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17. Harvey (Harvy) Leach (Married Ann Mariah Dunham (#18), 11 February 1841.

Born: 25 October 1814 in Somers, Westchester County, N. Y. of Amos Leach (#33) & Nancy Purdy (#34).

Died: 8 January 1899, buried Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio.

[His siblings included:

a) Ann Elizer Leach: Born: 27 November 1813 in Westchester County, New York. Died: 27 November 1813 in Westchester Co., New York;

b) Margaret Ann Leach: (Married: John Gwin, 11 November 1838) Born: 2 May 1816 in Westchester County, New York. Died: 1 August 1842, buried Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow county, Ohio;

c) Dorothy Amanda Leach: (Married: W. F. McClelland, 6 June 1849) Born: 3 May 1818 in Westchester County, New York. Died: 4 September 1854;

d) Anthony Purdy Leach: (Married: Harriet Scott, 5 September 1852). Born: 27 March 1820 in Westchester County, New York. Died: ? Possibly lived in Marion, Iowa (had photo taken there);

e) Ephram Leach: Born: 4 April 1822 in Westchester County, New York. Died: 4 May 1823 in New York, Westchester County;

f) Charles Noble Leach: (Married: Catharine Fraser, 20 October 1852) Born: 18 May 1824 in Westchester County, New York. Died: ?;

g) Patty Jane Leach: Born: 3 September 1826 in Westchester County, New York. Died: 21 June 1829 in New York, Westchester County;

j) Mary Zilla Leach: Born: 25 September 1830 in Westchester County, New York. Died: 25 August 1843, buried Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio (was four years old when family came to Ohio)] (Source of purple: letter written to Mr. Otto. E. Koegel, President, Somers, N.Y. Historical Society by Kent W. Leach [Kent (deceased) was 1st cousin of Russell Leach #3 (deceased)], dated 27 August 1969).


The spelling of Harvey's first name also appears as Harvy. Harvey and siblings were delivered by Dr. White of Somers, N.Y., at a cost of $1 each.

Harvey was a farmer who migrated from New York to Porter Twp., Delaware County, Ohio in 1834 with his siblings and his parents, Amos Leach (#33) and Nancy (#34). Harvey would have been 20 years old in 1834.

In 1841, Harvey married his neighbor, Ann Dunham. Ann's father, Walter Dunham (#35), owned land that adjoined Harvey's father's land in Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio. At the time of their marriage, Harvey was 27 years and Ann was 26.

In 1849, when the map at left was drawn (click to enlarge), Harvey would have been 34-35 years old; he had been married to Ann for 8 years, and they had two children, Watson (#9) (age: 5) and Dorothy Almedia (age: 3). It is unknown where they lived, but as shown on a map, Walter Dunham owned 10 acres just north of Amos' 40 acres. Walter owned additional acreage to the Northwest.


The 1850 Census shows Ann (age 34), Harvy (age 35), Watson (#9) (age 6), Dorothy A. (age 4) and Amos Leach (#33) (age 61) living in the same household.

The 1860 Census shows Ann (age 44), Harvey (Age 45), Watson (#9 (age 16) and Demeris Dunham (Age 8) living in the same household. Demeris is presumed by Susan Snyder (this webmaster) to be Ann's niece (the daughter of one of her brothers).

Sometime between 1849 and 1866, he (Harvey) purchased 10, then 40 more acres. It appears these two parcels (the 10 acres belonging to Walter Dunham and the 40 acres owned by Amos) are the parcels that Harvey eventually purchased, as shown on the 1866 map below. Amos had died in 1855 and Harvey probably purchased the 40 acres from his father's estate. (This will take more research.)

1866 map (Click to enlarge).


The 1870 Census shows Ann (age 52), Harvey (age 53) and Watson (#9) (age 26) living in the same household.[ Note: The age of Harvey and Ann on this Census are in question. Harvey was born in 1814 ; Ann was born in 1815. They would have been ~55 and ~54 respectively. These numbers would agree with their ages on previous and later censuses.]

A map, dated 1875, shows that Harvey continued to own the same 50 acres; his son, Watson owned 50 acres adjacent to, and East, of Harvey's.

1875 map (Click to enlarge).


The 1880 Census shows Ann is 64, Harvy is 64 and they are living alone. Harvy is still farming. Living next door are their son Watson (#9) (age 34), his wife Kate (#10) (age 34) and two grandchildren: Arthur O (aged 4) and Estelle (age 1).

By overlaying the 1875 map on a modern map (1998) of Delaware and Morrow Counties, Harvey's property can be located. Susan Leach Snyder and her husband located the probable location of Harvey's land on 20 August 2006. Directions to this location from Columbus, Ohio are as follows: Drive North from Columbus on I-71 to Rt. 36. Turn right toward Sunbury. In Sunbury, turn left at the first traffic light (Rt. 61.) Turn right at SR 656. Proceed to Peerless Rd. (It is on the Delaware County/Morrow County line.) Turn right on Peerless. At Trimmer, turn right. By going down the hill, you will cross the creek, thought to be "Long Run". The land on the left side of the road, beginning at Beechtree is probably Harvey's land.


Below: The 10 acres that Harvey purchased from his father-in-law is thought to be just South of Beechtree on the East side of Trimmer. (See the 1849 map for an aerial view of its location. It is the area colored yellow and labelled WD that is just north of Amos' land label A. M. Leach)

Below: This is a view of Harvey's additional 40 acres, once owned by his father, Amos (See the 1849 map for an aerial view of its location. It is the area on the map that is surrounded by a blue line and labelled A. M. Leach. The 1866 map shows the aerial view of Harvey's property (labelled H. Leach), which includes the property above and below.)

In 2015, Google Earth Satellite maps were copied that show aerial views of the approximate locations of the Dunham, Leach, and Kenney land in 1866. Note the position of Morrow and Delaware Counties today and the labels on the maps for SR 656, Peerless Rd., and Trimmer Rd.

The following information is quoted from History of Delaware County and Ohio by O. L. Baskin & Company, Historical Publishers, 1880, p. 582. “Mr. Harvey Leach settled in Porter Township in 1834, and married a daughter of Mr. Dunham, who lived on the State road, near the county line between Morrow County and Delaware. Mr. Leach is still living, and occupies a farm adjoining the land that belongs to the estate of Mr. Dunham, his father-in-law.”

The photograph below was taken sometime between 1895 and 1899. Ralph, born in 1890 (Harvey's grandson) was at least five years old in the picture and Watson's died in January 1899. Note: There are three generations of Leach men in this photograph: Harvey, Watson (#9), and Charles (#5), Harold, Homer, and Ralph.


Harvey's wife, Ann, died just before his 79th birthday. He lived five more years and died in 1899 at 84.

Below: The tombstone of Harvey and his wife, Ann. This photograph was taken on June 14, 2001. GPS : North 40 ° 22.715'; West 82° 43.399'.


Lifetime Events Summary for Harvey Leach:

Harvey's age
Migrated from NY to OH
Marriage to Ann Mariah Dunham
Death of his Mother
Children's births
1844 - 1846
30 - 32
Death of his Father
Death of Daughter
Civil War
47 - 51


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