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208. Anna Maria Amick (Married Anthony Coble (#207) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website)

Born: 6 July 1723 in Uttenhoffen, Gudershoffen, Bas Rine, France of Johannes "Hans" Emig (#415) and Eva Dorothea Rotter (#416).

Died: After 24 May 1790


[Her siblings included:

Nicholas Amick: (Married Eve Margaretha Rausch); Born: about 1719; Died: ?

Johannes Amick: (Married Maria Margaret Grantz); Born: about 1720; Died about 1786.

Anna Maria Amick: Born: 6 Jul 1723 in Uttenhoffen, Gudershoffen, Bas Rine, France; Died: after 24 May 1790. (Married in Lancaster, PA Anthony Coble, born 24 Aug 1717 in Hoffenheim, Baden, Germany; died aft 24 May 1790 in , Guilford County, NC; buried in Coble's Lutheran Church, Guilford County, NC, son of Johann George Gobel and Maria Barbara Geisler.

Jacob Amick: Born: about 1728; Died: ?

Henry Amick: Born: about 1739; Died: ?

George Amick: Born: about 1750; Died: ? [Michael Cavenaugh notes: Information on Anna and her siblings came from Vicki Meith <>. Some dates must be wrong.]



Anna Maria and Anthony's 12 children included Johannes "John", Maria Elisabetha, Maria Barbara, Maria Eva, Ludwig "Lewis", Johann George, Nicholas J., Maria Magdalena "Molly", Anna Dorothea "Turley" (#104), Mary, Catherine, and David.


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