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24. Susanna Rebecca Steely (Steeley) (Married Anthony C. Rice (#23) , 12 March 1861 in Pickaway, Ohio (According to LDS). The wedding license verifies the date.

Born: November; 1839 according to the censuses of 1850, 1870, 1880, and 1900. 29 November 1837 according to her Certificate of Death of Meek Steely (#47) & Martha ("Patsy") McCutcheon (McCutchen) (#48).

Died: 23 June 1916. (Verified Ohio Death Certificate Index, Franklin County, Volume #1968, Certificate #37198) Her Certificate of Death says she was 76 years 6 mos and 25 days when she died. If this is correct, then she would have been born in 1839, not 1837 as stated on the Certificate of Death. If her birth date is correct, then she was 79 when she died. Her Certificate of Death lists senility as the cause of death. She died at 1 PM on June 23rd, 1916 and was buried on June 26th, 1916.

[Her siblings included:

a) Elizabeth E. Steely: (Married: ? Abbot) Born: ? Died: ?;

b) Eliza J. Steely: (Married: Norman Kitsmiller on 6 February 1857) Born: ~ 1837 according to the 1850 Pickaway County Census; Died: 1897 in Marion County, Iowa; Miscellaneous: The 1860 census for English, Keokuk, Iowa shows Eliza J. Kitsmiller (age 23) born in Ohio is married to N. B. Kitsmiller (27) and has children: Florence K. Kitsmiller (2) and Elizabeth Kitsmiller (1). (Source of gray information: a list of Steely Marriages in Pickaway Ohio sent to this webmaster by Robert Steely in 2006).

c) Mary Steely: (Married: ? Barlow) Born: ? Died: ?;

d) Isabella (Isobel) (Isabel) Steely: (Married: Thomas Edward Goldsberry) Born: 1833, ~1842 according to the 1850 Pickaway County Census. Died: 26 April 1922 in Toledo, Lucas County Ohio; Miscellaneous: In the 1870 Census for Logansprt 5th Ward, in the County of Cass of Indiana, there is an Isabel D. Goldsberry, age 37, living with Thomas Goldsbery (38) and a Plasterer, and children Sadie B. (10), George W (3) and Emma M (1). Isabel D is keeping house and was born in Ohio.

e) William M Steely: (Married: According to Ross County, Ohio Marriage Records 1850 - 1899 Grooms & Brides, Vol. 2, Transcribed in the 1930s by the Nathaniel Massie Chapter DAR, Alphabetized and typed by Fort Wayne Library, 1975, p. 228, Ohio Historical Society: William M. Steely married Margaret Harwood on 10 Mar. 1853.) Born: 1831 according to his tombstone, but according to the 1850 Pickaway County Census, he was born ~1829; according to the 1860 Pickaway County Census he was born ~1835. Died:1902 according to his tombstone. He, his wife (Margaret Bell Steely), and two of his sons (Taylor Boggs Steely and Frank Steely) are buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Kingston, OH; William's tombstone reads "William Meek Steely. [Note: It may be that the William Meek Steely buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery who was born 1831 and died in 1902 was not Susannah's brother. In an e-mail from Betsy Sanders, a G-G-G-G Grandaughter of Gabriel and G-G-G Grandaughter of John (brother of Susanna's father), Betsy said this William is the grandson of John Steely and son of Benjamin. That would explain some of the discrepancies among the tombstone dates and those of the 1850 listing a William as Meek's son and 1860 census listing a William and his wife and children immediately above Meek's wife and children still remaining in his home.]

f) Unknown Male: (Unmarried); Born: ?; Died: ? (Source: A letter written by H. M. Steely to Frank R. Steely in 1915 stated that Meek had "two sons, one of whom died unmarried."[Note: One of Meek's sons was William. It is unknown the name of the other son]. (Source of green additions above: e-mail correspondence from April Potts on September 24, 2001).


