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33. Amos Leach (Married Nancy Purdy (#34), 27 February 1813)

Born: 8 January 1789 of Levi Leach (#65) & Sarah Noble (#66) in Pownal, Vermont.
[Information in black by Russell Leach (#3) is confirmed by the family Bible, dated 1834 and information from Jackie <> . Additional proof of his birthdate is in "Vermont Vital Records, 1760-1954.

Died: 22 July 1855. He is buried in Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio. [Note: His tombstone is shown at the bottom of this web page.]

[His siblings included:

a) Noble Leach: Born: 20 October 1791; Died: ?;

b) Luman (Lyman) (Leman) Leach: Born: 16 June 1793; Died: ?;

c) Olive Leach: (Married: Samuel Downs) Born: 16 February 1795; Died: ? (Source of light blue: e-mail from Olive Leach descendent Scott Fisher @ <> on 4 Jan 2012.)

d) Elihu (Elihue) Leach: (Married: Marilda (Marilda) Brown on 10 February 1818) Born: 25 March 1797 Died: 16 August 1875; (Source of brown: letter from John A. Sneden, Jr. to Mrs. Florence Oliver, Town Historian, Somers, NY 10589 on 27 May 1982).

e) Mercy Leach: Born: 26 January 1799; Died: ?

f) Harvey Leach Born: 28 February 1801; Died ? ;

g) Martin Leach: (Married: Esther Phillips about 1833) Born: 18 May 1803 in New York; Died: 11 August 1880 at age 77 years 2 months and 24 days in Walton, Eaton County, Michigan. Miscelllaneous: He was living in Cattaraugus County, New York about 1830. There he married Esther. Martin and Esther had 4 children: Eliza Jane Leach (Married Weaver, Starks and Wagner) 1829-1909, Abiathar Leach c1830-1856, Marida U. Leach (Married Jacob Mack) 1832-1898), and Lyman Washington Leach 1843-1898. Martin, his wife and children moved to Michigan.) [Source of orange is e-mail to Susan Leach Snyder from Maria ( on 27 November 2009)

h) Almon Leach: Born: 16 April 1807; Died: ?

i) Tryphena (Tryphenut)(Triphena) Leach: Born: 22 November 1808; Died: ?][Source of green is the Leach Family Bible 1834, the Leach Family Bible 1854 and information from Jackie <>. This source confirmed the spelling of Amos, Noble, Harvey, and Triphena. Source of purple is The Smith/Noble Family Tree posted on December 21, 2007


Amos lived in Somers, New York, with his father, four brothers and one sister. Dr. White of Somers extracted Amos’ tooth at a charge of 12 1/2 cents. Dr. White also amputated the leg of one of Amos’ brothers. The same doctor delivered the children of Amos at a cost of $1.00 each. Amos moved by oxen to Morrow County, Ohio in 1834 from Westchester Co., N.Y. He introduced the first mower in Liberty Twp., Knox County, Ohio. Knox County history spelled name Leech. (Source of purple: letter written in response to letter sent by Kent W. Leach to Mr. Otto. E. Koegel, President, Somers, N.Y. Historical Society [Kent (deceased) was 1st cousin of Russell Leach #3], dated 27 August 1969).[The information about the mower is verified in History of Knox County, Ohio Its Past and Present, compiled by N.N. Hill, Jr. 1881, p. 504 and Past and Present of Knox County Ohio by Albert B. Williams Vol. 1, 1912, p. 341.]

In the 1810 Vermont Federal Census Index, Amos Leach was listed for Franklin County, Twp. Fletcher. The ID # was VTS1a1955265. In the 1820 Vermont Federal Census Index, Amos Leach was listed for Franklin County, Twp. Fletcher. The ID #VTS2a741409. In the 1820 New York Federal Census, Amos is listed as living in Westchester County in Somers Twp. This is on p. 225 ID# NYS2a741407. A copy of this census is below.

Below: Circled is Amos' name on the 1820 New York Census

In the 1850 Ohio Federal Census Index p, 323, two Amos Leaches were living in Delaware County, Ohio in Porter Township. Amos, our relative, might be one of these. The ID #s were OHS6a1815194 and OHS9a5498587.

A Porter Township, Delaware County map dated 1849, shows the land of A .M. Leach. In a later map, this land is shown as being owned by H. Leach. One of Amos' sons was Harvey Leach (#17).

Below left: 1849 map. Below right: 1866 map. (Click to enlarge.)

The picture below, taken on 20 August 2006 by this webmaster, shows the location of the land once owned by Amos. Its location is on the east side of Trimmer Rd. By overlaying the 1849 map on a modern map (1998) of Delaware and Morrow Counties, Amos' property can be located. Directions to this location from Columbus, Ohio are as follows: Drive North from Columbus on I-71 to Rt. 36. Turn right toward Sunbury. In Sunbury, turn left at the first traffic light (Rt. 61.) Turn right at SR 656. Proceed to Peerless Rd. (It is on the Delaware County/Morrow County line.) Turn right on Peerless. At Trimmer, turn right. Proceed past Beechtree on your left. Amos' land is about another 1/2 mile on the left. He owned 40 acres in this location.

Amos and Nancy had 9 children in all. When they arrived in Ohio, they had 6 children: Harvey (#17)- aged 20, Margaret Ann- aged 18, Dorothy Amanda- aged 16, Anthony Purdy- aged 14, Charles Noble- aged 10, and Mary Zilla-aged 4). They had buried three of their children in New York (Ann Elizer- a newborn in 1813, Ephram- 1 year of age in 1823, and Patty Jane- nearly 3 years old in 1829).

Before his death in 1855, at the age of 66, Amos would witness at least three more of his children and his wife die. Both his wife, Nancy, and his daughter, Margaret Ann Leach Gwin (aged 26), died in 1842. Mary Zilla (aged nearly 13) died in 1843, while Dorothy Amanda Leach McClelland (aged 36) died in 1854. [Note: the dates of deaths of some of his children are unknown. It is possible that other of his children preceded him in death.]

Below: Tombstone at Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio. This photograph was taken 19 October, 2003 by the webmaster. GPS : North 40°, 22.715; West 82°, 43.399'.


Lifetime Events Summary for Amos Leach:

Amos' age
Birth in Vermont
War of 1812 Begins
Marriage to Nancy Purdy
Children's births
1813 - 1830
Death of Daughter, Ann Elizer
Birth of Son, Harvey #17
Death of son, Ephraim
Death of Daughter, Patty Jane
Moved to Ohio
Death of Daughter, Margaret Ann
Death of Wife
Death of Daughter, Mary Zilla
Death of Daughter, Dorothy Amanda

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