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48. Martha ("Patsy") McCutchen (McCutcheon) (Married: Meek Steely (#47) on 1 November 1824 in Pickaway, Ohio according to LDS; 2 November 1824 to C R Stuly (Steely?) (Heely?)). (According to an e-mail on 8 December 2002 from Mary Hammersmith, a descendent of Martha McCutchen's sister (Nancy), to Susan Leach Snyder (#2), a McCutchen family Bible in Mary's possession states the wedding was 2 November 1834 to C. R. Steely.) (2 November 1824 to C A Stuly according to Ross County, Ohio Early Families Vol. IV by Ross County Genealogical Society: 1998, p, 161 & 311, Ohio Historical Society; compiled by John Gray, P.O. Box 86, Mount victory, Ohio 43340.

Born: 9 April 1804 of John McCutchen (#95) and Susanna (Susannah) Caldwell (#96). (This date is according to Mary Hammersmith's e-mail and what was written in the family Bible.) [Note: this may not be correct. Martha's tombstone states that she died at the age of 36 years, 9 months, and 4 days. If the tombstone is correct, she would have been born 28 April 1805]. 7 (9) April 1804) One LDS source says she was born 7 April 1804 in Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky. Another LDS source says she was born 28 April 1805 in Pic. Ohio.

Died: 1 February 1842 (according to Mary Hammersmith and what she found under "deaths" in the family Bible.) [Note: Her tombstone confirms the date and states that she died at age 36 years, 9 months, 4 days]. She is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Kingston, Ohio next to her husband, Meek. (This was verified by Susan Snyder (#2) in September 2005 by a visit to her grave site.)


[Her siblings included:

a) Mary McCutcheon: (Married: Lewis M. Rogers, 2 April 1811); Born: 12 December 1791 ; Died:?;

b) Susannah McCutchen: (Married: Henry May, 26 May 1814 in Chillicothe); Born: October 2, 1794, in Kentucky, 1793 in Kentucky; Died: 23 February 1850 (This date is confirmed by her tombstone at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery where Susannah and her husband are buried);

c) James McCutchen: Born: 1795 or 1796, 29 December 1795, probably in Kentucky; The History of Kingston, Ohio and Rural Vicinity Published in Celebration of the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Village in 1834, Kingston, Ross County, Ohio, 5 July 1984; Published by the Kingston Area Historical Society. p. 68: stated“ Trade was so good at Mr. Ing’s tavern that a competitor entered the field- exact date unknown- but sometime prior to 1813. This was James McCutchen, builder and operator of the tavern which formed the original part of the house long known as the ‘Josiah Murray property’, (southeast corner of Main and Ing Streets. The razing of this house, when the Sohio Station was built two years ago disclosed the wine-cooling pits of this tavern). Mr. McCutchen’s rivalry extended beyond that of mere host and barkeeper for he succeeded in having the government establish (July 15, 1813) a post office at his tavern, which with the adjacent houses to the south was called McCutchenville. Thus the present Ing street became the line of cleavage between two rival villages - Ingstown to the north, McCutchensville to the south-until 1816 when animosities seem to have been forgotten and the two united as “Kingston.” According to records of the Post Office Department, this office was to continue as McCutchensville until April 21, 1826, when its name was changed to that of the village it served.” p. 69 “In 1818 McCutchen added a line of frontier merchandise, thus becoming Kingston’s second merchant.” Died: 6 January 1820 "in the 24th year of his age"; buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Kingston (verified by visit to grave site on 17 June 2006 by Susan Leach Snyder (#2));

d) Joseph McCutchen: (Married 1st. Sarah Watts of Ross County, OH in 1823, 8 December 1823, 9 December 1823; Married 2nd: Letitia (Lettia) Britton of Chillicothe, OH in 1826; on 28 February 1826; Married 3rd: Lydia Keys) (Source: Leggett, Conaway & Company 1884, History of Wyandot County, Ohio pages 1031, 1033, 1035, and 1053-55); Born: February 2, 1798, in Harrison Co., Kentucky. He ran an inn with his mother (Susanna Caldwell (#96) in Kingston, Ohio. He moved to what is now Wyandot County (then part of Seneca County) in 1827, and erected the first dwelling in the village of McCutchenville, which he laid out in 1829; He was a hotel-keeper; he moved to Upper Sandusky in 1845; became a merchant (1850 Census), served as Captain in the Union Army in the Civil War, as County Auditor, as Representative in State Legislature, and as State Senator. (Source: Leggett, Conaway & Company 1884, HISTORY OF WYANDOT COUNTY, OHIO, pages 1053, Chicago, Illinois); Died: March 13, 1869 “at the age of 72” (71 according to his birth date);

e) Nancy McCutchen: (Married: Col. John C. Clark in Pickaway Co. in December 1818, 17 December 1818.) Born: 20 February 1800; She and her husband moved to Martin Co., IN by 1820 and to Vincennes, IN by 1826. John C. Clark was an inn keeper at Vincennes for many years; Died: 12 September 1850. She died in a fall from a buggy on a bridge between Vincennes, IN and Lawrenceville, IL, which is on the west side of the Wabash River.

