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124. Catharine (Catherine) Bow: (Married: John Gaw (#123) on 30 July 1788 at First Presbyterian Church, Carlisle, Cumberland 1785-1812 p. 573. Pennsylvania Compiled Marriage Records, 1700-1821).

Born: ? of Michael Bow (#247) and Catharine ___ (#248).

Died: 28 July 1804 according to [Note: The date had to be prior to 2 October 1805 because that is the date her husband married a second wife. ]


[Her siblings include

a) Nancy Bow: Born: ? ; Died: ?

b) Andrew Bow: Born:? ; Died: ?

All information in green above is from the 1791 will of Michael Bow.


(Information in blue below is courtesy of Joan Evans in e-mail to Susan Snyder on 17 August, 2006)

1799—March 23—Shenandoah VA, Deed Book L, p. 501
Between John Gaw and Catharine his wife of County of Shenandoah [to] Joseph Cochenour of sam County……consideration of Six hundred dollars……seventy five acres and being the same which was conveyed to said John Gaw by William Tilghman of City of Philadelphia (by Joseph R. Tatum his and George Meads Attorney in fact) by deed…..
Signed: Jno. Gaw, Catharine Gaw
Wit: James Allen, John Snapp, Wm. Gilham
1801—April 13—Shenandoah VA, Deed Book M, p. 409
Between John Gaw of the town of Woodstock of County of Shenandoah, Merchant and Catharine his wife [to] Jacob Smucker of same County…..consideration of nine hundred and thirty dollars………..tract of land / being part of a tract of land formerly held to contain two hundred and fifty acres but which upon a resurvey then was found to contain two hundred and fifty five acres commonly called the black oak ridge / marked number 2 and being near Woodstock……..containing seventy five acres….
Signed: John Gaw, Catharine Gaw

Wit: Jacob Rinker, John Roads, C. G. Pocshher
Recorded: 13 April 1801

It is uncertain how many children Catharine and John had together. John remarried after Catharine’s death and the birth dates of some of the children are unknown. It is confirmed that Amelia (#62) was one of their children.


Lifetime Events Summary for Catharine _____:

Catharine's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
Death of her Father
Birth of Her Children
Birth of Daughter Amelia (#62)
prior to October 2, 1805


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