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina. According to The United States. Nonpopulation Census Schedules for North Carolina, 1850-1880: Mortality and Manufacturing, Roll 1805 _ 3; page: 317; Enumeration District:; Line Number: 5, Ellen Sharp was born about 1815, Age 55, died in December of "Suicide by Drowning" in Gilmer, Guilford, North Carolina. This was recorded in census year 1870. Click here to see this report.


[Her siblings included:

a) Elizabeth (Betsy) Glass: (Married: William Plunkett, son of Thomas J. Plunkett on 24 May 1828 in Guilford County, North Carolina). Born: 11 Feb 1805 in Guilford County, North Carolina, christened 31 March 1805 in Brick Church, Guilford County, NC; Died: Aft 1880 Census Of Gilmer, Guilford County, NC. [ Source for Elizabeth's birth and christening: Brick Church Records (transcribed from the original records by Rev. D. I. Offman. Typed from a carbon copy of Rev. D.I. Offman's translation by Calvin Hinshaw, and proof read by said Hinshaw and David Holt. (1959). p. 21), Born 11 February 1805 a daughter to George Glass and wife Maria, Baptized 31 Mar 1805 named Elizabeth. The Sponsors were Peter Graves and Elizabeth Graves]. [Source for her marriage, documented by Michael Cavenaugh: Guilford County Marriage Records - Elizabeth Glass to William Plunkett on 24 May 1828.] She was mentioned in the Estate Papers dated February Term 1861 for her mother's estate and received a distribution of $1.00. She was listed in the Gilmer Township of Guilford County as age 70 and living alone in the 1880 census, and living two doors away from George Washington Plunkett, her step-son].

b) David Glass: (Married 1st: Hannah Gilbreath on 26 Sep 1838 in Guilford County, North Carolina, daughter of James Gilbreath; Married 2nd: Sultana Webb on 12 Dec 1849 in Guilford County, NC ; Married 3rd: Malinda Wagoner on 6 Sep 1851 in Guilford County, North Carolina, John M. Wagoner and Sarah Jane Whitesell.) Born: abt 1808 (December 1810) in Guilford County, North Carolina; Died: 8 February 1863 according to his tombstone at MoriahMethodist Church Cemetery. [The tombstone states that he was 52 years, 2 months, and 1 day of age at his death. That means that he was born in December 1810.] [Sources used by Michael Cavenaugh: The 1850 Guilford County Census said he was age 43 and Sultana was age 39. 1860 Census Guilford County, South Division Census, dated 9 Jul 1860 lists the following: Glass, David: Age 52, Farmer, Land Valuation $3,200, Born NC; Melinda: 40, Born NC; Boston: 20, Born NC; George: 17, Born NC; Daniel: 14, Born NC; William: 12, Born NC; Tempie: 8, Born NC; Emily J.: 6, Born NC; Jos. Shepard: 24, Laborer, Born NC. David was named in the Estate Papers of his mother (February Term 1861) and he received a distribution. [Note: According to his tombstone at Moriah Methodist Church Cemetery, David Reuben Glass was born to Malinda and David on September 8, 1862, just 5 months before David's death. However, David Reuben's Death certificate states his birth was September 8, 1869. That would have been 6 years after his father died. The date on the death certificate is incorrect. In fact on the certificate, the age 74 which is correct, was written through and the incorrect age of 66 was written. To see David Reuben's Death Certificate, click here.]

c) Sarah "Sally" Glass: (Married: ? Hackett). Born: abt 1810 in Guilford County, NC; Died: aft Feb 1864 . [Michael Cavenaugh Notes: The 1820 census listed 6 children of George Glass, 4 were 10 or younger, and 2 were 10 to 16. Her sister Elizabeth was born in 1805, so Sarah must have been one of those 10 or younger. I estimate she was born about 1810. The 1850 census of Guilford County, North Carolina showed her as age 38. She was age 60 in the 1860 census, living with her daughter and their family. I think she was really about 50 at that time. The 1870 census for Fentriss Township, Guilford County shows that Sally was age 64, and living with her daughter's family. She was also idiotic in that census. John Glass, her brother, was named as Guardian for her in the February term of 1864 in Guilford County, and he died in 1868. She was living with her daughter Milly Hackett in the 1880 census.]

