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123. John Gaw (Married 1st: Catharine (Catherine) Bow (#124) on 30 July 1788 at First Presbyterian Church, Carlisle, Cumberland 1785-1812 p. 573. Pennsylvania Compiled Marriage Records, 1700-1821). Married 2nd: Mary Miller 29 October 1805, according to Joan Evans in e-mail to Susan Snyder in August 2006. The Virginia, Compiled Marriages, 1740 - 1850 lists John Gaw as marrying Polly Miller on 29 October 1805 in Shenandoah, Virginia.

Born: circa 1763 according to My Heritage Family Trees in Ennisikillen, Ireland of Unknown Father (#245) and Sarah Miles (#246). In a letter written in 1886 by John Moses Payne (William Wroe Payne's son), he states that his mother, Amelia Gaw's father was of Irish descent and a merchant. (The source of the green information on this page is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992.p. 273.)

Died: 1822 (according to will), 11 September 1822 in Howard, Missouri according to
This date is confirmed by one source at My Heritage Family Trees, another says 11 July 1822.


[His siblings may include: Robert Gaw, and possibly others...

The following information was sent by Joan Evans in an e-mail to Susan Snyder on 17 August, 2006: Joan hypothesizes that John is the brother referred to in Robert's will.

Shenandoah VA Will Book E, p. 150
Dated: 29 Aug. 1829
Robert Gaw, town of Woodstock, Shenandoah County.
Wife: Barbara Gaw.
Mentions: son, Jacob R. Gaw and Isaac Trout, all the goods, wares and merchandize
now in my store and the power to carry on the Mercantile business at my present storehouse.
Son: Robert Gaw, Jun., to be educated at the deaf and dumb asylum in Philadelphia, Penna.
Sons: Joseph Gaw and John Gaw.
Daus: Mary Hoffman; Elizabeth Crawford, wife of David Crawford.
Son: Jacob Gaw, the house and lot on which I now live in town of Woodstock and 10 acres out [of?] lot adjoining Dr. Irwin and Abraham Fravel.
Dau: Rebecca Gaw, house and two lots which I purchased of my brother, John Gaw, in Woodstock, also, five acres adjoining Christian Miller, Sen. and  Capt. Jacob Rinker.
Mentions: Catharine Smith (a girl whom I raised,) the house and lot which formerly belonged to Isaac Gibbons and now in the possession of Charles Fisher.
Son-in-law:  David Crawford, to be Guardian of my son, Robert Gaw.
Exors: Son, Jacob Gaw and son-in-law, David Crawford.
Wit: Joseph Samuels, Alfred Irwin and George Schmucker
Proved: 7 Sept. 1829



There is a John Gaw listed in the 1790 United States Federal Census for Hopewell, Newton, Tyborn, and Westpensboro Township in Cumberland, Pennsylvania (Series M637, Roll 8, Sheet 38, Image 555 posted on My At the time in the household, there were 2 free white males of 16 years & upwards, including heads of families and 2 free white females including heads of families.

In 1791, John and his wife are named in the will of her father, Michael Bow.

(Information in blue below is courtesy of Joan Evans in e-mail to Susan Snyder on 17 August, 2006)

1799—March 23—Shenandoah VA, Deed Book L, p. 501
Between John Gaw and Catharine his wife of County of Shenandoah [to] Joseph Cochenour of sam County……consideration of Six hundred dollars……seventy five acres and being the same which was conveyed to said John Gaw by William Tilghman of City of Philadelphia (by Joseph R. Tatum his and George Meads Attorney in fact) by deed…..
Signed: Jno. Gaw, Catharine Gaw
Wit: James Allen, John Snapp, Wm. Gilham
1801—April 13—Shenandoah VA, Deed Book M, p. 409
Between John Gaw of the town of Woodstock of County of Shenandoah, Merchant and Catharine his wife [to] Jacob Smucker of same County…..consideration of nine hundred and thirty dollars………..tract of land / being part of a tract of land formerly held to contain two hundred and fifty acres but which upon a resurvey then was found to contain two hundred and fifty five acres commonly called the black oak ridge / marked number 2 and being near Woodstock……..containing seventy five acres….
Signed: John Gaw, Catharine Gaw

Wit: Jacob Rinker, John Roads, C. G. Pocshher
Recorded: 13 April 1801


The 1810 Census for Shenandoah, Virgina lists John as 45+. He is married to Mary Miller. It lists her in the 16-25 age bracket. The children include: William in the 00-09 bracket, Joseph in the 00-09 bracket, James in the 00-09 bracket, Elizabeth in the 00-09 bracket, Rebecca in the 00-09 bracket, Amelia in the 10-15 bracket, Catherine in the 10-15 bracket, and Polly in the 16-25 bracket.

John's oldest child, Sarah Ann, who was about 21, was no longer living in her father's home.


At some point, John Gaw moved from Virginia to Missouri.


