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65. Levi Leach: (Married: Sarah Noble(#66) about 1788 in Pownal, Bennington, Vermont, according to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family Search)

Born: about 1762 in New Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut (Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) of Ephraim Leach (#129) and Dorothy Bennett (#130) . That would make him about 26 when he married Sarah if marriage date of 1788 is correct.

Died: after 1810 (Source: A letter written from Mr. Otto. E. Koegel, President, Somers, N.Y. Historical Society to Kent W. Leach of Ann Arbor, Michigan [Kent (deceased) was 1st cousin of Russell Leach (#3)]. The letter was dated 27 August 1969. "In 1810, he was listed as of Somers, Westchester County, N.Y")


[His siblings, include:

a) Amos Leach Jr.: (Married: An Amos married Helind or Hetind Pepper at New Fairfield by Hubble on 12 April 1787.) Born: ?; Died: ?; Miscellaneous: He was at the Campbell store in Pawling on 8 April 1795 and Lidia Squires charged to his account. He was at the Duncan store on 16 July 1794 and bought 3 quarts spirits, 1/2 lb. tea and some sundries. He also charged to his father's account. Amos was in Fairfield Co. in 1790 at 1-0-3 between Dan Pepper and Willliam Gould.

b) Bennett Leach: (Married: Betsy Dutcher, daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeh Dutcher at her father's house on 17 March 1805, both living in Pawling, CT) Born: ? Died: before 1828, per will of his father-in-law, Cornelius Dutcher. Miscellaneous: He was in Dover in 1810 at 0-0-0-1-0 and 2-0-1-0-0 between his father Ephraim Leach and Solomon White.

c) Rachel Leach: (Married: John Nichols) Born: ? Died: Before 15 January 1816 when her father's will was written; Miscellaneous: She and her husband had two children mentioned in her father's (Ephraim's) will and both were to be excluded from the estate.

d) Lois Leach: (Married: ____ Culver) Born: ? Died: ?

e) Lydia Leach: (Married: Latten Soule, son of Nathan and Sarah (Birdsall) Soule) Born: 1765; Died: ?; Miscellaneous: She had children according to her father's will.

f) Hannah Leach: (Married: ____ Thomas) Born: ? Died: ?; Miscellaneous: She had children according to her father's will.

g) Dimmis Leach: (Married: Jonathan Ellis) Born: 1 March 1778; Died: 13 May 1825, age 47-2-13 and is buried in the South Dover Ground. Miscellaneous: She had at least one daughter, Elizabeth. She charged to her father's account at the Duncan store 9 April and 25 July 1795. She also charged to the account of Amos Leach on the latter date, (one gallon of rum each). Dimos Leach was credited 6 June 1796 for £7/7/7 for illeg. In 1800 she settled the account with work and cash in full. Jonathan Allis was in Dover in the 1810 census at 0-0-1-1-0 and 1-0-0-1-0 and between Levi Jones and William Kidney and one away from Ephraim and Bennett Leach.

e) Mercy Leach: (Married:____ Barnes) Born: ? Died: ? Miscellaneous: She had one child according to her father's will.

f) Zerviah Leach: ( Married: ____ Marsh) Born: ? Died: ? )

Reference for above: The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York, A Historical and Genealogical Study of all the 18th Century Settlers in the Patent by Frank J. Doherty, Pleasant Valley, New York 12569, 2003, pages 911-919.



Levi lived at Somers, New York (Westchester County), arriving between 1790 and 1800. [Note: he must have arrived before July 23, 1795 because as noted below, the ledger of a doctor recorded visits by his family.]

"There was a doctor that lived and worked in Somers, NY, and his ledger noted all of his patients, their years, etc. From the LEDGER of Doctor Elias Cornelius of Somers, West Chester, NY.: LEACH, Levi 23 July 1795-22 Dec. 1798 (wf, 2 chn). (Source: e-mail on February 23, 2017 from Scott Fisher, another decendent of Levi). (Note: By December 22, 1798... the ending date of this doctor's ledger... Levi and Sarah had 5 childen of their 10 children (Amos - age 9, Noble - age 7, Luman - age 5, Olive - age 3, and Elihu - age 1). The ledger indicates that his wife and two of their children had been seen by Dr. Cornelius.)

