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10. Sarah Catherine (Catharine)(Kate) Kenney (Married Watson Leach (#9) in 1872)


Born: 5 November 1843 in Frederick County, Frederickton, Maryland of Albert Gillespie Kenney(#19) & Susannah Bussard (#20).


Died: 24 October 1888; she is buried with Watson Leach (#9) at Bloomfield Cemetery in Morrow County, Ohio. Her tombstone reads "Catharine." [Note: She died 12 days before her 45th birthday and only about 4 months after the birth of her daughter, Belva.]

(She went by “Kate” and was the twin of John Peter Kenney (#10 h))


[Her siblings included:

a) Eliza Kenney: (Married 1st: to Andrew Hildebolt; Married 2nd: Jack Longfellow) Born: 1829. Died: 1919. (Had three children);

b) Joseph L. Kenney: (Married: Susan Rhotan or Rholen in 1860) Born: 13 May 1830 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Died: September 1868. (He moved to the West and was killed by Crow Indians on return trip down the Yellowstone River--another report says he burned at the stake in Montana). (Had three children.);

c) Susan Kenney: (Married: Samuel Morton of Preble County, Ohio) Born: 8 January 1832 . Died: 1915. (Had five children); (Below are photographs of Susan and Samuel)

d) Sophia Jane Kenney: (Single) Born: 13 March 1835. Died: 25 January 1869 near Farmersville, Ohio - buried East Liberty Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio. (Was prominent school teacher).

e) Louisa Kenney: (Married: John Newton Conger on 14 February 1856, lived Eaton, Ohio, raised Belva Leach) Born: 20 February 1836 . Died: 2 June, 1921. (Had eight children);

f) Mary Ellen Kenney: (Married: Thomas Jefferson Hart of Preble County, Ohio, during Civil War) Born: 2 March 1838. Died: 6 October 1925. (Moved to Iowa in late 1860’s) (Had four children) (Below are photographs of Ellen and Tom).

g) George Washington Kenney: (Married: Emma Arvesta Blayney on 18 May 1871) Born: 28 August 1840 in Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio. Died: 11 November 1911 (Buried East Liberty Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio. (Had seven children.)

h) John Peter Kenney: Born: 5 November 1843. Died: 17 January 1864 (Died in Lookout Valley of fever. Enlisted in Co.B., 61st Ohio Volunteer Infantry (O.V.I) and was in service two years. Buried in family lot in East Liberty Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio.)

i) Alavander Kenney: (Married 1st: Annie S. Smith in 1875, who died aged 18, on August 2, 1876 and is buried at East Liberty Cemetery, Married 2nd: Esther R. Lindenberger on April 8, 1879.) Born: 25 December 1846 in Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio. Died: May 1929 (Name Alavander is said to be “Germanized” Alexander). Buried as A. Kenney with E. R. Kenney (Esther R. Lindenberger) at Bloomfield Cemetery. Miscellaneous: On June 18, 2016, Donna Rader wrote an e-mail to this webmaster and sent several photographs she had found in her family's possessions. One of those photographs shows Donna's great great grandmother, Susan Smith Shaffer, at her sister and Alavander's first wife (Annie Salina Smith)'s headstone. ]

Photograph below is of Watson and Sarah


A map of Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio in 1849 shows that Albert Gillespie Kenney (#19), Sarah's father, owned property near Amos Leach #33. (Click on map image to enlarge it.)


The 1860 Census for Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio shows John (age 16), Sarah (age 16) , and Alexander (age13) are living with their parents, Albert and Susan.


By 1866, Amos had died and his son, Harvey Leach #17, owned the property. Also, by 1866, Sarah's father had purchased additional land so that his property was adjacent to Harvey's. Harvey's son was Watson. In 1866, Sarah and Watson were both about 23 years old. (Actually, she was about 4 months older than her future husband.) (Click on map image to enlarge it.)


The 1870 Census for Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio shows George (age 29), Sarah (age 26), and Alexander (age 23) are living with their parents, Albert and Susan.

In 1872, when they were both about 28 years old, Sarah and Watson married.

A map, dated 1875, shows that Watson owed property adjacent to his father's property. (Click on map image to enlarge it.)


The 1880 Census for Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio shows Watson and Kate (as she was called) had two children, Arthur O (age 4) and Estelle (age 1).


A 1908 map shows that Watson had purchased 100 acres and had taken over his father's 50 acres (his father died in 1899.) (Click on map image to enlarge it.) It is unknown when Watson moved from his farm adjacent to his father's and bought the 100 acres. Since Sarah died in 1888, between the years on the 1875 and 1908 maps, the exact location of her home near the end of her life is unknown.


Sarah died just before her 45th birthday, leaving behind five children, Arthur Othello Leach aged 12, Charles Albert Leach (#5) (aged 7), Harold Dean Leach (aged 4), Homer Watson Leach (aged 2), and Belva Lockwood Leach (aged 4 months). A sixth child, Estella Leach had died in 1886 at the age of 8, killed by the kick of a colt.





Photo at left was taken on October 19, 2003 at Bloomfield Cemetery.



Lifetime Events Summary for Sarah Catherine Kenney:

Mattie's age
Civil War
18 - 22
Children's births
1876 - 1888
33 - 45
Age at Father's Death


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