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101. Christian "Crisley" Glass (Gless): (Married: Philpenna ___ (#102)) [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website](Source: Crisley Gless' Will)


Born: About 1734 in Opequon, Orange County, Virginia of John Philip Glass/John Phillip Kleesz (#201) & Anna Maria ___(#202)

Died: Before December 1772 in Guilford County, North Carolina


[His siblings included:

a) Maria Barbara Glass: (Married: Johann George Coble, son of Johan Nicholas Gobel and Anna Dorothea Crafft). Born: 4 Apr 1735 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; Christened: 16 May 1735 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; Died: 16 Mar 1816 in Guilford County, NC; buried in Coble's Lutheran Church, Guilford County, NC.

b) John George Glass: (Married: Eve Low, daughter of Johann David Low and Anna Maria (---)); Born: 15 Dec 1736 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; Christened: 5 Jun 1737 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; Died: after 20 Aug 1825. [Michael Cavenaugh notes: 5 Jun 1737 Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever show that John George, son of John Phillip Kleesz (#201) , born 15 Dec 1736, was baptised in Opequon VA. The sponsor was Johannes Schept. 6 Jun 1762. From Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties....Vol 1 by Peggy Joyner page 62: George Glass, and Paul Glass (his brother) were Chain Carriers on two surveys of parcels of land for Philip Glass (father) on the drains of the North R. (River or Run?) of Shannandoah. Phil Glass (brother) was a Marker on both surveys. Both plots were adjacent to the line of Philip Glass (father, who lived on the West Branch of John Funk's Mill Run). Deed Book 3, page 165, dated 8 Nov 1784: State to George COBLE 108 acres adj. Valentine CLAPP, Frederick CRAFT, John MCBRIDE, David COOPER, and George GLASS. (No. 940) Source for George Glass: He was the Executor for the will of Conrad Low which was dated 7 Sep 1796. Eve Glass was mentioned as a sister in that will. He deeded approximately 120 acres of land near Stinking Quarter Creek in Guilford County on 20 Aug 1825 to George Greeson and wife Sarah Glass Greeson. He stated that Sarah was the daughter of his deceased son Phillip Glass.]

c) Paul Glass: (Married: Maria Eva Coble, daughter of Anthony Coble and Anna Maria Amick); Born: 13 May 1738 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; Christened: 4 Jun 1738 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; Died: after 8 Aug 1816 in Guilford County, NC. [Michael Cavenaugh notes: the source for Paul Glass: Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania, The Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779, Indexed by Elizabeth P. Bentley. Page 9. Although he was baptized Paulus, several records referred to him as Powell Glass as well as Paul Glass.]

d) Catren Glass: (Married: Johann Jacob Coble, son of Johan Nicholas Gobel and Anna Dorothea Crafft.) [Note: Catren and her sister, Maria Barbara, married brother's, Johann George Coble and Johann Jacob Coble]. Born: about 1740 in Opequon, Orange County, VA. Died: ?

e) Philip Glass Jr.: (Married #1: before 24 May 1790, Maria Barbara Coble, daughter of Anthony Coble and Anna Maria Amick); [Note: Philip and his brother Paul married sisters Maria Eva Coble and Maria Barbara Coble] (Married # 2: in 1806 in Orange County, NC, Catherine Graves, daughter of John Jacob Graves (#103) and Anna Dorothea "Turley" Coble (#104). [Note: This means Catherine Graves was the sister of Maria Graves (#52)] ). Born: about 1742 in Opequon, Orange County, VA); Died: before Aug 1824. [Michael Cavenaugh notes: He was the Executor of his father's will dated 17 Feb 1773 and probated in Guilford County in May 1774. He inherited "the remainder of the estate". He was not listed in the 1790 or 1800 Guilford County Census. Information on his marriage in 1806 in Orange County came from Zane Jacobson. The 1810 Guilford County Census, page 971, lists P. Glass 26-45, a female over 45 (probably his wife), and two females under 10. This is probably Philip Glass who would have been about age 68, and his wife Catherine Graves, assuming that his age should have been over 45 instead of 26-45. The 1815 Tax List of Guilford County, page 73, (John Shaw's List) shows Phillip Gloss 133-600 with 1 white pole. The 1820 Guilford County Census, page 83, lists Philip Glass over 45, a female over 45, a male 26-45, and two females 10-16. This is probably the same P. Glass from the 1810 census, who would have been about age 78. Millie Glass (who married John Fowler in 1826 in Guilford County) would fit into this family as one of the daughters. Philip married Catherine Graves, a niece of his first wife Barbara Coble, according to John Graves (1703-1804) and His Descendants by Roy Stockwell.]

f) Anna Maria (Mary) Glass: (Married: about 1763 George Tobias Clapp, son of George Valentine Clapp and Anna Barbara Stiess). Born: 9 Dec 1742 in Opequon, Orange County, VA; Died: 9 Oct 1776 in Guilford County, NC; buried in Brick Church, Guilford County, NC. [Michael Cavenaugh notes: Brick Church records state "Anna Maria Clapp, wife of Tobias Clapp, died aged 33 years, 10 months, and had lived with her husband 13 years & had 6 children, 2 daughters and 4 sons. Died October 9th 1776."]



He was most likely the first child of his parents. He was a land owner in 1750 in Guilford County.

Christian's and Philpenna's son was George Glass (#51). In his will, written in 1771, Crisley Gless left 3 cows and 2 mares, a bed, and furniture to his wife, as well as other items described as "residue". He willed 100 acres of land with improvements to his son George. [Note: George is the only child mentioned in Crisley's will.]

[Note: Christian died before his parents.]


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