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19. Albert Gillespie Kenney (Married Susannah Bussard (#20) 16 August 1827 by Reverend David Martin of the Methodist Church in Fredericktown, Maryland).

Born: April 5,1803 (tombstone says Apr. 3, 1803) of unknown father (#37) & unknown mother (#38) in Hampshire County, Virginia.

Died: June 27, 1886, buried East Liberty Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio.


[His siblings, if any, are unknown].



The following information is quoted from History of Delaware County and Ohio by O. L. Baskin & Company, Historical Publishers, 1880, p. 582. “One of the early families in this part of Porter Township is the family of Mr. A.G. Kenny. He came from the State of Maryland, in 1828, and settled on a farm about one-half mile from the north line of the county, on a branch of Long Run. He was born in the year 1803, and his wife, whom he married in the State of Maryland in 1822, was born in 1802, being one year his senior. They settled in the woods, cleared up a good farm, raised a family of ten children, built the first brick house in the township, and by their industry, sobriety and honest dealing, have won the confidence and esteem of all who know them. They are both still living and enjoying good health, and still own and occupy the old homestead.”

The following information is quoted from History of Delaware County and Ohio by O. L. Baskin & Company, Historical Publishers, 1880, p. 824. “A.G. KENNEY, farmer; P.O. Kingston Center; was born in 1803, and emigrated to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, in 1828, and in 1832 came to Delaware Co. and made his final settlement where he now lives in Porter Township; pen cannot describe the hardships and sufferings this man had to undergo; thousands of wild animals greeted him, and often sought to feast upon him, but kind Providence protected him, and industry was his greatest characteristic, and gradually was the forest felled by his ax, until a beautiful farm presented itself to reward him for his industry; when he made his settlement, he had but 25 cents, and gave that away, and thus began with only a willing heart and two strong arms; his cabin was a welcome home for hunters who often got lost in this wilderness, he would kindly care for them until morning; on one occasion, a man by the name of Rhineheart came at the edge of evening and sought refuge, and by cooking a large turkey they made a pleasant feast during the night; Mr. Kinney was often in need, but this kind act of keeping Mr. Rhineheart afterward redounded to his benefit; he was allowed to visit Mr. Rhineheart’s granary, and return with grain, and when years brought plenty to himself, and he could in some way repay him, he did this in fatted cattle; his mother died when he was a child, and he was thrown out into the world almost uncared for. He was married, Aug. 27, 1827, to Susan Bussard, by whom he had ten children--Amelia, Joseph L. (was taken by the Indians in Montana and burned at the stake), Susan, Sophia, Louisa, Ellen, George, John (died in the army, enlisted in Co. B, 61st O.V.I.), Catharine (#10), Alavander (who was born Dec. 25, 1846, in Porter Township where he has mostly spent his life). In 1867, he commenced a tile factory, the first in Delaware Co. and still continues the same. Was married in 1875 to Anna, a daughter of Addison and Mary Smith; she was born and raised in West Virginia, and died Aug. 2, 1876; he was again married, April 3, 1879, to Esther, a daughter of John and Rosella (Stephens) Lindenberger; her parents were born in Ohio; she was born Oct. 20, 1858, in Delaware Co. Mr. A Kinney has 100 acres of well-improved land; one of the greatest characteristics of the farm accompaniments is a large cherry-tree, about four feet in diameter, which was brought to Ohio about 1832 by Squire Mason’s wife from Rhode Island. Mr. Kinney has been no office-seeker, and has taught school; he makes a specialty of short-horn Durham cattle, having bought the first Durham stock and first Poland-China hog to this part of the country; he now enjoys a happy home encircled by many friends.” (Note that Kenney was misspelled as Kinney three times in this document.)

The following information is quoted from The Genealogy of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802 , compiled by Ruthella Bussard 1970-1974 and published by Jeanne Bussard Workshop, 101 West South Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701. “Albert Kenney was born in Hampshire County, Virginia, and moved to Maryland in the early 19th century. Following their marriage, Albert and Susannah moved to Ohio and spent their first five years in Tuscarawas County; in 1833, the family moved to Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio and settled in the wilderness. He build a log cabin. About 1856, Albert built another house from the bricks which were made on his farm. He selected walnut and cherry wood for the woodwork and curly maple for his parlor. Today, the brick house has a modern kitchen, electricity, a bathroom, and a furnace which is quite a contrast to the cabin built of logs many, many years ago.”

Below are maps showing the location of Albert G. Kenney's land in Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio. The maps left to right are dated 1849, 1866, 1875, and 1908. Click on each map to see details.

Note that the 1849 map shows that a nearby neighbor was Amos Leach (#33). By 1866, A. G. Kenney had bought more property. Now his property was adjacent to Harvey Leach (#17)'s land (Harvey was Amos' son...Amos had died). In 1872, Albert's daughter, Sarah Catherine (#10) married Harvey Leach's son (Amos' grandson), Watson (#9). The 1875 and 1908 maps show Watson Leach's property. Note that in 1908, Albert's land was owned by his son, Alexander. Albert died in 1886.

The 1860 Census for Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio shows Albert (age 57) and Susan (age 57) with their children: twins John (age 16) and Sarah (age 16), and Alexander (age13).

The 1870 Census for Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio shows Albert (age 66) and Susan (age 66) and their children George (age 29), Sarah (age 26), and Alexander (age 23).

The 1880 Census for Porter Township, Delaware, Ohio shows Albert (Age 77) and Susan (Age 78)are living alone. [Note: Many of their adult children live nearby.]

The pictures below, taken 20 August 2006, show property that is thought to be land once cleared and owned by Albert and Susannah. By overlaying the 1875 map on a modern map (1998) of Delaware and Morrow Counties, Albert's property can be located. Directions to this property from Columbus, Ohio are as follows: Drive North from Columbus on I-71 to Rt. 36. Turn right toward Sunbury. In Sunbury, turn left at the first traffic light (Rt. 61.) Turn right at SR. 656. Proceed to Peerless Road on the Delaware County/Morrow County Line. Turn right onto Peerless. Turn right onto Trimmer. On the right side of Trimmer Rd about 1/4 -1/2 mile down the road, Albert's property begins. It extends for more than a mile south and to SR. 656 on it northwestern corner.

Below: This picture is actually a composite of three pictures that were taken from SR. 656 about 1 mile south of Peerless Road, facing East toward Trimmer Rd. Albert's land extends all the way to Trimmer Rd.

Below: These pictures were taken from Trimmer Rd. of Albert's land, facing West.


In 2015, Google Earth Satellite maps were copied that show aerial views of the approximate locations of the Dunham, Leach, and Kenney land in 1866. Note the position of Morrow and Delaware Counties today and the labels on the maps for SR 656, Peerless Rd., and Trimmer Rd.


Albert died at the age of 83. His wife, Susannah, lived nearly 7 more years.






Left: Tombstone of Albert Gillespie Kenney and his wife, Susannah. The photograph was taken 9/15/01.


Lifetime Events Summary for Albert Gillespie Kenney:

Albert's age
Ohio became a State
1 month old
Marriage to Susannah Bussard
Moved to Ohio from Maryland
Children's births
1829 - 1846
26 - 43
Civil War
58 - 62


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