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11. John M. Thatcher (Married Mattie Steely Rice (#12) , on 12 or 13 March 1884 in Allen, Ohio (according to LDS) (His obituary says on the 12th, the wedding certificate says on the 13th).

Born: 2 January 1854 of John Thatcher (#21) & Levina Mettler (#22) in Hocking County, Ohio.

Died: 22 January 1908; he is buried at Forest Cemetery, Lot 126, Section 33, (GPS: 39° 36.975 ' N; 82° 56.708 ' W) Circleville, Ohio.


[His siblings included:

a) William P. Thatcher (Wilbur): (Married: Sarah Crow 27 February 1873. They had two sons, Alonzo and Ed. Alonzo had a daughter, Dorothy McCaan.) Born: 2 December 1845 Died: 23 August 1914 (13 August 1914);

b) Mary Ellen Thatcher: (Married: William Burgoon 6 June 1867. Their children were Rose, Lucius, George, Annie, Matty, Clara Mae, and Albert Elzworth. Rose’s daughter was Diathia C. Scholl.) Born: 6 December 1846 in Chillocothe, Ohio, Died: 21 June 1919;

c) Francis Orlando Thatcher (Doc): (Married: Elvira Siddons ["Almira Siddons" was her name according to her great-great-grandaughter, Natalie via e-mails to Susan Snyder in 2014. Francis and Almira married on 9 April 1871 in Hocking County.]) Born: May 9, 1848,in Ohio. Died: November 19, 1913 in Columbus, Ohio, ; Francis and Almira had two daughters, Rose and Matty, and three sons, Frank of Washington CH, Tom, and John of Columbus, born in 1885.) Miscellaneous: According to Natalie, there were other children who died at an early age. "They lost three little girls to diptheria around 1883. Two as babies/toddlers and the other at 5 years old. The 5 year old called downstairs to her sister Rose and asked her to come kiss her goodbye." The details concerning these children are as follows: Emma (May 13, 1877 - December 11, 1882), Daisy (January 27, 1882 - August 5, 1882), and Gracie (April 10, 1883 - September 15, 1883). Almira would have been about 4 weeks pregnant with Gracie when Daisy died. Then Emma got sick and died. Gracie was born 4 months later. According to Natalie, Francis was a blacksmith. He had done some blacksmith work for a doctor, and as payment, the doctor said he could give Francis an eye exam. Apparently, the doctor put the wrong drops in his eyes and the next day, Francis was blind. He went to find the doctor, but the doctor had left town. After that, Francis went door to door selling soap to make money. According to the 1910 Ohio Census, he was 61 yrs. residing in Franklin, Columbus. The head of the household was John Thatcher. Francis' son, John, was a candy maker. He owned a company called Heart of Ohio Candy Factory, based in Columbus, Ohio. One of John's three children, Austin, owned property at Buckeye Lake, Ohio from the mid 1940s until his death on December 19,1978. That property was purchased by Russell (#3) and Helen Leach (#4) in 1979 from Austin's sisters Hazel Thatcher Snider and Rebecca Thatcher Fenner. At the time of the purchase, the family connection... that Austin's father was the1st cousin of Russell's mother, Hazel Thatcher (#6), was unknown. In 2012, the property was inherited by Susan (#2), Russell and Helen's daughter. Austin built the home in 1955; when the Leaches purchased it, they added rooms to the structure. Click here to see photographs of Francis and his family.

d) Hannah Loretta Thatcher (Lo): (Married: Newton Bushy (Bushee?) (Busby). They had a son, George. She later married Ellis Shaner) Born: 1847 (1849?) 16 December 1849. Died: 1912;

e) Elijah A. Thatcher (Lij): (Married: Ida Valentine; they had a son, Carl.) Born: 1851, 7 November 1851 in Circleville, Pickaway, Ohio. Died: 1935

f) Harriet Lozetta (Lucetta) Thatcher (Hat): (Married: Bascom Moore 24 March 1878). Their children were Cliff, Will, Ralph, Howard, and Claude.) Born: 1853, 8 March 1853 . Died: 1919, buried Chicago, Illinois.

g) Alonzo Carlton Thatcher: (Married: Laura Deems (b: 1865) 21 September 1881 (1882). Their children were William, Harry, Pearl, Carl, Margaret, and Walter.) Born: 30 September 1856 in Pickaway, OH, Died: 19 December 1918 in Chillicothe, OH ; Miscellaneous: In 2014, found among some of Hazel Thatcher's #6 possessions were newspaper articles about her cousin, Carl Thatcher, Hazel's Uncle Alonzo's child. Carl had been was in charge of a machinegun company in WWI in France. He died a hero. To read his obituary,click here.

h) Margaret Samantha Thatcher (Mag): (Married 1st: William H. Dresbach, 24 October 1878 who died 1 year later; Married 2nd: John William Senff, 10 October 1882.) (Margaret and John had two children, Roy and Cleo.) Born: 25 April 1858 . Died: 21 November 1905.

