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62. Amelia Gaw (Married William Wroe Payne (#61) 9 July 1818 (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website says 8 July 1818 in Shenandoah,Virginia. Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850 search results say 8 July 1818 in Shenandoah). (William C. Wroe in correspondence with Susan Snyder (both Payne descendents) says they were married 9 July 1818). An old record of family history found in 2002 in a family album in the possession of Evelyn Bumgarner, a Payne descendent and Aunt of this webmaster (Susan Snyder), verifies the 9 July 1818 date. Click here for the Family Record of William Wroe Payne (#61) and Amelia Gaw (#62).

Born: 13 February 1800 of John Gaw (#123) & Catharine Bow (#124) ("Catherine", according to First Presbyterian Church, Carlisle, Cumberland 1785-1812 p. 573. Pennsylvania Compiled Marriage Records, 1700-1821)

Died: 23 March 1833.


[Her siblings included:

(All blue information below is credited to research done by Joan Evans <> and e-mailed to Susan Snyder in August 2006. Joan used primary sources including abstracts of court records and the 1810 Census of Shenandoah, Virginia. Red information below is from

a) Sarah Ann Gaw: (Married: Matthew James Clarke on 11 January 1808 according to Clarke Archives <>) Born: circa 1789 (29 October 1789 in Shenandoah, Virginia), Died: before 1832 (24 August 1824 in Berkeley, Virginia ;

b) Polly (Mary) Gaw: (Married: Patrick McManus in 1812) Born: 1791-1794 (3 October 1793 ), Died: ?;

c) Catharine Gaw: (Married: James Kingan) Born: 1794-1800 (20 May 1796 ), Died: ?;

d) Rebecca Gaw: Born: 1802-1808, Died: before October 1830 —probably not on the 1830 census conducted in June of that year. She is known to have died before October 1830 because Willam was the administrator of her estate in October 1830.;

e) William Gaw: Born: by 1809 (of age by October 1830), Died: ?;

f) James Gaw: Born: By 1802 (of age by January 1823), Died: ? (he was Amelia's half brother, he was Amelia's blood brother);

g) Joseph Miles Gaw: (SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VIRGINIA MINUTE BOOK 1822-1825 shows that 1823--Feb 11- "Joseph Gaw, orphan of John, over 14 chose William Payne as guardian".) Born: by 1809 (Susan Snyder's note: if he was born after 1805, he would be Amelia's half brother, not her blood brother), (8 August 1803) Susan Snyder's note: this would mean that he was 20 when he chose William Payne to be his guardian), Died: ?;

h) Nanay Gaw: Born: 20 July 1798, Died: ? ;

i) John Robert Gaw: Born: 15 July 1802 Died: ?

[Susan Snyder's note: some of the birth dates above are unknown. Amelia's mother must have died sometime prior to 29 October 1805 because that is the day that Amelia's father married Mary Miller ( source calls her Polly); thus, some of Amelia's siblings listed above were Amelia's half siblings.]

A Shenandoah history says that Mary Miller was the mother of seven children. Amelia's half siblings, born to John Gaw (#123) and Mary Miller, included:

a) Mildred Gaw: Born: ? Died: ?;

b) William Gaw: Born: by 1809, (17 August 1806), he was 21 by Oct. 1830 when he adm. estate of sister Rebecca, Died: ?;

c) Elizabeth Gaw: (Marriedin 1827) Born: 1808, (27 February 1808), Died: ?;

d) Barbara Ann Gaw: Born: 1810-1815, (1 April 1813), Died: ? ;

e) Jane Mary Gaw: Born: circa 1810 per 1860 census.... listed after Philip in probate records, (27 March 1810), Died: ?;

f) Phillip Miller Gaw: Born: 1 November 1811, Died: ?;

g) Eleanor Gaw: Born: 1818, circa 1817 per 1850 census (age 33), (22 February 1816), Died: ? ;

h) Amanda Gaw: Born: 1818 per 1850 census (age 32), (5 October 1818 in Woodstock, Virginia), Died: ?;

i) Rebecca Jane Gaw: Born: 11 October 1822, Died: ? . Susan Snyder's note: There are two Rebecca's listed as being Amelia's siblings.... one is listed by Joan Evans as Catharine's child, the other is listed by as Mary' child.]


Miscellaneous: Amelia's mother, Catherine, died 28 July 1804. In October of the following year, Amelia's father married Mary Miller.

William (Amelia's husband) bought land in 1821 in Shenandoah County from John and Mary Gaw. The source of this information is The Wroe and Chancellor Families, compiled by William C. Wroe, 1992 p. 273.

Amelia and William had 10 children: Catharine Gaw Payne, John Moses Payne, Mary Jane Payne, William McManus Payne, Amelia Frances Payne, Joseph Willliam Payne, Phillip Wroe Payne(#31), Edmund (Edward) James Payne, Eliza Elen (Ellen) Payne, and Henry Keppler Payne. When Amelia died in 1833 at age 33, her youngest child was less than 2, her oldest child was almost 14 years old, and two of her children had already died.

Lifetime Events Summary for Amelia Gaw:

Amelia's age
Death of Mother
War of 1812 Begins
Marriage to William Wroe Payne
Children's births
19 - 31
Death of Father
Birth of Son Phillip
Death of Son Joseph
Death of Daughter Eliza

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