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23. Anthony C. Rice (Married Susanna Rebecca Steely (#24), 12 March 1861 in Pickaway, Ohio (According to LDS). The wedding license verifies the date.

Born: 24 February 1831 of James E. Rice (#45) & Jane McLaughlin (#46) (Jane Black According to LDS).

Died: 10 July 1897; his tombstone is in a plot with his daughter, Mattie Steely Rice (#12), and son-in-law, John M. Thatcher (#11) at Forest Cemetery, Circleville, Ohio. (GPS: 39° 36.974' N; 82° 56.708' W).


[His siblings included:

a) William Rice: (Married: Margaret ? Source 1860 United States Federal Census for Pickaway County, Ohio; according to that census; at that time he was 35, Margaret was 29, and they had four children: Amanda - 9, William J.-7, Elliott E. -5, and Lawrence A.-3; he was a farmer) Born: 21 March 1825, Died: 3 September 1886;

b) John W. Rice: Born: 21 September 1828, Died: 25 January 1844, buried at Black and Rice Cemetery, Pickaway Twp.;

c) Mary Rice: (Married: 1st: John Williams, Married 2nd: Manuel Dresbach) Born: 18 October 1830, Died: ?;[Note: It is probable that Mary was married more than once and that her birth date listed here is incorrect. According to History of Pickaway County, Ohio And Representative Citizens, Edited And Compiled by Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf, published by Biographical Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, 1906, page 734, James Williams was James E. Rice's grandson. James Williams was born 16 June 1840 in Pickaway Township, Pickaway County, Ohio, the son of John Williams and Mary Rice. [Note: If this is true, then Mary's birth date (as researched by Russell Leach) must be incorrect. She would have been only 10 when her son James was born.] [Note: Mary is not listed in the 1850 census as living with her father and 10 year old son. According to the online Family Search (LDS), John Williams was born in 1815 in Pennsylvania and died 22 February 1845 at the home of James E. Rice. He is buried at Ebenezer Cemetery, Pickaway Township, Ohio. Also according to this source, he married Mary on 5 May 1839 and Mary was born in 1820. This information needs to be verified. If the LDS source is correct, then Mary and John Williams were married 6 years when John died and their son would have been 5 years old.] Mary's father's will, dated 1877/78, as discussed in Abstracts of Wills, Pickaway County, Ohio: Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1808-1892, p. 221 states that James’ will “Mentions children, ...... Mary widow of Manuel Dresback and their son William." In the document titled "Distribution of the Estate of James E. Rice", those who received cash payments in 1877 and 1878 included: Mary Dresback, and James Williams.]

d) James Rice: (Married: Nancy Steely on 5 June 1845) [Source of his wife's name is: The History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio by Williams Bros 1880, page 268 states that "Nancy, wife of James Rice, lives in Pickaway...." According to information sent by Robert Steely (a Steely family genealogist) to Susan Snyder in April 2007, Nancy Steely married James Rice on 5 June 1845.] Born: 14 October 1832, 1822 [Source of the date in blue and confirmation that Nancy was this James' wife is the 1880 census], Died: 21 August 1883;[ Note: The birth date of 1832 as recorded in black type (researched by Russell Leach #3) is probably incorrect since James and Nancy were married in 1845 according to information sent by Robert Steely, and if this is true, then James would have been only 13 when he got married. Also, his birth date according to the 1880 census was 1822. Also note, James' wife (Nancy) was the daughter of John Steely (Meek Steely's (#47)'s brother. Meek Steely's daughter (Susanna (#24) was Anthony Rice's wife. This means that first cousins Susanna and Nancy married brothers James and Anthony.]

e) Jane Rice: (Married: Christopher Ingram on 9 April 1877; the 1880 Census shows Jane Ingram (40) is living with Christopher Ingram (30), The census states both of her parents were born in Vermont.) Born: 3 April 1833; ~ 1837 according to 1850 Census that states she was 13 at the time; 1835 according to the 1860 census that states she was 25 at the time; ~ 1835 according to the 1870 census she was 35 at the time; ~ 1840 according to the 1880 census she was 40 at the time. Died: 25 June 1909; Miscellaneous: Jane was unmarried at the time of her father's death according to the Executor's Bond for his estate.

f) Margaret Rice: (Married: Reuben Pontius/Pontious (The first name "Reuben" is confirmed in James E. Rices's obituary that was printed in The Democrat & Watchman February 2, 1877 (OH.61 Scrap., Pickaway County Genealogy Library, Circleville, Ohio) on 30 August 1855 in Pickaway, Ohio) Born: 17 July 1835, Died: 19 January 1876 (Source: Find A Grave Memorial. The Inscription: MARGARET...WIFE OF REUBEN PONTIOUS...JAN. 19, 1876-40 ys 6 ms 2 ds... CHRIST IS OUR HOPE" She is buried at Salem White Church Cemetery in Kingston, Ross County, Ohio; Miscellaneous: Reuben Pontius was one of the signers of the Executor's Bond for James E. Rice, Margaret's father. Margaret had died prior to her father.

g) Ellen Rice: (Married: George Moore) Born: 29 October 1837, Died: 15 September 1862;

h) Elizabeth Rice: (Married: Evan C. Shelby) Born: 23 July 1840, Died: June 7, 1924 at the age of 83; (Source: The 1880 Census shows Evan Shelby born about 1828 is living in Circleville, Pickaway County, has a wife named Elizabeth (age 39), and 4 daughters. Evan Shelby also signed the Executor's bond when Elizabeth's father, James E. Rice, died.) (Source of green information is Elizabeth's death certificate).

i) Charles Rice: Born: 8 December 1842, Died: 21 September 1843, buried at Black and Rice Cemetery, Pickaway Twp.] [Source: James E. Rice (#45)'s will found in Abstracts of Wills, Pickaway County, Ohio: Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1808-1892, p. 221]


In the 1840 Census for Pickaway County, Ohio, Anthony's father is listed as the head of the household. There are seven others listed on the census. One female age "30 & under 40" would have been Anthony's mother (age 39). The male listed as age "5 & under 10" is likely Anthony who was 9 years old in 1840.

