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55. Jacob Albright (Married: Sarah "Sally" ("Sallie") Albright (#56) on 18 October 1819 in Orange County, North Carolina according to the North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868. Image Num: 000091, Record #: 04 001; the bondsman was Daniel Rankin and the Witness was Michl Holt.) [Note: Jacob was 28 years old when he married his 15 year old cousin, Sarah.]

Born: 13 July 1791 of Daniel A. Albright (Albrecht) (#109) & Catharine "Katie" "Katy" Loy (#110).

Died: 5 May 1847. (According to Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery Greensboro, North Carolina, compiled by Raymond Dufau Donnell, 1996 p. 3, Jacob’s stone is imbedded in the rear wall of the Buffalo Presbyterian Church. His grave site was verified during a visit to the cemetery on 29 September 2005 by Susan Snyder (#2) and her cousins Sandra Henson and Mary Lu Finch. His tombstone is shown at the bottom of this web page.)


[His siblings included:

a) Elias Albright: (Married: Elizabeth (Tempe) Hobbs Bond Date: 24 October 1822, Bond #: 000102479, Image Num; 003719, Record # 04 001 in Guilford County, North Carolina, Bondsman: Jn Boon, Witness: Isc Holt. ) (He married Elizabeth ? who was born 13 July 1803 and died 30 July 1880 and Elizabeth Hobbs who died in 1873. Source: "Brick United Church of Christ Cemetery records", The Guilford Genealogist, Published by the Guilford County Genealogical Society of N.C.,Vol 23, No.2, Spring 1996, p 81.) Born: 6 May 1793 Died: Feb. 1 1863 1862-1863. He is buried with his wives (Elizabeth ? and Elizabeth Hobbs) at Brick United Church of Christ Cemetery in Guilford County, N.C., according to The Guilford Genealogist, Published by The Guilford County Genealogical Society of N. C. Spring 1996, Vol. 23, No. 2, Number 73 p. 81 ; church record - no marker - buried at Saint Marks Church Cemetery in Burlington, Alamance County, North Carolina; Children included Catherine Judith Fox, John Patterson Albright, and Joseph P. Albright. The1850 United States Federal Census for Alamance, North Carolina included Elias Albright (-57), Betsy (-47), John Albright (-24), Catharine Albright(-19), Preston Albright (-4), Armecia Moray (-12), Lucinda Loy (-18), and Jane Loy (-0). Joseph P. Albright's Death Certificate states that he was born November 9, 1845 of Elias Albright and Elizabeth Hobbs. [Note: Joseph P. is likely the 4-year old Preston, listed on the 1850 census.] (Source: North Carolina, Index to Marriage Bonds, 1741 - 1868) (Source: Find a Grave Index, 1600s - Current);

b) George Albright: (Married: Martha (Patsy) Albright in 1819 in North Carolina), Born: 21 August 1793 in Orange County, North Carolina, Died: 26 October 1868 in Guilford County, North Carolina; he is buried at Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina. Children included James Washington Albright, Jesse A. Albright, and Robert H. Albright. (Son, James W., wrote history of Greensboro, the book title is Greensboro, 1808-1904,: facts, figures, traditions, and reminiscences; he also published "The Greensboro Patriot, a newspaper published in Greensboro, N.C. by James W. Albright & Bro in 1869.). (Source: U.S. and International Marriages 1560 - 1900.) (Source: Find a Grave Index, 1600s - Current);

c) Sophia Albright: (Married: Daniel "Flat Rock" Albright of Orange County, N. C. In 1842, Daniel built a colonial brick home near a large flat rock. The home is known as "The Flat Rock Daniel Albright Home." In 1982, the home was owned by Ruby [Clapp] Pentacost, an Albright descendant.(Source: From The Albrights by Shannon Albright, 1982, page 20). Daniel is buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery in Burlington, N. C. His stone reads "In Memory of Daniel Albright Born June 20 1792; Died Nov. 10 1846 Aged 54 years 4 Months and 21 Days"); Born: 3 October 1796, Died: 22 October 1878; Sophia is also buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery. Her stone reads "Sophia Wife of Daniel Albright Born Oct. 3, 1796 Died Oct 22, 1878 Aged 82 Yrs. 19 Dy's Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." This information was obtained on a trip to the cemetery by this webmaster and several of her first cousins on 19 September 2005 ; a photograph of the tombstone of Daniel "Flat Rock" Albright is shown at the St. Paul's Link;

d) William Albright: (Married: Elizabeth Ballinger in 1821 in North Carolina); Born: 25 April 1798 in Orange County, North Carolina; Died: 12 August 1873 in Henry County, Indiana; buried at Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana; children included Robert B. Albright, Letticia Jackson, Eliza Lewis, Joseph E. Albright, Madison L. Albright, Rebecca Wilkinson. (Source: U.S. and International Marriages 1560 - 1900.) (Source: Find a Grave Index, 1600s - Current);

