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36. Elizabeth _?__ (Married Walter Dunham (#35)) before 1815). ( Ann Mariah Dunham (#18), a child is known to have been born in 1815.)

Born: about 1798 (The 1820 Census says she was "a free white female of 26 and under 45". That would indicate she was born sometime before 1794. The 1850 Census says she was 52, making her birth in 1798. The 1850 census states that she was born in Pennsylvania.) (According to Susan L. Williams, a Dunham genealogist, she was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania (1860 Census) of Unknown Father (#71) & Unknown Mother (#72) .

Died: ? She must have died sometime after 1866 because her name appears on a map of Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio. (See below: click to enlarge.)

[Her siblings if any are unknown.]



Walter, her husband is listed in the following Federal Census Indexes: 1820 for Delaware County, Ohio, Kingston Township, p. 114, ID # OH320373434 ; 1830 for Knox County, Ohio, Bloomfield Township, p. 283, ID # OH56081488; 1840 for Knox County, Ohio, Bloomfield Township, p. 218, ID # OHS4a785727; 1850 for Delaware County, Ohio, Porter Township, p. 322, ID #s OHS6a907091 & OHS9a2494484; 1860 for Delaware County, Ohio, Porter Township, p. 149, ID # OH15336402. Elizabeth was married to Walter when these censuses were taken. Details are described below:

(Note: By 1820, Elizabeth was keeping house in Kingston Township of Delaware, County Ohio. Her husband, Walter was a farmer. She had two young daughters (ages 5 and 1) and a 10-16 year old boy living in the home. This is verified by the 1820 census information below).

The 1820 Census for Delaware County, Kingston Township shows 5 persons living in Walter's home. The link shown here is to the actual census page and the probable names of the family members. Elizabeth's husband, Walter, is listed as the head of his family. The row next to his name indicates that living in his home are the following: "1 free white male of 10 and under 16", "1 free white male of 26 and under 45", "2 free white females under 10," "1 free white female of 26 and under 45", and "1 person engaged in Agriculture." The free white male of 10 and under 16 is unknown. It might be son George. George's birth date is unknown. If that person is George, then Walter and Elizabeth would have been married before 1810. At the time of the1820 census, Walter would have been about 32 so he is likely the white male of 26 and under 45 and the person engaged in Agriculture. The 2 free white females under 10 were likely daughters: Ann Mariah Dunham (#18) (age 5) and Susan L. Dunham (age 1). Elizabeth would have been about 22 according to her birth date at the top of this page calculated from the 1850 census, but it is possible that she was older and she is listed on this census as the free white female of 26 and under 45.

(Note: By 1830, Elizabeth was keeping house in Bloomfield Township in Knox County, Ohio. Her husband was likely a farmer, although the census does not indicate his profession. Besides her two daughters, she now had one son. Her children's ages were ~ 15, ~11, and ~8. This is verified by the 1830 census information below).

The 1830 Census for Knox County, Bloomfield Township shows a total of 5 person's living in Walter's home. Listed as free white persons are 1 male age 5 - 10, 1 male 40 - 50, 2 females 10- 15, 1 female 30 - 40, 3 persons under 20, 2 persons 20 - 49. The link to this census shows the actual census page and the probable names of these family members: Walter is listed as a male 40 - 50 (Note: according to the 1850 census, Walter was born ~ 1788, making him 42 in 1830). Elizabeth is listed as a female 30 - 40, Ann Mariah Dunham (#18) (~ 15 years old) and Susan L. Dunham (~ 11 years old) are listed as females 10 - 15. Chancey C. Dunham (~ 8 years old) is listed as the male 5-10. (Note: A Dunham descendent, Susan Williams, indicated to this webmaster that another son, Samuel Huxford Dunham, was born ca 1828. If this is true, he would have been ~ 2 when this survey was conducted, but he does not appear with the rest of the family. Perhaps Samuel was a nephew and not a son of Elizabeth).

(Note: By 1840, Elizabeth is keeping house for six persons, including herself, husband (Walter Dunham (#35)) ~ 52, daughter (Ann Mariah Dunham (#18)) ~ 25, daughter (Almeda Dunham) 5 - 10 years old, son (Chancey C. Dunham) age 18, and a male listed as 60 -70. This older man's identity is unknown. There are three persons in the household employed in Agriculture. Daughter Susan L. Dunham had died three years earlier at almost 19 years of age. This is verified by the 1840 census information below).)

The 1840 Census for Knox County, Bloomfield Township shows 6 persons living in the home of Walter: a male aged 15-20, a male aged 50-60, a male aged 60-70, a female aged 5-10, a female 20-30, and a female 40-50. The link to this census shows the probable names of these family members.

As the map at left shows, in 1849, the family lived in Porter Township in Delaware County, Ohio. (Click on the map to enlarge it.) According to Russell Leach’s research, one-half of Walter's farm was in Delaware County- the other half was in Morrow County. His farm adjoined that of Amos Leach. On 11 February 1841, Elizabeth's and Walter's daughter, Ann Mariah Dunham (#18), married Harvey Leach (#17), the son of their neighbors, Amos Leach (#33) and his wife Nancy Purdy Leach (#34).

