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61. William Wroe Payne (Married Amelia Gaw (#62) on 9 July 1818 in Shenandoah County (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website says 8 July 1818 in Shenandoah,Virginia. Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850 search results say 08 July 1818 in Shenandoah). (William C. Wroe in correspondence with Susan Snyder (both Payne descendents) says they were married 9 July 1818). An old record of family history found in 2002 in a family album in the possession of Evelyn Bumgarner, a Payne descendent and Aunt of this webmaster (Susan Snyder), verifies the 9 July 1818 date. Click here for the Family Record of William Wroe Payne (#61) and Amelia Gaw (#62).

Born: 20 April 1797 (10 April 1797 in Front Royal, Virginia) of Moses Payne (#121) & Catherine (Katherine) Wroe (#122))

Died: 11 January 1837 in Washington, D.C


[His siblings included:

a) John Payne: (Married: his first cousin Frances Kendall, daughter of James and Rebecca (Wroe) Kendall on 29 December 1815 in Shenandoah County, Virginia) Born: 12 August 1788 in Front Royal, Virginia. Died: 2 December 1867 in Kentucky. Miscellaneous: "He served as a sergeant in the company of Capt. Thomas Cramer, 4th Regiment Virginia Militia, from April 19, 1814 to August 2, 1814, during which period the company marched from Frederick County to Richmond and from there to Norfolk, but whether or not they faced any enemy is not known."

b) Grace ('Gracy') Payne: (Married: Chancellor Wroe, her second cousin, son of Benjamin and Sarah (Chancellor) Wroe on February 13, 1810) Born: 10 March 1790. Died: March 20, 1810 ;

c) Mary ('Polly') Freeman Payne (Married: her first cousin Thomas Chancellor Wroe, son of Original and Sarah (Kenner) Wroe on December 14, 1815) Born: 19 October 1792. Died: ?

d) Catherine Chancellor Payne:(Married: ___ Flynn) Born: 25 March 1794. Died: 1876.

e) Moses Congo Payne: Born: 14 November 1799 at Front Royal, Virginia. Died: 12 January 1802.

f) Jane Chancellor Payne: (Married: Daniel Stephen Payne October 5, 1826) Born: 14 February 1802. Died: 9 August.1863 ) Miscellaneous: Like her siblings, she was orphaned at a tender age, and was raised in Shenandoah County, Virginia by Wroe relatives. Both she and her husband are buried in Riverview Cemetery, Parkersburg West Virginia.] The information in blue above is taken from The Wroe and Chancellor Families, compiled by William C. Wroe, 1992 p. 270-278.

Miscellaneous: "Of him, the family Bible says: 'William W. Payne, the son of Moses Payne and Caty his wife, was born April 10th 1796 on Wednesday night about 1 o'clock. He was married July 9, 1818.' In another place in the same Bible, his birth is recorded as April 10th, 1797, which is believed to be correct." The source of this information is The Wroe and Chancellor Families, compiled by William C. Wroe, 1992 p. 273.

Also from The Wroe and Chancellor Families p. 273, "In 1886 John Moses Payne wrote as follows: 'My father, William Wroe Payne, was born in Front Royal, Virginia in 1797, the son of Doctor Moses Payne. At the age of 17 he engaged with Philip Williamson at Woodstock, VA in the study of law. In 1818 my father was admitted to the Bar and the same year married my mother, Amelia Gaw, whose father was of Irish descent and a merchant. My father immigrated to Missouri in 1818 and bought a large body of land in Howard County opposite Boonsville, on the river; he was very successful in his practice. In addition to large tracts of land he purchased he got other land by my mother. He begun raising stock and distilling. The latter he knew nothing about and lost heavily. My mother died in 1833 and my father went to Washington and obtained a position in the Post Office Department, Wm. T. Barry, Postmaster, under Jackson's administration. Father was Solicitor of the Department. He died in 1837, leaving eight children of whom I am the eldest.' (By which he meant that he was the eldest living child."

