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18. Ann Mariah Dunham (Married Harvey Leach (#17) on 11 February 1841.

Born: 8 October 1815 of Walter Dunham (#35) and Elizabeth _?__ (possibly Pierce) (#36)

Died: 11 September 1893; she is buried with her husband, Harvey at Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio.

[Her siblings included the following, but they may not be listed in the correct order since the birth dates of many are unknown:

a) Almeda Dunham: (Married: Perry Dudley on 25 April 1849 in Delaware, County, Ohio) Born: Probably after 1830 and before 1840. It appears that she is the female listed on the 1840 Census as being between 5 and 10 years of age, 1831 Died: 29 September 1878 at age of 47; Miscellaneous: Almeda and Perry had 4 children in 11 years. (The red information is from posted information on from Fabor-Lee-Tappan-Bower Family Tree on 28 May 2016)

b) Susan L. Dunham: Born: 1819. Died: 8 September 1837, aged 18 years and 8 months, buried Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio;

c) George Dunham: (Married: Nancy Messinger on 17 October 1849.. she is buried at Stark Cemetery in Olive Green, Ohio) Born: ? probably in Delaware County. Died: ?

d) Chancey C. Dunham: (spelled Chancy on tombstone) (Married 1st: Mary A. ca 1841 (she is buried at Stark Cemetery in Olive Green, Ohio); Married 2nd: Ellen Conger on 21 June 1854 in Delaware County ) Born: 4 June 1822. Died: 29 July 1858, buried in Stark Cemetery in Olive Green, Ohio (inherited Father’s farm which descended to his step-children.) (Note: The previous statement, documented by Russell Leach's study of the family, is very confusing unless Chancey had inherited the farm before his father's death. His father, Walter was blind in later life, but Walter actually outlived Chancey. Also, Chancey's mother's name is listed as the property owner on an 1866 map.)

e) Samuel Huxford Dunham: (Married: Hulda Divan on 18 November 1849) Born: ca 1828 probably in Delaware County. Died: February 1863 of typhoid; buried at Vicksburg MS National Cemetery. (Source of purple information above: Susan Williams e-mail address: [Note: It seems odd that Samuel does not appear to be listed on any of the census reports for Walter Dunham. lists a Samuel Huxford Dunham as a son of Harlock Dunham and Elizabeth Betsey Haskins. He was born 4 April 1828 and died 28 Feb 1863. His first spouse was Hulda Divan and his second spouse was Arminda Seward. Harlock was Ann Dunham's uncle, her father's brother. If this information is correct, Samuel was not Ann's brother; he was her 1st cousin.]

f) Hattie (Harriett) M. Dunham: (Married: Culver) Born: 1844 according to 1850 Federal Census for Walter Dunham, where she is listed as 6 years of age. Died: ?; ]


Miscellaneous: Ann was born in Ohio, but the exact location is unknown. Her father, Walter, migrated from Massachusetts to Ohio in 1807 with his four brothers. It is likely that her father met and married her mother after arriving in Ohio because Ann was born about 8 years after Walter's arrival to Ohio. Ann had 6 siblings. Their birth order is unknown.

Ann would have been living with her mother and father when her father was listed in the following Federal Census Indexes: 1820 for Delaware County, Ohio, Kingston Township, p. 114, ID # OH320373434; 1830 for Knox County, Ohio, Bloomfield Township, p. 283, ID # OH56081488; 1840 for Knox County, Ohio, Bloomfield Township, p. 218, ID # OHS4a785727.

The 1820 Census for Delaware County, Kingston Township shows there are 5 persons living in Walter's home. Listed as free white persons are 1 male age 10-16, 1 male age 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 female age 16 - 26. The number of persons engaged in agriculture =1. The link to this census shows actual census page and the probable names of these family members. Ann would have been ~5 years old.

The 1830 Census for Knox County, Bloomfield Township shows a total of 5 person's living in Walter's home. Listed as free white persons are 1 male age 5 - 10, 1 male 40 - 50, 2 females 10- 15, 1 female 30 - 40, 3 persons under 20, 2 persons 20 - 49. The link to this census shows the actual census page and the probable names of these family members. Ann would have been ~15 years old.

The 1840 Census for Knox County, Bloomfield Township shows 6 persons living in the home of Walter: a male aged 15-20, a male aged 50-60, a male aged 60-70, a female aged 5-10, a female 20-30, and a female 40-50. The link to this census shows the probable names of these family members. Ann would have been ~25 years old.

