Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Green Township, Ross County, Ohio


According to Tombstone Inscriptions Green Township Ross County, Ohio 1999, compiled by Ross County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 6352, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-6352, p. 45, "The Presbyterian church was organized in August 1798 and a log meeting house was erected a mile west of Kingston in what is today the McCoy family lot in Section 5 of the cemetery. A monument commemorating the log church is located there. [See Site 2 below]. The cemetery was laid out in 1800 and several burials were made that same year. A second house was completed in 1814 which was in use until 1829. From 1829 to 1837, the congregation worshipped in the Methodist Episcopal church in Kingston. It built a third church in 1838 which was in use until 1860 when the congregation moved permanently to Kingston. The cemetery has continued in use to the present and is one of the oldest in Ross County."


Directions for finding this Ross County Cemetery in Kingston, Ohio:

Drive South from Columbus on I-71 to 270 S to Rt. 23. Take Rt. 23 toward Circleville. Turn left at Tarlton Road. Proceed to 56 and turn right. At Rt. 159, turn right. Proceed to Kingston. Proceed through town, under the metal underpass, and go straight (don’t follow 159). The cemetery is on the left at the top of the hill.

There are six burial sites of interest to Steely, McCutchen, and Rice families at this cemetery.

  • Site 1: (GPS 39° 27.751' N, 82° 55.794' W.) Buried here are Meek Steely (#47), Martha [McCutchen, McCutcheon] Steely (#48), Gabriel Steely (#93), John Steely (Meek Steely's [#47] brother and son of Mary [Meek] (#94)& Gabriel Steely (#93)), and Margaret [Emmerson; Emerson] Steely (John's wife). A tombstone for Marvin G., Amelia D., George H., Jean, and Susan Steely also exists nearby. According to George Steely (1873-1953...Great Grandson of Gabriel) and quoted by Robert Steely (current Steely genealogist), Marvin is the G-G-G Grandson of Gabriel and Mary (Meek Steely). Amelia D. was Marvin's wife, George was Marvin and Amelia's son. The ancestral connection is as follows: Gabriel and Mary (Meek) Steely>John and Margaret (Emerson) Steely>Lemuel and Guyna (Holderman) Steely>John P. and Mary Elizabeth (Ludwig) Steely>George S. and Jessie (Thomas) Steely>Marvin and Amelia (Wright) Steely>George H. Steely 1928-. [Note: Jean is probably George's wife and Susan is probably George H.'s and Jean's daughter. Susan would be Gabriel's G-G-G-G-G granddaughter.]


  • Site 2: (GPS 39° 27.745' N, 82° 55.887' W) Buried here are Susanna [Caldwell] McCutchen (McCutcheon) (#96), Eliza Ross [McCutchen] Rockwell (Martha [McCutchen] Steely's (#48) sister and Susanna & John McCutchen's (#95) daughter), James McCutchen (Martha Steely's brother and Susanna & John McCutchen's son), Hanna Kinnear (Martha Steely's sister and Susanna & John McCutchen's daughter), Susannah May (Martha Steely's sister and Susanna & John McCutchen's daughter), Susannah May's husband (Henry May), and some of Susannah and Henry's children (ie. Meek and Martha's nieces and nephews and Susanna & John McCutchen's grandchildren.)



  • Site 4: (GPS 39° 27.764 N, 82° 55.911 W) Buried here are Margaret Bell Steely (wife of William Meek Steely), William Meek Steely (possibly son of Meek Steely (#47) and Martha [McCutchen, McCutcheon] Steely (#48) and brother of Susanna R. Steely (#24), and Taylor Boggs Steely (son of Margaret and William). [Note: It may be that the William Meek Steely buried here was not Susanna's brother. In an e-mail from Betsy Sanders, a G-G-G-G Granddaughter of Gabriel and G-G-G Granddaughter of John (brother of Susanna's father), Betsy said this William is the grandson of John Steely and son of Benjamin. That would explain some of the discrepancies among the tombstone dates and those of the 1850 and 1860 censuses showing Meek Steely and his family. It would also explain the discrepancy between the two different Margaret names on the marriage record for William (son of Meek) stating Margaret Harwood and the tombstone stating Margaret Bell.]


  • Site 5: (GPS 39° 27.741' N, 82° 55.839' W) Buried here is Frank M. Steely. According to Margaret Harwood Steely's obituary. Frank was Margaret and William Meek Steely's son.



Site 1: Pass by the first two entrance roads to the cemetery. Turn into the third. After entering, turn right at the first roadway. Go to the first roadway (it's grassy), and turn left onto it. About halfway down this roadway on the left is a standing tombstone for Gabriel Steely.


The front of Gabriel's tombstone says "Revolutionary Soldier.. Gabriel Steely...Born August 19, 1763...Died May 2, 1830...Aged 66 Yrs. 8 Mos. 13 Ds....Erected by his Great Grandson H. M. Steely of Danville, Illinois."

(A very worn stone with no visible inscription is directly behind the modern stone and may be the original stone taken from the farm, as described on the back of the modern stone.)