Walter and Elizabeth lived in part of Porter Twp., Delaware County, Ohio, that became part of Morrow County about 1849. According to History of Delaware County, published by O. L. Baskin & Company, Historical Publishers, 1880, p. 582, Walter lived on the State road.

[Note: There is no evidence that Walter had moved his family between Delaware and Knox County or between townships within Delaware County as indicated by the locations where censuses were taken from 1820 - 1860. It is more likely that the County lines and Township lines were changed over time or that the census takers overlapped counties and townships. Kingston Township in Delaware County was established in 1813. Porter Township in Delaware is immediately east of Kingston and was established in the 1820s. South Bloomfield was established in 1817 in Knox County. Knox County gave land for the formation of Morrow County in February 1848 and the township of Bloomfield (aka. South Bloomfield) went to Morrow County. Today, South Bloomfield, Morrow County touches the northeast corner of Porter Township. As is explained above, Walter's land was situated in both Delaware and Knox (later Morrow).]

(Note: By 1850, Elizabeth was keeping house for three persons: herself (age 52), husband (Walter age 62), and daughter (Harriett M. Dunham) age 6). If the census data is correct, then Elizabeth was ~46 years old when she gave birth to Harriett. The ages of Elizabeth, Walter, and Harriett are documented on the 1850 census information below).

The 1850 Census for Delaware County, Porter Township shows only 3 persons living in the home: Walter, Elizabeth, and daughter Harriett M.. Click on the link to see the actual census page. (Note: All of the other children appear to have left the home, or had died.)

(Note: By 1860, Elizabeth was keeping house for three persons, herself (age 60), husband (Walter, age 73), and daughter (Harriet age 16). Elizabeth's age is questionable since in 1860 she is reported as only 8 years older than her reported 1850 census age. By 1860, Elizabeth must have assumed many of the tasks once performed by Walter because he is listed as "blind." This information is verified by the 1860 census below).

The 1860 Census for Delaware County, Porter Township shows 3 persons living in the home: Walter, Elizabeth, and daughter Harriet. Click on the link to see the actual census page.


By overlaying the 1846 and 1866 maps on a modern map (1998) of Delaware and Morrow Counties, Walter's property can be located. On modern maps of Delaware and Morrow Counties, SR. 656 runs northeast at an angle identical to the diagonal line on the 1849 map. Based on this information, the proximity of the Morrow County Line to Walter's property, and the location of a creek thought to be the "Long Run" waterway shown on the 1849 map, Susan Leach Snyder and her husband located the probable location of Walter's land on 20 August 2006. Directions to this location from Columbus, Ohio are as follows: Drive North from Columbus on I-71 to Rt. 36. Turn right toward Sunbury. In Sunbury, turn left at the first traffic light (Rt. 61.) Turn right at SR 656. Proceed to Peerless Rd. (It is on the Delaware County/Morrow County line.) Turn right on Peerless. At Trimmer, turn right. The land to the right (or west) is believed to be what was owned by Walter. By going down the hill, you will cross the creek, thought to be "Long Run". See the pictures below.

In all, Elizabeth and Walter had 6 - 7 children: Almeda, Hattie M., Ann Mariah (#18), Susan L., George, Chancey C., and Samuel Huxford. (Note: Samuel may not have been her son, as has been explained earlier on this page.)

Below: Walter's land from Trimmer Road, facing Northwest toward the corner of SR. 656 and Peerless Rd.

Below Left: Walter's land along Trimmer Road, facing Southwest towards creek (notice trees adjacent to creek bed). Below Right: Creek bed, possibly dried up "Long Run."

Walter's additional 10 acres that adjoined land owned by Amos Leach is thought to be just South of Beechtree on the East side of Trimmer. (See the 1849 map.)

Below: Walter's 10 acres on the East side of Trimmer. This acreage was eventually purchased some time before 1866 by his son-in-law, Harvey Leach.

Elizabeth's husband was blind in later years of life, so it is likely that she did many chores on the farm. Walter died sometime after the 1860 census and before a Porter Township map, dated 1866 was drawn. That map that listed Elizabeth as the land owner. She was likely living on the farm in 1866, but it is not known where she lived after that time, when she died, or where she is buried.

In 2015, Google Earth Satellite maps were copied that show aerial views of the approximate locations of the Dunham, Leach, and Kenney land in 1866. Note the position of Morrow and Delaware Counties today and the labels on the maps for SR 656, Peerless Rd., and Trimmer Rd.


Lifetime Events Summary for Elizabeth :

Elizabeth's age
War of 1812
14 - 17
Before Oct 1815
Younger than 17
Children's births
1815 - 1844
17 - 46
Daughter Ann M. Dunham's birth
8 Oct 1815
Death of Daughter Susan L. Dunham
Civil War
63 - 67
Death of Husband
Between 1860 Census & 1866 Porter Township Map
~ 62 - 68
After 1866 Porter Township Map
68 +


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