Sometime prior to 1849, Ann's father bought land in Porter Township, in Delaware County, Ohio. Ann was likely living there when she met the man she would marry, a neighbor whose father's farm adjoined her father's farm. In 1841, at 25 years of age she married Harvey Leach, 26. They had two children Watson, born in 1844, and Dorothy Almedia, born in 1846.

1849 Map of Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio (Click to enlarge.)


The 1850 Census shows Ann (age 34), Harvy (age 35), Watson (#9) (age 6), Dorothy A. (age 4) and Amos Leach (#33) (age 61) living in the same household. [Note: Amos is Watson's father.]

The 1860 Census shows Ann (age 44), Harvey (Age 45),Watson (#9) (age 16) and Demeris Dunham (Age 8) living in the same household. Demeris is presumed by Susan Snyder (this webmaster) to be Ann's niece (the daughter of one of her brothers).

Ann's husband, Harvey, eventually bought 50 acres of land as shown on the 1866 map below. Ten acres of that land was purchased from her father and the rest was probably purchased from the estate of his father, Amos, who died in 1855.

(Click on the map to enlarge it)


The 1870 Census shows Ann (age 52), Harvey (age 53) and Watson (#9) (age 26) living in the same household.[ Note: The age of Harvey and Ann on this Census are in question. Harvey was born in 1814 ; Ann was born in 1815. They would have been ~55 and ~54 respectively. These numbers would agree with their ages on previous censuses.]

A map, dated 1875, shows that Harvey continued to own the same 50 acres; his son, Watson owned 50 acres adjacent to, and East, of Harvey's land.

1875 map (Click to enlarge).


By overlaying the 1875 map on a modern map (1998) of Delaware and Morrow Counties, Harvey's property can be located. Susan Leach Snyder and her husband located the probable location of Harvey's land on 20 August 2006. Directions to this location from Columbus, Ohio are as follows: Drive North from Columbus on I-71 to Rt. 36. Turn right toward Sunbury. In Sunbury, turn left at the first traffic light (Rt. 61.) Turn right at SR 656. Proceed to Peerless Rd. (It is on the Delaware County/Morrow County line.) Turn right on Peerless. At Trimmer, turn right. By going down the hill, you will cross the creek, thought to be "Long Run". The land on the left side of the road, beginning at Beechtree is probably Harvey's land.


Below: The 10 acres that Harvey purchased from his father-in-law is thought to be just South of Beechtree on the East side of Trimmer. (See the 1849 map.)


Below: Harvey's additional 40 acres, once owned by his father, Amos.

In 2015, Google Earth Satellite maps were copied that show aerial views of the approximate locations of the Dunham, Leach, and Kenney land in 1866. Note the position of Morrow and Delaware Counties today and the labels on the maps for SR 656, Peerless Rd., and Trimmer Rd.

The 1880 Census shows Ann is 64, Harvy is 64 and they are living alone. Harvy is still farming. Living next door are their son Watson (age 34), his wife Kate (age 34) and two grandchildren: Arthur O (aged 4) and Estelle (age 1).

The following information is quoted from History of Delaware County and Ohio by O. L. Baskin & Company, Historical Publishers, 1880, p. 582. “Mr. Harvey Leach settled in Porter Township in 1834, and married a daughter of Mr. Dunham, who lived on the State road, near the county line between Morrow County and Delaware. Mr. Leach is still living, and occupies a farm adjoining the land that belongs to the estate of Mr. Dunham, his father-in-law.” (Note: In 1834, Harvey came to Ohio with his parents (Amos and Nancy) and other family members by oxen to Morrow County, Ohio from Westchester Co., N.Y Harvey would have been 20 years old at that time.)

In summary, Harvey and Ann had only two children: Watson (#9) and Dorothy Almedia. Ann died one month before her 78th birthday. She was preceded in death by her daughter, Dorothy, who died in 1852 at 6 years of age.



Left: The tombstone of Ann and her husband, Harvey. This photograph was taken on June 14, 2001. GPS : North 40°, 22.715; West 82°, 43.399'.



Lifetime Events Summary for Ann Mariah Dunham:

Ann's age
Death of her Father
After 1860 census before 1866 county map
Between 45 & 51
Marriage to Harvey Leach
Children's births
1844 - 1846
29 - 31
Death of her Mother
After 1866 County Map
over 51
Death of Daughter
Civil War
46 - 50


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