e) Daniel Albright: (Married: Millie Holt (Amelia T. Holt) in 1824; Born: 12 December 1802; Died: 22 January 1887; he is buried at Antioch Cemetery in Holt, Clay County, Missouri; his child was Amelia Temperance Downing; (Source: U.S. and International Marriages 1560 - 1900.) (Source: Find a Grave Index, 1600s - Current);

f) Henry Albright: (Married 1st: Letty Foust, bond date 21 July 1824, Bond #000094343 in Orange County. The witness was E. M. Holt. Letty is buried at Brick United Church of Christ Cemetery in Guilford County, N.C., according to The Guilford Genealogist, published by The Guilford County Genealogical Society of N. C. Spring 1996, Vol. 23, No. 2, Number 73 p. 64); Married 2nd: Rebecca Hodgin on 9 October 1829 in Guilford, North Carolina) . Born: 1804. Died: ~ 1850 in Clay County, Missouri ; (Source: North Carolina, Index to Marriage Bonds, 1741 - 1868) (Source: U.S. and International Marriages 1560 - 1900.) (Source: Find a Grave Index, 1600s - Current) (Source: Henry's will probated 1 April 1850 with the inferred death year as 1850 is described in Wills and Executions, Administrators Bonds and Letters, Vol C, 1848-1852 in Missouri, Wills and Probate Records, 1766-1988). The Probate Place was Clay, Missouri; The will states, "I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Rebecca all my real and personal Estate during her natural life or widow hood but in case Rebecca my beloved wife should marry again she is to have a childs share ..." He named Rebecca as his executor.); [Note: Henry, and his brothers Daniel (#55-e) and Elias (#55-g) died in Clay County, Missouri.]

g) Elias Albright: (Married: Mary Woodburn (Mary Woodburn, Marriage bond dated 12 October 1831, Bond#: 000052951, Image Num: 008883, Record #: 01 002, in Guilford County, North Carolina Bondsman: Shepperd Burcha, Witness: A. E. Hanner) (Source: North Carolina, Index to Marriage Bonds, 1741 - 1868). Born: 1805 (Source: International Marriage Records 1560 - 1900) (The source of the green information is e-mail from Maria Bruce 2005 ( and confirmed by North Carolina Index to Marriage Bonds, 1741 - 1868.) The 1860 US Federal Census for Washington, Clay, Missouri shows an Elias Albright (age 54 and born in North Carolina) living with his family: wife (Mary - 49), and children: Emily Albright (-25), Catharine Albright (-23), Hannah G. Albright (-21), Jesse W. Albright (-19), Mary M. Albright (-14), Tobitha J, Albright. (-12)., John M. Albright (-10)., and Mary M. Albright. (-7). The 1880 US Federal Census for Holt, Clay, Missouri lists Elias Albright, age 75, living as the father-in-law with his son-in-law, Lewis Garrett (-28) and Elias's daughter Tabitha Garrett (-32) and their two children Mary Garrett (-5) and Mirie Garrett (-2). [Note: Two of Jacob's other brothers (Daniel (#55-e) and Henry (#55-f)) had also gone to Clay County, Missouri.] Died: after 1880 census. [Note: The photograph at right is believed to be one of Elias and is copied from one appearing at that had been posted by other ancestors.]

h) Joel Albright: (Married: Catharin (Catharine) A Holt, Bond Date: 15 July 1832, Bond #: 000094351, Image Num: 003810, Record #: 01 003, Bondsman: Austin Whitsitt, Witness: J. Taylor; Born: 10 July 1813 in Orange, North Carolina. Died: 1891 in Skidmore, Maine. His child was Rachel Tabitha Albright. (Source: North Carolina, Index to Marriage Bonds, 1741 - 1868) (Source: U.S. Sons of the American Revolution Membership applications, 1889 - 1970 SAR Membership: 88912.)

h) Lewis Albright: (Married: Elizabeth Albright, daughter of William Albright and Louisa Wood. Lewis and Elizabeth were cousins. Lewis' father (Daniel A. Albright (Albrecht) (#109)'s ) brother, George, was Elizabeth's grandfather. The marriage was confirmed by U.S. and International Marriages 1560 - 1900 ); Born: 10 July 1816. Died: 23 March 1860 in Alamance County, N. C.; he is buried at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting Cemetery, Snow Camp, Alamance County, North Carolina ; His children include Thos Gaston Albright and Emily A. Albright (Source: Find a Grave Index, 1600s - Current (Source of pink: Ancestry of Albright and Holt Families of Clay County, Missouri Book 1,1984, p. 149, Compiled by Claribel Albright McClain. great granddaughter of Daniel Albright and Amelia Holt.)).]


