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56. Sarah "Sally" "Sallie" Albright (Married: Jacob Albright (#55).18 October 1819 in Orange County, North Carolina according to the North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741 - 1868, Image Num: 000091, Record #: 04 001; the bondsman was Daniel Rankin and the Witness was Michl Holt.) (Source of orange: Ancestry of Albright and Holt Families of Clay County, Missouri Book 2,1984, p. 290- 316, Compiled by Claribel Albright McClain. great granddaughter of Daniel Albright and Amelia Holt.)

Born: 28 June 1804 of John Ludwick (Ludwig) Albright (#111) & Elizabeth "Betsy" Sharp (#112) (Orange County, N.C.)

Died: 18 December 1891. According to Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery Greensboro, North Carolina, compiled by Raymond Dufau Donnell, 1996 p. 4, she was 87 yrs 5 mos 20 da when she died. She is buried at 9C-10C/9B-10B). Her grave site was verified during a visit to the cemetery on 29 September 2005 by Susan Snyder (#2) and her cousins Sandra Henson and Mary Lu Finch. Her tombstone is shown at the bottom of this web page.

[Her half sibling was:

a) John Albright: (Married: Katie Albright; Katie was John's second cousin. Both were great grandchildren of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442; Born: 21 July 1785 in North Carolina of John Ludwick (Ludwig) Albright (#111) and Mary Troxler. Died: after the 1860 census in Mississippi; Miscellaneous: John may have been a Captain in the War of 1812.In his father's will, John was given the "tract of land he now lives on." He was also named along with John Ludwick (Ludwig) Albright (#111)'s brother, Daniel, as an executor.]


[Her siblings included:

a) George Albright: (Married: Anna Maria Clapp (Mary May) on 8 November 1813 in Orange County, N.C.); Born: 6 August 1788 in Guilford County, N.C. Died: 18 July 1857 in Alamance County, N.C. ; Miscellaneous: In his father's will, George was given the "tract of land he now lives on." (Source: U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560 - 1900)

b) Mary Albright: (Married: John Fogelman on 3 February, 1806 in Orange Co., N.C.), Born: 12 May 1790 in Orange County, N.C. Died: before her father made his will dated 19 April 1816. in Orange County, N.C.;

c) Daniel “Flat Rock” Albright: (Married: Sophia Albright before 1815. Sophia was the daughter of Daniel A. Albright (Albrecht) (#109) & Catharine (Catherine) "Katie" (Katy) Loy (#110)); Daniel and Sophia were second cousins. They were both great grandchildren of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442. ) Born: 20 June 1792 in Orange County, N.C.Died: 10 November 1846 in Orange County, N.C. Daniel is buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery in Burlington, N. C. His stone reads "In Memory of Daniel Albright Born June 20 1792; Died Nov. 10 1846 Aged 54 years 4 Months and 21 Days". Daniel's wife Sophia is also buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery. Her stone reads "Sophia Wife of Daniel Albright Born Oct. 3, 1796 Died Oct 22, 1878 Aged 82 Yrs. & 19 Dy's Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." This information was obtained by a trip to the cemetery 19 September 2005 by this webmaster and several of her first cousins; a photograph of the tombstone of Daniel "Flat Rock" Albright is shown at the St. Paul's Link; Miscellaneous: In his father's will, Daniel was given the "tract of land he now lives on." In 1842, Daniel built a colonial brick home near a large flat rock. The home is known as "The Flat Rock Daniel Albright Home." In 1982, the home was owned by Ruby [Clapp] Pentacost, an Albright descendant.(Source: From The Albrights by Shannon Albright, 1982, page 20).

d) Elizabeth “BetsyAlbright: (Married: John Albright, son of Joseph Albright and Barbara Bason. Elizabeth and John were second cousins and both were great grandchildren of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht (#393/433/441)and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442. ); Born: 18 October 1794 in N.C. Died: before 16 April 1823;

e) Isaac Albright: (Married: Philopena Rich on 1 October 1818 in Orange County, NC); Born: 10 June 1797 N.C.; Died: after 13 April 1858 when he gave land to some children in Tennessee; Miscellaneous: In his father's will, Isaac was given the "land on N side of Allemance." He moved from North Carolina to Tennessee and settled in Haywood County sometime between 1838 (the birth of their last child-Jesse-in North Carolina) and 1845 (the birth of the first child-Isaac Jr.- in Tennessee.)