Her half siblings include:

a) Rosa (Rosaltha K.) Steely: (Married: ? Reel) Born: ~ 1851 according to the 1860 Pickaway County Census of #47 and Rachel Hickenlooper. Died: ?;

b) Adele (Adel) (Ada) Steely: Born: ~1847 according to the 1850 Pickaway County Census and ~ 1846 according to the 1860 Pickaway County Census of #47 and Rachel Hickenlooper. Died: ?] Pickaway County, Ohio, Marriage Records 1810-1862 p. 45 states that Meek married Rachel Hickenlooper on 2 April 1846.



The 1850 Census lists Meek Steely and 6 others. Meek (Susannah's father) is 52 and a farmer; his wife (Rachael) is 26. [Note: his first wife and mother of Susannah, Martha, died in 1842]. Children living in the home include William (21) a laborer, Eliza (13), Susan (11), Isabel (8), and Adel (3).

In 1861, Susanna married Anthony Rice. [Note: Susanna's father, Meek Steely (#47)) had a brother, John. One of John's daughters, Nancy Steely, married James Rice (brother of Susanna's husband, Anthony Rice's (#23)). This means that first cousins Susanna and Nancy married brothers James and Anthony.]

When Meek Steely, Susanna's father, died in 1865, Anthony and Susanna received $100 18/100 from the estate.

The 1870 Census lists Anthony (age 39) as the head of the household. His wife, Susan R. Rice (age 30), is keeping house. The Value of Anthony's Real Estate is $14,000 and the value of his personal property is $2,240. Living with Anthony and Susan are their children Mattie S. (#12) (age 7), Emma M (age 5), and Kate V (age 3). Also in the household are Lucy Engram (age 22), a house keeper, and Christopher Engram (age 20) and William Engram (age 18, both farm laborers.

The 1880 Census lists Anthony (age 49), living next door to his brother William. Anthony is a farmer. Living with him are Susan (age 40), Mattie S. (#12) (age 16), Emma (age 14), Katie V. (age 12) and Jennie H. (age 8). Also in the home is a 10 year old boy, George Kitzmiller, who is a servant. [Note: George may be related to Susanna through her sister Eliza Steely Kitzmiller. ]

The 1900 Census shows Susanna (age 60) is living with her youngest daughter Jennie Rice Wannamaker, son-in-law (Willliam Wannamaker) and three grandsons: John, Ralph, and Charles. Her husband, Anthony, had died three years earlier.

Columbus, Ohio City Directories (dated 1901- 1913) show Susanna is living at 703 Hoover. Her name is listed as "Susanna R Rice 'wd Anthony C' " or as "Sue R Rice 'wd Anthony C'." The City Directory for 1914 lists her as living at 959 E. Mound Street.

Susanna outlived her husband by 19 years. At the time of her death (source: Certificate of Death), she was living at 354 North Monroe, Columbus, Ohio with her son-in-law W. H. Wanamaker and her daughter, Jenny Hayes Steely Wanamaker. During her life with Anthony, they had four children... all girls: Mattie Steely (#12), Emma May, Katie Viola, and Jennie Hays. Susanna outlived at least two of her daughters, Mattie (1863- 1904) and Emma (1865-1895).

Although Susanna's husband is buried at Forest Cemetery in Circleville, Ohio, the location of Susanna's gravesite has not been located in Circleville (where it is according to her Certificate of Death). It is suspected that she is buried beside her daughter Emma May Rice who married Henry Renick. Emma died 13 December 1895.


Lifetime Events Summary for Susanna Rebecca Steely:

[This chart assumes that the birth date on her death certificate is incorrect... 1837... and that the 1870, 1880, and 1900 census dates are correct...1839. See explanation of discrepancies on the Certificate above.]

Susan's age
Death of her Mother
Marriage to Anthony C. Rice
Civil War
22 - 26
Children's births
1863 -1872
24 - 33
Death of her Father
Death of her Daughter Emma Rice Renick
Death of Anthony C. Rice
Death of her Daughter Mattie Rice Leach


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