According to the 1850 Census for Pickaway County, Ohio, Anthony was 19 years old and living with his father, James E. Rice (age 53) and his siblings Jane (age 14), Margaret (age 15), Ellen (age 13), and Elizabeth (age 10). James Williams (age 10) and Milton Frazier (age 22.. a laborer) are also in the house. Anthony's mother Jane was not listed because she had died in 1844.

The 1860 Census for Pickaway County, Ohio lists Anthony C. Rice as 28 and a farmer. He is living with his father, James E. Rice (also a farmer) and his sisters Jane (age 25) and Elisabeth (age 22). James Williams (age 20) is a farm laborer living with them.

About 1 year later, Anthony married Susanna Rebecca Steely (#24).

On July 1, 1863, Anthony registered for the U.S. Civil War Draft. He is listed as A. C. Rice, living in Pickaway Township in Pickaway, Ohio. [Note: He had been married 2 years and his first child, Mattie S. (#12), born April 1863 was not yet 3 months old.]

According to History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties Ohio, published by Williams Bros. in 1880, p.150, an A. C. Rice was a private in Company C under the command of Captain Andrew Boyle and Colonel H. H. Sage in the Ninety-second Regiment of the Ohio National Guard during the Civil War. A. C. Rice was recruited and mustered into service for one hundred days.

Anthony's experience in the 92nd Regiment during those 100 days was dangerous and exhausting. To see a copy of the draft registration form with Anthony's name and to read about the regiment and its war involvement, click here.

When Meek Steely, Susanna's father, died in 1865, Anthony and Susanna received $100 18/100 from the estate.

The 1870 Census lists Anthony (age 39) as the head of the household. His wife, Susan R. Rice (age 30), is keeping house. The Value of Anthony's Real Estate is $14,000 and the value of his personal property is $2,240. Living with Anthony and Susan (#24) are their children Mattie S. (#12) (age 7), Emma M (age 5), and Kate V (age 3). Also in the household are Lucy Engram (age 22), a house keeper, and Christopher Engram (age 20) and William Engram (age 18, both farm laborers.

The 1880 Census lists Anthony (age 49), living next door to his brother William. Anthony is a farmer. Living with him are Susan (#24) (age 40), Mattie S. (#12) (age 16), Emma (age 14), Katie V. (age 12) and Jennie H. (age 8). Also in the home is a 10 year old boy, George Kitzmiller, who is a servant.

Anthony and Susanna had 4 children... all girls: Mattie Steely (#12), Emma May, Katie Viola, and Jennie Hays.

Anthony died in 1897 at the age of 66 years.

Left: When seen on September 25, 2005, Anthony's tombstone had fallen over. It was placed back in position and cleaned before being photographed in this picture. In 2007, it was hypoxied to its base.

[There is a mystery involving where Anthony's body is actually buried. Forest Cemetery Records show that he is buried in Lot 1 of Section 39 with his daughter Emma and her husband's (Henry Renick) family. However, the tombstone is located in a different section with his daughter Mattie and her husband (John Thatcher.)]

According to his obituary , “Again the angel of death has visited the home of Henry. C. Renick. Only a few months ago a precious young wife and mother was taken and now her father has gone to join her. A. C. Rice was born Feb. 24, 1831 and died July 10, 1897. Mr. Rice had suffered several attacks of the grip which eventually brought on lung trouble, causing his death at the age of 66 years. Deceased was the son of James A. and Elizabeth Rice and was born on the farm in Pickaway township on which he spent his boyhood and manhood. His father came from Montpelier, Vermont, and his mother was a native of Ohio. March 12, 1861, Mr. Rice was united in marriage to Susannah R. Steeley. To this union was born four children, three of whom with their mother are left to mourn the loss of a kind husband and father. Mrs. Henry C. Renick died December 13, 1895. The surviving children are: Mrs. John M. Thatcher, Fox; Mrs. Alex Renick, Kinderbook, and Mrs. W. H. Wanamaker, Columbus. During the long siege of suffering he was ever patient and cheerful, always ready to greet his friends with a smile. The gentle, unassuming disposition that characterized his whole life was beautifully developed. The funeral was conducted Monday morning by Rev. F. L. Ballard in an impressive manner. The pall bearers were Wm. Gill, E. R. Black, James A. Dresbach, John P. Steeley, Jacob Weaver and Ansel Dern, all life long friends of the deceased.” [Note: "Grip" is another word for "flu" or influenza, a highly infectious respiratory disease.]

[Note from Susan Leach Snyder (#2): The above obituary states that Anthony's father was James A. Rice, but the tombstone at Black & Rice Cemetery, Pickaway Twp. says James E. Rice. The tombstone at Black & Rice Cemetery also lists James' wife as Jane. Jane died in 1844. Anthony would have been 13 when she died. There is a question about who Elizabeth is. According to Russell Leach, family historian, James' 2nd wife, Elizabeth Steely died April 1880, aged 69 years, 8 months, 16 days. The 1850-1870 census do not show a wife listed with James E. Rice.]

Lifetime Events Summary for Anthony C. Rice:

Anthony's age
Death of his Mother
Marriage to Susannah Rebecca Steely
Civil War
30 - 34
Children's births
1863 -1872
32 - 41
Death of his Father


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