i) Albert Maywood Thatcher: (Married: Martha [Matty?] Bowsher 1 March 1888. They had three sons, Don, Herbert, and Willis, and an adopted daughter Dorothy. The boys owned a furniture store in Columbus, Ohio.) Born: 25 June 1860. Died: 1934; To read his newspaper death notice, click here.

j) Rosemma Almeda Thatcher (Rose): (Married: George Gearhart 23 December 1886). They had a daughter Ethyl, a son Floyd, a stepson named Willie. Her second husband was Henry Riggs.) Born: 3 March 1862 Died: ?;

k) Arey Alice Thatcher: Born: 1864, 3 February 1864, Died: 1865;

l) Amanda Thatcher (Mandy): (Married 1st: Sherman Cox, Married 2nd: Maurice Hilger or Higler. (Sherman Hilger) (She had a daughter by one of them named Gertrude. ) Born: 1865, 5 December 1865. Died: 1933, buried Chicago, Illinois.

m) Samuel Thatcher: Born: 28 November 1869. Died : 1870

n) Herbert Roy Thatcher: Born: 29 August 1885, Died: 29 August 1885.] (Source of purple is The Association of the Descendants of Henry Mershon.)[Source: (Rick Ratliff family tree)(Source of Black: Russell Leach #3).]


Miscellaneous Information: The 1870 census lists John (age 16), living at home with his parents and eight of his siblings in Scioto, Ross, Ohio.

Below: As an adult, John posed with 11 of his siblings.. Several people are labeled in this photograph, but the only names that can be deciphered are John (standing on the left), Loretta (seated next to John), William (sitting in the middle of the second row next to Loretta), and Albert (standing on the right). In addition to this information, a distant cousin Natalie (great grandaughter of Francis Orlando) identified two of John's siblings in the front row, far right: Rose (Rosemma) and next to her, Francis Orlando.

In 1884, John would marry Mattie Steely Rice (#12).

Below: John and Mattie’s Certificate of Marriage. The certificate states:

"This is to certify that I have ths day joined in Marriage John M. Thatcher of Kingston, State of Ohio and Mattie S. Rice of Circleville, State of Ohio according to the laws of the State of Ohio and that there were present as witnesses Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pixley of Lima and Mrs. J. B. Pixley of Lima and Mrs. Abbie S. Crippen Lima. Dated Mar 13, 1884, J. B. Pitman Rector, Christ Ch.


The 1900 census for Circleville Ward 1, Pickaway, Ohio, shows John as the head of his household. He is a blacksmith. John and Mattie have two children Hazel Kirk Thatcher (#6) and Russell Rice Thatcher. Just four years later, his wife died.

According to History of Pickaway County, Ohio and Representative Citizens Edited & Compiled by Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf, Circleville, Ohio, Chicago, Ill. 1906. p. 163 “Thatcher is a town of about 35 population, located on the pike from Circleville to Adelphi, on the north line of the township. Edward Barr has a general store here and Thatcher & Valentine, a blacksmith shop. J. S. Valentino is also in business here as a buyer and shipper of poultry. The postoffice at Thatcher was discontinued three years ago. The Thatcher with a blacksmith shop in 1906 was probably either John M. Thatcher #11 or his brother, Francis Orlando Thatcher.

In the 1908/09 Circleville City Directory (called "Moore's Standard Directory") is listed on page 58: "Thatcher John horseshoer h 114 1-2 E Main".

In 1908, John died. His obituary, written by Charles A. Leach (#4), ( his son-in-law) and published in a newspaper states, “John Thatcher, the son of John and Levina Thatcher, was born in Hocking County, Ohio. He was married to Mattie Rice, March 12, 1884; from this union two children were born, both survive him. On December 3, 1904, it pleased providence to take from him his wife; Mattie Thatcher, since which time he had lived in lonesomeness without her and the sunshine she was to his life. He died on Jan. 22, 1908, aged 53 years and 20 days. Besides his son and daughter, 10 brothers and sisters are left to mourn his loss: William, Ellen, Francis, Loretta, Elijah A., Harriet, Alonzo, Albert, Rose and Amanda. Also other and numerous near relatives. ‘He was honest, a faithful friend, a respected neighbor, and all his life a good and faithful citizen of the country and neighborhood in which he lived. No higher eulogy than this can be written of any man. ‘The boast of herald the pomp of power’ were not for him--he had a better fate in this life; his was the simple life, with its full share of joys and sorrows. ‘To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.’” [Note: If John was born January 2, 1854 and died on January 22, 1908, he would have been 54 years and 20 days, not 53 years and 20 days as reported in his obituary.]

Photos below were taken on September 25, 2005.

Above: Tombstone. Below: Grave plot marker.


Lifetime Events Summary for John M. Thatcher:

John's age
Civil War
7 - 11
Children's births
31 - 32
Age at Father's Death
Spanish American War
Age at Mother's Death
Age at Wife's Death


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