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66. Sarah Noble: (Married: Levi Leach (#65) about 1788 in Pownal, Bennington, Vermont, according to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family Search.)

Born: 26 February 1768 in Pownal, Vermont of Josiah Noble (#131) & Olive Hill (#132) at Pownal, Bennington, Vermont.
[Source of green is from Jackie <> . Her source of the information was from Family of Thomas Noble of Westfield, Mass compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood.] Another Source: Vermont Vital Records 1760-1954.

Died: after 1821 and before 20 December 1834 in Dover, Dutchess, New York. (Source: Information submitted to LDS on 23 April 2016 by Scott Fisher, descendent of Sarah. Scott states the reason this information is correct is that on 20 December 1834, her son Noble Leach noted in a document concerning the estate of Sarah's father, Josiah Noble, that Sarah was no longer living. She created a document in 1821. So her death was sometime in between the two dates).

[Her siblings included:

a) Lucy Noble: (Married: Isiah Wallace), Born: 2 November 1766. Died: Before 28 April 1804; Lucy and Wallace had five children: Anson, Clarissa, Noble, Roxa, and Salmon.

b) Miriam Noble: (Married: Charles Kettel), Born: 18 November 1769. Died: ?; Miriam and Charles had six children: Alvah, Charles, Eliza, Harvey, Ira, and Noble.

c) Olive Noble: (Married: Benjamin Pitcher), Born: 7 January 1771. Died: March 1835 in Pownal, Vermont (without issue).;

d) Esther Noble: (Married: Joseph Gardner), Born: 8 March 1772. Died: ?; (Moved to New Lisbon, N.Y.- had 3 children: Rufus, Betsey, Tryphena);

e) Merey (Mercy) Noble: Born: 8 November 1773. Died: 6 March 1776.;

f) Anna Noble: Born: 20 January 1775. Died: 6 September 1781.;

g) Mercy Noble: (Married: Benjamin Follet), Born: 9 June 1776. Died: about 1833. (Husband, Benjamin, son of 2nd wife of her Uncle Eli Noble. Moved to Enosburgh, Vermont and thence to Ohio where she died near Cleveland about 1833 -age about 57).;

h) Josiah Noble: (Married: Elizabeth Niles), Born: 8 February 1778. Died: 18 October 1848 at 72 yrs. 8 mo. 10ds of smallpox; both Josiah and his wife, Betsy, are buried at Joseph Barber Farm Cemetery in Pownal, Vermont; Betsy died on 31 March 1852, aged 75 yrs. 13 d's. Josiah and Elizabeth had ten children Amos, Ensign, Amy, Ozem Hill, Spencer Niles, Amos, Norman, Sarah, Josiah, and Elihu.

i) Ozem (or Ozen) Noble: Born: 14 November 1779. Died: about 1795 (aged 16).;

j) Tryphena Noble: (Married: Ralph Russell), Born: 22 May 1781. Died: 14 September 1852 in Pownel, Vt. (Had 1 child who died before being named).] The source in pink/purple above was The Smith/Noble Family Tree posted on December 21, 2007.



The above information in black was copied from original records, Town Hall, Pownal, Vermont by Kent W. Leach in 1960s.

Sarah and Levi had 10 children: Amos (#33), Noble, Luman (Lyman) (Leman), Olive, Elihu (Elihue), Mercy, Harvey, Martin, Harion, and Tryphena (Tryphenut). (Source of Amos and these names in black is a genealogy study conducted by descendent of Amos Leach, Russell Leach (#3), June 1975. [Note: The Smith/Noble Family Tree posted on December 21, 2007 lists only five children: Elihu, Harvey, Lyman, Noble, and Tryphenut. It does not include Amos (#33), and the spellings of some of Amos' siblings do not agree with research done by Russell Leach (3).] [Source of green is the Leach Family Bible, dated 1834 and information from Jackie <> . This source confirmed Amos, Noble, Harvey, and Tryphena and added Olive, Mercy, Martin, and Harion to the Russell Leach's list.]


Lifetime Events Summary for Sarah Leach:

Sarah's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
7 - 15
Birth of Her Children
1789 - 1808
21 - 40
Birth of Son, Amos
after 1821 and before Dec. 1834
between 53 & 66


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