f) John McCutchen Jr.: (Married: Kezia Ritchey at his age of 21 (about 1823) (1823 in Ohio) 20 December 1824 (also spelled Keziah and Richey, in some accounts; Keziah Ritchey), Born: 27 April 1802 near Lexington, Kentucky (Source: Lewis Publishing Co., (The) 1888, BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD AND PORTRAIT ALBUM OF TIPPECANOE COUNTY, INDIANA, page 624), possibly in Fayette County, in 1802 (Source: Virkus, F.A. Co. 1928 THE ABRIDGED COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY, Volume III, page 317, Chicago, Illinois); in Kentucky. He and his wife moved to Randolph Twp., Tippecanoe County, Indiana about 1836; Died: about 1870 or 1871 (1870/71 in Indiana) ;

g) Cyrus McCutcheon: (Married: Hannah Kinnear March 1835); Born: 24 July 1807; Died: ?

h) Hannah McCutchen: (Married: 13 April 1826 Samuel S. Kinnear); Born: 1808 or 1809 (5 August 1808) (5 August 1809); Died: 10 Sept 1828 “in the 20th year of her age”, buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Kingston, Ohio;

i) Eliza Ross McCutchen: (Married: 14 September 1831 William Rockwell); Born: 5 June 1812 (25 June 1812), probably in Chillicothe, Ohio; Died: 11 April 1832, aged 19 years, 10 months, and 6 days, buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Kingston, Ohio.]


All of the previous information in purple is from The May Family of Kingston, Ohio; a genealogy of Henry and Susannah McCutchen May and their descendants, with sections on the McCutchen and Taylor families and related lines by Richard Holman May, 1969, pages 36-38. The information in the May Family genealogy was documented as indicated above.

Information in blue above is according to Mary Hammersmith in her e-mail to Susan Leach Snyder (#2) in 2002.

Information in orange above is from Ross County, Ohio Early Families Vol. IV by Ross County Genealogical Society: 1998, p, 161 & 311, Ohio Historical Society; compiled by John Gray, P.O. Box 86, Mount Victory, Ohio 43340.

Information in pink above is from Ross County, Ohio Families Vol II by Ross County Genealogical Society 1979, compiled by Mary P. Hammersmith 1424 Lark Lane, Naperville, IL 60540, pages 145-146)

Information in brown above has been collected by Susan L. Snyder, web master of this site.



According the Mary Hammersmith in her e-mail , "All early records of McCutchens in Ross and Pickaway County, O, show the name spelled with the -en ending, including legal documents found in court records there. John T. McCutcheon, Jr., my contemporary and son of the famous John T. who was the cartoonist, said that it was originally -en, but that someone along the way thought the -eon ending had more class, or something to that effect. This is what the McCutchen Bible shows for Martha McCutchen (also listed as Patsy--did you know that Patsy was a nickname for Martha?)"

According to the Ohio 1830 Federal Census Index, page 19, Meek was living in Pickaway County in Pickaway Township. His ID # is OHS3a1760714. Living in his house were 6 people including himself, one male under 5 years of age, 2 males of 20 and under 30, one female under 5 years of age, one female of 10 and under 15, and one female of 20 and under 30. It is unknown who the younger males and females were, but one of the older males had to be Meek, and the female of 20 and under 30 was likely Martha. The census record must be incorrect as recording Meek's age as 20 to 29. Meek would have been 32 in 1830 if he was 67 in 1865, as recorded on his tombstone. In 1830, Martha, would have been ~24 in 1830 if she was 36 in 1842, as recorded on her tombstone.

The 1840 Census for Pickaway Township in Pickaway County, Ohio shows Meek listed as a doctor. Living in his house are 9 persons including himself. The census shows 1 male 5 and under 10, 1 male 15 and under 20, 1 male 30 and under 40, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5 and under 10, 2 females 10 and under 15, and 1 female 20 and under 30. Meek would have been 42, according to his tombstone. Martha would have been ~34, according to her tombstone. The information for both Meek and Martha appear to be incorrectly recorded on the census. The female under 5 may have been Susanna Rebecca Steely (#24). Susanna was reported as born in 1839 in the 1870, 1880, and 1900 census. She was born on 29 November 1837 according to her Certificate of Death. [Note: above Meek's family in this census is that of his older brother, John Steely. John was 55 at the time and his age is correctly documented on the census as 50 and under 60.]

Martha and her husband had six children including: Susanna Rebecca (#24), Elizabeth E., Eliza J., Mary, Isabella (Isobel), and William M..

Martha died 1 February 1842 and was buried at the family burying ground. Her remains, as well as those of her husband, were later moved to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery at Kingston, Ohio by their great granddaughter Emma Deane of Chillicothe. This is documented in the article Family History of Early Settlers Recalled.

Below: Martha's tombstone at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Kingston, Ohio is laying flat on the ground and slightly below ground level. It appears that at some time in the past, it was imbedded in cement. The stone states "Martha Wife of Meek Steely, Died Feb.1st, 1842, aged 36 yrs, 9 ms, 4 ds." There was additional writing at the bottom of the stone, but it could not be read. This photograph was taken on 5 September 2005. (GPS: 39° 27.750' N, 82° 55.792' W).


Below: After returning to the cemetery on 11 September, 2005 and exposing and cleaning Martha's stone, much more could be read.





Feb. 1st, 1842


36 Yrs, 9 ms. 4ds

My buried friends shall I forget
For shall the Grave eternal sever
They linger in my memory yet
And in my heart they live forever



Lifetime Events Summary for Martha McCutchen:

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