[Note: Jacob's sister, Sophia, married Jacob's wife (Sarah's) brother, Daniel Albright. Also, Jacob's brother, George Albright, married Sarah's sister, Martha Albright . Thus, brothers and sisters from one Albright family married brothers and sisters from another Albright family. Jacob Albright( #55) and Sarah Albright (#56) were second cousins, as were Sophia Albright (#55-c) and Daniel Albright (#56-c) and George Albright (#55-b) and Martha Albright (#56-g) . They all shared common great grandparents John Albright (Johannes Albrecht) (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442).

In addition, Lewis Albright (#55-h) and his wife (Elizabeth Albright) were cousins. Lewis was the grandson of Jacob Albright (#197/217) and Sophia Catharine Welder (#198/218) , Elizabeth was their great granddaughter. Lewis was the great grandson of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht) (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442), while Elizabeth was their great great granddaughter. Also, Daniel Albright and his wife Amelia Holt were cousins. Daniel was the great grandson of Jacob Albright. Amelia was the great granddaughter of Ludwig Albright. Jacob and Ludwig were brothers. Both Amelia Holt and Daniel Albright are great great grandchildren of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht) (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442).


According to the North Carolina Federal Census Index there was a Jacob Albright living in Guilford County in 1820, two Jacob Albrights living there in 1830, and one living there in 1840. In 1850, there is a Jacob Albright listed for Alamance Count, but this is not Jacob (#55); he had died several years earlier. In Orange County there were four Jacob Albrights listed in the 1779 census, but none of these could have been #55 since he wasn't born until 1791. There were two Jacobs in 1800, 4 in 1810, one in 1814, and two in 1820. This is all very confusing because #55 is Jacob Albright (1791-1847), Generation 8 John Ludwick (Ludwig) Albright 's (#111) brother was named Jacob Albright (1758-1839) and Generation 9 #197/217 was also Jacob Albright (1748 - after 1791).

According to the NC 1812-1814 Muster Rolls, there was a Jacob Albright from Orange County, North Carolina in the Third Reg. Mr. Township. It is unknown whether this was Jacob Albright (#55), but he would have been the right age at the time: 21 - 24 years old.

To further confuse the situation, county names changed over the years. Guilford County was formed in 1771 from parts of Rowan and Orange counties. Alamance County was created adjacent to Guilford County from part of Orange County in 1849.

According to History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church And Her People, written by Rev. S. M. Rankin, 1934, p. 56, Jacob Albright, the oldest son of Daniel, is the one most closely associated with Buffalo (Church). The children of Jacob and Sarah were Elizabeth C., Rebecca J., Sarah P. (#28), Daniel E., George W., Julia A. and William M. According to research done by Russell Leach, there was an additional child named May Caroline. However, no other information found by this webmaster substantiates her birth to these parents.

Left: Buffalo Presbyterian Church
Photo courtesy of Mary Ellis:


In 1827 Jacob built the Buffalo Presbyterian Church for $ 2,400 plus old church building. (According to History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church And Her People, written by Rev. S. M. Rankin, 1934, p. 98, “At a congregational meeting, December 30, 1826, it appears that the committee had failed to secure enough money to pay for the erection of the new building as they had planned it, and the question was, ‘Will the congregation pledge itself for what may be necessary to finish the building.’ The pledge was made and the committee ordered to proceed. It was also decided to build a gallery across the south end, and to build a door in the east wall, and a stairway from that door leading to the gallery. It appears from this that the church walls were not yet erected on December 30th, 1826.

The contract was let to Jacob Albright, and he was to complete the new building in a neat and durable manner for the sum of $2,400 and the old church building. Mr. Albright employed Joseph Kirkpatrick to assist him with the building. The brick were made on a lot just west of the church. They were moulded by hand and well burnt, and a substantial building was erected.”)

Jacob died a wealthy man at about 56 years of age. At the time of his death, he owned 2,000 acres of land.

Sarah, Jacob's wife, filed a petition with the North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions August Term 1847 stating Jacob had died, leaving her a widow with two adult daughters (Elizabeth C. Ephland (widow) and Rebeccah Albright) and four minors under the age of twenty-one (Sarah Albright (#28), Daniel Albright, George Albright, and William Albright . Julia A. is not mentioned in the petition and it is assumed by this webmaster that she died prior to 1847.)

Jacob's will probate date was November 1847 in Guilford, North Carolina. His inferred death year is about 1847. Following his death, a legal document was created that describes the division of his property to his children.



Left: Jacob's tombstone in the outside wall of Buffalo Presbyterian Church. (GPS 36° 6.596 minutes N, 79° 46.78 minutes W). This picture was taken on 29 September 2005.



to the Memory of
July 13th, 1791.
May 5th 1847.













Lifetime Events Summary for Jacob Albright

Jacob's age
War of 1812
21- 24
Children's births
1822 - 1845
31 - 54
Birth of Daughter,Sarah P. Albright (#28)
Built Buffalo Presbyterian Church
Death of his father

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