Forest Cemetery

Directions for finding this Pickaway County Cemetery in Circleville, Ohio:

Drive South from Columbus on I-71 to 270 S to Rt. 23. Take Rt. 23 toward Circleville. Turn left onto N. Court Street. (In 2007, there was an 84 Lumber Store near that road.) Drive 3.2 miles into Circleville. Forest Cemetery will be on the right side of the road.

Buried there are John M. Thatcher(#11), Mattie Steely Rice (#12) (GPS 39° 36.975' N, 82° 56.708' W), and Anthony C. Rice (#23) (GPS 39° 36.974' N, 82° 56.708' W).

Their tombstones are located in the back, left part of the cemetery. If you enter the cemetery and take the left road, you will come to a red Thatcher tombstone on your right. (GPS 39° 36.973' N, 82° 56.718' W)




Buried there are Harry E. Thatcher and Lena F. Thatcher. Their relationship to my family is unknown. On a visit to the cemetery on 17 June 2007, Susan Snyder learned from another cemetery visitor that Lena had been a Lutheran and loved to bake cakes and potato chips.






Behind the large red Thatcher stone shown above and near where the shovel and bottles are located in the photo are the stones for John, Mattie, and Anthony. (This site is Lot 126, Section 33.)


A Crum family is buried very close to Anthony, John and Mattie. Could they be related?



This view is of the area behind and facing the red Thatcher tombstone.











































Left is a corner grave plot marker.





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