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57. Henry Colerider/ Henry Coultrider (Married: Eleanor / Ellinder/ Ellender Winnie Love (#58) on 28 September 1816. [Note: The marriage certificate is dated 16 September 1816.] Source of green information is from Claudine Harding in numerous e-mails February and March 2009 to Susan L. Snyder. [Note: Claudine Harding is the GGGG Granddaughter of Rebecca Love #58-c (Eleanor Winne Love's sister) and GGGGG Granddaughter of William Love (#115) and Winford Carney (#116)] .

Born: 1776? 1780 (Source: a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner in 2009, a Colerider Descendant) 1781 in Baltimore, Maryland (according to OneWorldTree) of Henri Kaltreiter (#113) & Unknown Mother (#114) in Maryland according to the 1860 Census. In the 1880 Census for Taylor County, West Virginia, Edward J. Colerider (# 29) is listed. He is the son of Henry. In the census it states that the birthplace of Edward's father is Frankfort, Germany. This is an error; Edward's grandfather, Henry (#57)'s father, Henri Kaltreiter (#113) was born in Germany.

Died: 1863, 1862 (Source: a note in an old family photo book in the possession of Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner in 2009, a Colerider Descendant), aged 87 years, buried in Buckhannon, W. Virginia. [Note: According to the 1860 census, he would have been 81 when he died, and according to the family photo book, he would have been aged 82 when he died.]. His will was signed and dated on 3 January 1859.


[His sibling was :

a) Freiderich Kaltreiter Born: WFT Est. 1758-1802, Died: ? (source of this red information is Ancestry.comOneWorldTree]


Miscellaneous: He migrated from Frankfort, Germany. [Note: This information is questionable since his father was said to have served in the Revolutionary War and Henry was born in ~1780. It seems more likely that his father, Henri migrated from Frankfort. The Census of 1860 states that Henry was born in Maryland.]

He served as a private in the War of 1812.

From The Pioneer- 1976. "Henri Kaltreiter [Henry's father] served in the Navy during the Revolution and was mustered out as a Rear-Admiral. He settled in the heart of a German community in Baltimore County, Maryland. He was the father of two sons, Henri and Freiderich.

Henri (aka. Henry) [the son and #57], moved to the Shenadoah Valley where he met his future wife, Eleanor Love."He then emigrated to the Buckhannon area, building his house on the banks of the river about a mile south of the present city limits."He applied for a marriage license at Weston, Lewis County, but since he spoke English with a German accent, the clerk could not understand the spelling of his name. Gather Kemp was asked to interpret and spelled the name "Henry Colerider".

"Henry and Eleanor Love Colerider were the parents of three Children, Mary, Edward (#29), and William."

In the 1840 United States Federal Census of Lewis County, Virginia, Henry was listed as the head of his family. Living with him were two males 20 and under 30. He was listed as 50 and under 60. There was one female under 5, one 20 but under 30, and one 40 and under 50. The later was probably his wife Eleanor.

Click on the image to see the 1840 census.


In 1848, there was a petitioned effort to establish a new Virginia county by taking away parts of Lewis, Harrison, Randolph and Barbour counties. The county seat of that new county (Upshur) would be Buckhannon Town. When Buckhannon Town was polled, Henry, his son Edward (#29), and Edward's father-in-law (Henry Reger (#59) signed if favor of creating a new county. There was much debate within the surrounding communities, but finally on March 26, 1851, the county was created from parts of Lewis, Randolph and Barbour. To see a list of those who were living in Buckhannan Town who voted in favor of establishing a new county, as described in The History of Upshur County, West Virginia From its Earliest Exploration and Settlement to the Present Time by William Bernard Cutright, 1907 (pages 249 and 250), click here.

In the 1860 Census of Buckhannon, Upshur, Virginia, enumerated on the 30th day of June, there were 2 people living in Henry Colerider's home: Henry Colerider: 79, (old and infirmed) and Eleanor: 71 (wife). The census states that Henry was born in Maryland, Eleanor in Virginia. The value of his real estate was $200 and his personal estate: $500. [Susan Snyder's note : Listed above Henry and Eleanor names on the census is one of their sons, Edward Jackson Colerider, and his family.]

Click on the image to see the 1860 census.


[Note from Susan Snyder: There are many questions about some of the information in this biography. Information collected in black above was by Russell Leach between 1950 and 1970. Unfortunately, the source of this information is unknown. As explained earlier, the 1860 census seems to dispute some of Russell's information. Henry could not have been 87 if/when he died in 1863 if he was only 79 when the 1860 census was made. Russell says he migrated from Frankfort, Germany and the 1860 census says he was born in Maryland. The 1880 census confirms Russell's information that Henry was born in Frankfort, Germany because it lists Edward's father's birthplace as Frankfort. However, this is likely a census mistake. Henry's father Henri Kaltreite (#113) was born in Germany.]

Henry's will, is documented below in the "Calender of Wills," leaving all of his estate after paying debts, funeral expenses, and $100 to his daughter, Mary (Colerider) Williams, to his wife, Eleanor. Apparently, he left nothing to his sons, William L. Colerider and Edward Jackson Colerider (#29).


“Calendar of wills in West Virginia, no. 49, Upshur County (Buckhannon)

Bk. A, pp. 50, 51. /27_7

COLERIDER, HENRY, Buckhannon, Upshur County, Va., 3 Jan.
1859; 20 Mar. 1862.

Wife ELEANOR, dau. MARY WILLIAMS. Wife Eleanor Colerider,

Testator desires pmt. of debts and funeral expenses from
personalty; bequeaths to wife ELEANOR all estate to use as she
sees fit with exception of bequest to dau. MARY, wife of
William H. WILLIAMS, $100.

Teste., Henry F. Westfall, N. G. Monday.

Lifetime Events Summary for Henry Colerider:

Henry's age
War of 1812
32 - 35
Children's births
37- 52
1 November 1817
Civil War
81- deceased

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