Based on the 1810 Census information and his will, dated 1822, John must have been in his late 50's or early 60's when he died. In his lifetime, he had fathered more than 15 children. See Amelia Gaw (#62) for a listing of some of his children.


John's will can be found in the Howard MO Will Book ??, p. 57?
The Last Will of John Gaw….All my debts shall be paid out………To beloved wife (no name) one third part of all property real and personal which shall be left after the payments of debts.  The personal estate absolutely and the real estate during her natural life.  The remainder shall be divided among children including both those of my first wife and my second marriage without regard to advances made to the children of my first marriage.  Appoints Patrick McMannus and William W. Payne (#61), son-in-laws, both of Shenendoah County Virginia as trustees to hold for the use of Catherine Kingan and the heirs of her body hers and their Portion of my estate for the said use of Catherine and her heirs, uncontrolled by her present husband or by future husband she may take….with full power to them…..William and Patrick or the survivors of them to manage and dispose of said portion of my estate for the use and benefit of Catherine or her heirs.  I further will that my children have and hold their several portions of my estate to themselves their heirs and assign in simple fee and that should any of them have died before date of the instrument or hereafter die, the heirs of the body of the deceased shall hold such portion as the deceased parent or Parentor would have held.  After the decease of my wife the part which may fall to her lot may be equally divided among all my children as above provided.
2 December 1822….appeared witnesses. [???]
Sec: John Miller and Thomas Smith……..$20,000.00
Appr: William McKinsey, John Byrd, Giles M. Samuel for the lands in Howard County
Appr: Jesse G. Lindell, John Kerr, John Bell for the lands in St. Louis County.

For a complete copy of John's Will, click here.
The following information was provided to Susan Snyder by Joan Evans in e-mail dated August 2006: The father-in-law of William was John Gaw. In John's 1822 will (Howard MO Will Book ??, p. 57?), the will "Appoints Patrick McMannus and William W. Payne, son-in-laws, both of Shenandoah County Virginia as trustees to hold for the use of Catherine Kingan and the heirs of her body hers and their Portion of my estate for the said use of Catherine and her heirs, uncontrolled by her present husband or by future husband she may take….with full power to them…..William and Patrick or the survivors of them to manage and dispose of said portion of my estate for the use and benefit of Catherine or her heirs."[Note: Patric McMannus was the husband of Amelia's sister, Polly. Catherine Kingan was one of Amelia's sisters.]
Shenandoah VA Will Book O, p. 20
 Dated: 11 Sept. 1822
John Gaw, Howard County, State of Missouri.
Wife: not named
My children (including those by my first and second marriages): not named
Dau: Catharine Kingan
Exors: Son-in-law, William Payne and Patrick McMannus.
Wit: Henry Bingham, George Tomkins and George Bellas.
Proved: 8 Jan. 1827, Shenandoah County.


 Howard County, Missouri, County Court Book “B” 1822-1823
1822—September 23—p. 26-27—Special Term
John Bird & George Bellas were appointed admrs. of the estate of John Gaw, decd.  Sec: James Hickman & Henry V. Bingham.

1822—December 4—p. 50-53—Special Term
Will of John Gaw, decd, proved by oath of Henry V. Bingham, Geo. Tomplins & Geo Bellas.  L/T granted Patrick McManus & Wm. W. Payne.
Sec: Thomas A. Smith & John Miller.
Wm. McKinzie, Giles M. Samuel, John Byrd & Geo. Knox are appointed to appraise the property in Howard & Pike Counties; & Jesse G. Lindell, John Kerr & John Bell to appraise in St. Louis Co. 
Mary Gaw, widow presented her petition of dower. 
Geo. Tompkins was appointed guardian of William Gaw, Elizabeth Gaw, Barbara Ann Gaw, Phillip Miller Gaw, Jane Mary Gaw, Eleanor Gaw & Amanda Gaw, minors of John Gaw, decd. 
Sec: Wm. B. Johnson, John Bird, Philip W. Thompson.


1823—January 18—p. 53-63—Special Term
George Tompkins was appointed guardian of Rebecca Gaw, minor heir of John Gaw, decd.
Sec: Geo. Bellas, John Bird & Mary Gaw.
Court directed Thos. A. Smith, Geo. Knox, Sr. & John Bird to lay off the dower of Mary Gaw, widow. (description of property—persons interested in this family would want a complete copy of pages 56-58   Patrick McManus & William W. Payne, exrs. of will of John Gaw, decd, produced their accounts. (pages 58-63)

1823—February 4—p. 69-77
James Gaw presented claim against the estate of John Gaw, decd……ruled that issue to any judge or justice in the state of Va. & Co. of Shanandoah (sic)……..cont. next term.


Lifetime Events Summary for John Gaw:

John's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
~12 - 20
Marriage to Catherine
Marriage to Mary
Birth of His Children
Birth of Daughter Amelia (#62)


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