The back of his tombstone (shown below) states "REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER GABRIEL STEELY BORN AUG. 19, 1763-DIED MAY 2, 1830 WIFE: MARY [STEWART] STEELY PARENTS OF JOHN STEELY, DR. MEEK STEELY AND ISABELLA DUNCAN OF KINGSTON, OHIO, GEORGE STEELY AND SARAH SHELBY OF COVINGTON, INDIANA, REUBEN STEELY AND ELIZA B. RAY OF WEST POINT, INDIANA. REMAINS REMOVED FROM FARM ABOUT 4 MI. NORTH-WEST TO THIS PLACE DECEMBER 2ND 1914, BY HIS GREAT GRANDSON, H. M. STEELY OF DANVILLE, ILL." A 1914 newspaper article describing the relocation of Gabriel's body can be read at the following link: Removed Remains of Soldier of Revolution to Mt. Pleasant. A letter written in 1915 from H. M. Steely to Frank R. Steely describes H.M. having Gabriel's body moved to the "cemetery at Kingston." [Note: H. M. Steely (Harlan Melville STEELY) was born in 1856 and died 27 May 1935. ]


Behind and to the right of Gabriel's tombstone are the partially buried stones for Margaret, John, Martha [McCutchen, McCutcheon] Steely (#48), and Meek Steely (#47). The remains of all four were moved from the family burying ground in Pickaway township to the Steely lot in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery by their great granddaughters. Click on the article title to read it and a transcript of same: Family History of Early Settlers Recalled.



Wife of John

Steely Died July

7 1847 Aged

60 years &

16 days


Remember Friends as

you pass by

As you are now so once was I,

As I am now so you must be,

Prepare for death and follow me.








Born October 17th

1785 & Died August

6th 1842 Aged 56

Years, 9 months

& 19 days.


Remember Friends as you

pass by

As you are now so once

was I,

As I am now so you

must be

Prepare for death and

follow me.








Feb. 1st, 1842


36 Yrs, 9 ms. 4ds

My buried friends shall I forget

For shall the Grave eternal sever

They linger in my memory yet

And in my heart they live forever







April 23, 1865,

Aged 67 yrs.


My buried friends shall I forget

For shall the Grave eternal sever

They linger in my memory yet

And in my heart they live forever







Meek's stone is located at (GPS 39° 27.750' N, 82° 55.792' W)


Below is the stone for MARVIN G. 1899-1975, AMELIA D. 1903-1996, GEORGE H. 1928-, JEAN 1930-, and Susan 1952.


Site 2: After leaving site 1, drive straight until the road dead ends. Turn right. (You will be in the back of the cemetery). Drive a short distance until you see the monument that marks the site of the Pioneer Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Log Church on your left. About 25 yards to the right of this site on the opposite side of the road are two large stones marked “F”. Down the section between the “F’s” are stones Hanna Kinnear, James McCutchen, Eliza Ross Rockwell, Susanna [Caldwell] McCutchen (#96), Susannah May and Henry May. The photograph immediately below shows the stone arrangement facing South (ie. facing the road.)



Below is the stone arrangement facing North. The closest stone colored blue is that of James McCutchen, the second is that of Susanna [Caldwell] McCutchen (#96).



Below are two views of Susanna [Caldwell] McCutchen (#96)'s tombstone. Applying chalk helped to read the engraving.



In Memory of


died Nov. 19, 1843 in the

73. year of her age.


Below is the broken tombstone of Eliza Ross Rockwell. Even after applying chalk, it was very difficult to read. This stone is very damaged. It appears that the stone has been repaired at least once in the past, but the piece that is still standing is broken and ready to fall apart. The inscription of the stone is below these images.


Memory of

w/o Wm. ROCKWELL, d/o John &
Susanna McCutchen
Born  June 5 1812
Died April 11, 1832
Aged 19 Years
10 Months &
6 das

Her virtue ?????????
Shall ??????????


[Note: the purple inscription in Eliza's stone above could not be read and was added by reference to Tombstone Inscriptions, Green Township, Ross County, Ohio, 1999, compiled by Ross County Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 6352, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-6352.]

Below are two views of James McCutchen's tombstone. Applying chalk helped to read the engraving and to see the intricate work of the engraver. Below these images is a transcription of the stone.


In Memory of


son of John &

Susannah McCutchen

Departed this life Jan 6th

AD 1820 in the 24

year of his age



Below is the tombstone of Hanna Kinnear.


To the Memory of
Wife of
Who departed this life
Sept 10 1828:
In the 20 year of her

Her mind was gentle and serene.
No terror in her looks was seen.
Her Savior’s smiles dispel’d the gloom
And smooth’d  her passage to the tomb.










Below are the tombstones of Henry May and Susannah McCutchen May



NOV. 27. 1787.
DEC. 9. 1851

















FEB. 23. 1850.













Site 3: By returning to the road and walking a few paces to the right, you will come to the site of stones for Isabella Duncan and T. K. Duncan.





Wife of
JAN. 29. 1849
Aged 48 ys.
10 mo. 19 ds.

The Lord has been my help.
To him my spirit flies.
An on his gracious promise.
My cheerful  hope  relies.








APR.1. 1837:
Aged 46 ys.
9 mo. 9 ds

Go home dear friends.
Refrain your tears.
I must be here.
Till Christ appear









Site 4: From site 3, continue driving down the lane. The road will curve and parallel a farmer's field. After the curve, drive approximately 30 yards and look for the three stones pictured below.






















Farther down the road on the same side of the road is a monument marking the location of Buffalo Trail, Indian Trail, Scioto Trail, and Zane’s Trace.


Site 5: To get to this site, continue driving past the Buffalo Trail sign. The roadway will curve to the right. At the first lane, turn right. Proceed to the end of the lane and you will see on your left the tombstone of Frank Steely.



Site 6: To get to this last site, look across the lane from Site 5. There will be Shoemaker stones. Directly behind these stones are those of Hanson and Alice Rice. Behind that is the large Rice stone. At the time the photograph below was taken (August 2007), there were two large overgrown bushes on either side of the stone.

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