d) John G. Glass: (Married: Lettie ?) Born: 8 Apr 1817 in Guilford County, North Carolina; Died: 8 Jul 1868 in Guilford County, North Carolina; buried in Alamance Church, Guilford County, North Carolina. [Michael Cavenaugh Notes: 9 Jul 1860 - Federal Census of 1860, South Division, page 2, #11. Glass, Jno: Age 43, Farmer, Land Value $7100, Born NC; Lettie: 48, Born NC; George M.: 14, Born NC; Millie A.: 8, Born NC]

e) Eli Glass: (Married: Temperence "Tempy" Isley on 25 Dec 1848 in Orange County, North Carolina, daughter of Christian Iseley and Mary (---). ) Born: abt 1819 in Guilford County, North Carolina; Died: After the 1870 census of Gilmer, Guilford County, North Carolina. [Michael Cavenaugh Notes: The Guilford County 1850 Census (as of the date 21 Sep 1850) showed as follows: Eli Glass: age 26, and born in Guilford County; Temperance, age 23 and born in Orange County; Priscilla J, age 9/12ths and born in Guilford County; 9 Jul 1860 - Federal Census, South Division, page 1, #2. Glass, Eli: Age 40, Farmer, Land Valuation $8,000 Born NC; Tempy: 35, Born NC; P. Jane: 11, Born NC; Henry G. W.: 8. Born NC; Minney: 8, Born NC; Alford: 7, Born NC; John: 4, Born NC; John Kirkman: 18, Laborer, Born NC. The 1870 census for Gilmer Township, Guilford County shows as follows for #52: Eli Glass: age 50; Tempi: age 41, Jane: age 20, George: age 18, Catherine: age 18, Alford: age 14; John: age 13; Pinkney: age 9; Mary: age 6; Rankin: age 4; Nancy: age 2 (all were born in NC); 18 Jul 1878 - The marriage license of Henry W. Glass stated that both his father and mother were dead at that time.]]


[Note: Nelly and her husband were distant cousins. Henry was the great grandson of Maria Philopena Graves (#194/224). Nelly was the granddaughter of John Jacob Graves (#103). Maria Philopena and John Jacob were brother and sister. The lineage is as follows: Maria Philopena Graves and her husband Isaac Sharp Jr. (#193/223) had a son Sebastion Sharp (#97) who married Catherine Garrett (#98). They had a son, William Sharp (#49), who married Lizzie Albright (#50). Their son was Henry Sharp. John Jacob Graves and his wife Turley Coble (#104) had a daughter Mary. Mary Graves (#52) married George Glass (#51) and Nelly was one of their children.]

Ellen and her husband had four children together: Mary L., William Alexander, John Calvin, and Julius Henry (#13). Ellen helped raise Henry’s daughter, Nancy E., from his first marriage.

Below: Ellen with her husband, Henry.

Ellen must have suffered from extreme depression. On December 1, 1869, she took her own life by drowning. To read the news article that appeared in the Greensboro' Patriot on December 8, 1869 and describes Ellen's drowning, click here.




Left: Ellen’s Tombstone at Moriah United Methodist Church Cemetery in Greensboro, North Carolina. (GPS 36° 1.145 minutes N, 79° 45.502 minutes W) This photograph was taken on September 29, 2005. Her tombstone reads:

Dec. 1. 1869
About 53 Years






Lifetime Events Summary for Ellen Glass:

Ellen's age
Age at Father's Death
Before 15 February 1836
younger than ~21
Children's births
1848 - 1858
~33 - ~43
15 May 1858
Age at Mother's Death
Before February 1861
younger than ~46
Civil War
~46 - ~50
1 December 1869

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