Levi Leach was in Stephentown, Westchester Co., NY in 1800.

The New York Census of 1800 lists a Levi Leach as living in Westchester County. The information is listed in the NY 1800 Federal Census Index as a part of the Federal Population Schedule, p. 128. The township or other info is listed as 41010-01010-00. His ID # is NYS1a1955775. In 1800, the census for Levi listed four males under 10, one between 10 and 16, and one between 26 and 45 (probably the head of the house), one female between 10 and 16, and one between 26 and 45 (probably the wife of the head.) [Source: Florence S. Oliver, Town of Somers, New York Historian]

The source of the following information in purple is a letter written from Mr. Otto. E. Koegel, President, Somers, N.Y. Historical Society to Kent W. Leach of Ann Arbor, Michigan [Kent (deceased) was 1st cousin of Russell Leach (#3) (deceased)], dated 27 August 1969).

"In 1810, there was still only one Leach listed in all Westchester County and that was still Levi (this time spelled Levy). It was interesting to note that in 1800 Levi Leach was listed on these census records as coming from the area of Stephentown, Westchester County. In 1810, he was listed as of Somers, Westchester County, N.Y. A study of Somers revealed to me that Stephentown was called Stephen Town in 1787/8 & 1789. Then in 1800 it was called Stephentown and in 1808 it was called Somers. In 1820, Levi Leach disappeared from the Somers census records but Amos Leach appeared (also one Elizer Leach appeared). Amos Leach also appeared in 1830 (but 1830 Elizer Leach was not listed.) (At both times the age range distribution of Amos's children fit the right categories with the information that I had about my Amos's children). Since Amos moved to Ohio in 1834 I was naturally interested in seeing whether the Amos Leach of Somers appeared on the census records of Somers in 1840. He did not. Now, I'm trying to find out for certain whether the Amos Leach of Somers was indeed the Amos that migrated to Ohio in 1834. Circumstantial evidence points in the direction that he was. (But, if in some cemetery around Somers there are graves for Ann Elizer Leach, Ephram Leach, and Patty Jane Leach, then I would know that it was the right Amos)."

"Also, it is interesting to note that in the 1830 census records there was listed, in addition to the children and the husband & wife, one adult male in the category or age range (70 to 80 yrs. of age). Could this male have been Amos's father ? And could it, by chance, be Levi (or Levy)?"

"I am wondering, of course, whether there is a grave for Levi Leach somewhere in a cemetery near Somers. (And how about Elizer? note: Amos's first born was a daughter who was given as a middle name-- Elizer)."

Dr. White's Journal (of Somers, New York) shows that Dr. White visited Levi from 1807 to 1810. (Source : Letter dated 28 October 2008 from Florence S. Oliver, Town Historian of Somers, Westchester County, New York to Susan Snyder #3)

Levi and Sarah had 10 children: Amos (#33), Noble, Luman (Lyman) (Leman), Olive, Elihu (Elihue), Mercy, Harvey, Martin, Almon, and Tryphena (Tryiphena). (Source of these names in black is a genealogy study conducted by descendents of Amos Leach, Russell Leach (#3) and his cousin Kent Leach, 1975. [Note: The Smith/Noble Family Tree posted on December 21, 2007 lists only five children: Elihu, Harvey, Lyman, Noble, and Tryphenut. It does not include Amos, and the spellings of some of Amos' siblings do not agree with research done by Russell Leach (3 and Kent Leach).] [Source of green is the family Bible, dated 1834 and information from Jackie <> . This source confirmed the spelling of Amos, Noble, Harvey, and Tryphena and added Olive, Mercy, Martin, and Harion to Russell Leach's list].


Lifetime Events Summary for Levi Leach:

Levi's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
~ 13 - 21
~ 26
Birth of His Children
1789 - 1808
~ 27 - 46
Birth of Son, Amos
~ 27
after 1810
at least 48


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