f) Barbara Albright: (Married 1st: George Greeson after 19 April 1816. That was the date on her father's will showing she was still single. Married 2nd:Tobias May before 1824 (birth of first child); Born: 7 July 1799 in NC; Died: ?;

g) Martha “Patsy” Albright: (Married: George Albright in 1819 in North Carolina; George was the son of Daniel A. Albright (Albrecht) (#109) & Catharine (Catherine) "Katie" (Katy) Loy (#110)). Therefore, Martha and George were second cousins. Both were great grandchildren of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442. ); Born: 8 January 1802 in N.C.; Died: 30 April 1864; Children included James Washington Albright, Jesse A. Albright, and Robert H. Albright (Son, James W., wrote history of Greensboro, the book title is Greensboro, 1808-1904,: facts, figures, traditions, and reminiscences; he also published "The Greensboro Patriot, a newspaper published in Greensboro, N.C. by James W. Albright & Bro in 1869.).(Source: U.S. and International Marriages 1560 - 1900.) (Source: Find a Grave Index, 1600s - Current in a search for George Albright)

h) Ludwick Albright: (Married: Polly Neese on 7 October 1824); Born: 5 September 1806 in N.C.; Died: 25 December 1850 ; Miscellaneous: In his father's will, Ludwick was given the "land on N side of Allemance".]

[Note: The children of John Ludwick (Ludwig) Albright (#111) & Elizabeth "Betsy" Sharp (#112) "are listed in Elizabeth's pension application W 5609, made on 9 April. 1840. This is from an abstract of Revolutionary War Pensions, The North Carolinian, Vol VII, No. 2, Mar., 1961, p. 777." ]

[Note: Sarah's brother, Daniel married Sarah's husband (Jacob's) sister, Sophia Albright; Sarah's sister Martha "Patsey" Albright married Jacob's brother, George. Thus, brothers and sisters from one Albright family married brothers and sisters from another Albright family. Sarah Albright (#56) and Jacob Albright (#55) were second cousins, as were Daniel Albright (#56-c) and Sophia Albright (#55-c) and Martha Albright (#56-g) and George Albright (#55-b) . They all shared common great grandparents John Albright (Johannes Albrecht) (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442). In addition to these second cousins were John Albright (Sophia's half brother) and his wife Katie Albright. John was the son of John Ludwig Albright, who was the brother of Katie's father, Jacob Albright, Therefore John and Katie were also second cousins and great grandchildren of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht) (#393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (#394/434/442). ]



Sarah and her husband, Jacob, probably had 7 children: Elizabeth Catherine, Rebecca Jane, Sarah P. (#28), Daniel E., George W., Julia A., and William Madison. [Note: Although reported by Russell Leach in his genealogy, May Caroline Albright, was not likely their child. She was born after Jacob died and no other information that could be found by this webmaster substantiates her birth to Sarah and Jacob.]

[Note: Sarah was only 15 when she married her 28 year old cousin, Jacob Albright. He died at the age of 56 and she lived to be nearly 87 1/2 years old. Interestingly, she died 100 years after Jacob was born.]

Sarah filed a petition with the North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions August Term 1847 stating Jacob had died, leaving her a widow with two adult daughters (Elizabeth C. Ephland (widow) and Rebeccah Albright) and four minors under the age of twenty-one (Sarah Albright (#28), Daniel Albright, George Albright, and William Albright . Julia A. is not mentioned in the petition and it is assumed by this webmaster that she died prior to 1847.)

The 1850 Census for Guilford County, North Carolina listed Sarah Albright as head of the family. Listed below her are Rebecca Albright (25), Daniel Albright (20), George W. Albright (17), and William Albright (6). Sarah and her two older sons were farming the land.

The 1870 census shows Sarah, listed as "Sally" is 65 and living with her son (William M. Albright), his wife, and two young granddaughters. Sarah's daughter. Rebecca (45) is also living with William and his family.

The 1880 Census for Center Grove, Guilford County, North Carolina shows Sarah was the mother of the head of the household. She was living with her son (William M. Albright), his wife, four granddaughters, and Sarah's unmarried daughter, Rebecca. Sarah was 76 years old.

Below: Sarah's tombstone.(GPS 36° 6.596 minutes N, 79° 46.78 minutes W). These pictures were taken on 29 September 2005. Left: Chalk was applied to enable reading. Right: Cleaned stone (chalk was rinsed off).. The tombstone reads:


wife of
Dec. 18, 1891
Aged 87 Y’s. 5 M’s
& 20 D’s



Lifetime Events Summary for Sarah Albright

Sarah's age
War of 1812
8 - 11
Death of her father
Children's births
1822 - 1845
18 - 41
Birth of Daughter,Sarah P. Albright (#28)
Death of her husband
Death of her mother
Civil War
1861 - 1865
57 - 61

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