[Note from Susan Snyder: In the above 1886 account by John Moses Payne, William was suppose to have moved to Missouri in 1818. If he did immigrate to Missouri, how long did he really stay there? As shown below, he bought land in Shenandoah County in 1821 from his in-laws. The 1828 and 1837 surveys shown below prove that he owned land in Virginia. Did he own land in both Mississippi and Virginia? The 1830 Federal Census from Shenandoah, Virginia lists William. His wife was alive at the time.]

"By court order dated October 25, 1816 William W. Payne was appointed deputy-clerk of the Shenandoah County court."

"He married Amelia Gaw on July 9, 1818 in Shenandoah County and in 1821 he bought land in that county from John and Mary Gaw, possibly his wife's parents."

The following information was provided to Susan Snyder by Joan Evans in e-mail dated August 2006: The father-in-law of William was John Gaw. In John's 1822 will (Howard MO Will Book ??, p. 57?), the will "Appoints Patrick McMannus and William W. Payne, son-in-laws, both of Shenandoah County Virginia as trustees to hold for the use of Catherine Kingan and the heirs of her body hers and their Portion of my estate for the said use of Catherine and her heirs, uncontrolled by her present husband or by future husband she may take….with full power to them…..William and Patrick or the survivors of them to manage and dispose of said portion of my estate for the use and benefit of Catherine or her heirs."[Note: Patrick McMannus was the husband of Amelia's sister, Polly. Catherine Kingan was one of Amelia's sisters.]

The following survey report appeared in the Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1800-1862, Vol. IV. Book D-2 Page 134: It described where William owned land in 1828: "D2-20: Surv. 4 Jan 1828 by T.W. 7851=29 Jan 1825 Henry Haun 1 1/4 A. in Shenandoah Co. bet. Woodstock & the N. Mt. adj. Jacob Schmucker, Wm. W. Payne, said Haun. 22 Sep 1829 [Dl’d Mr. Robertson 1829.]"

The Virginia 1830 Federal Census Index, page 074, lists William W. Payne as living in Shenandoah County, Virginia. His ID # is VAS3a1420447.

Below is a Public Notice from the Fayette, Missouri Intelligencer, dated 24 March, 1832. This newspaper article is copied in a book about the Knox family and was sent to Joan Evans by a Knox descendent. [Susan Snyder's note: In the article, William and his brother-in-law Patrick M. Manus and others in William's wife's family are being given land from the estate of John Gaw, Amelia's father.]

William and Amelia had 10 children: Catharine Gaw Payne, John Moses Payne, Mary Jane Payne, William McManus Payne, Amelia Frances Payne, Joseph Willliam Payne, Phillip Wroe Payne (#31), Edmund (Edward) James Payne, Eliza Elen (Ellen) Payne, and Henry Keppler Payne.

Amelia died 23 March 1833, leaving 8 children for William to raise. Her youngest child was less than 2, her oldest child was almost 14 years old; two of her children had already died.

About four years later, William died, leaving behind 8 orphans.

The following surveys, appeared in the Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1800-1862, Vol. IV. Dated February and April 1837, they describe land owned by William, but he had died in January of that year. [Susan Snyder's note: It has to be assumed that the land was in William's estate at the time these surveys were conducted.]

Book D-2 Page 175:
"D2-465: Surv. 10, 11, 12 Nov 1835 by T. Ws. 10,801, 10,811, 10,800, and 10,798 George Huddle asne. of Wm. W. Payne 1197 1/4 A. in Shenandoah Co. on Little N. Mt. adj. John Kingan, John Swarr/Swar, John Withers, John G. Feller, Henry Keller, George Huddle, Jacob Huddle, Abraham Windel formerly Brobeck, William Sybert, John Dealer, Philip P. Baker. 28 Feb 1837 [Dl’d to Rec’t 10 Mar 1837]"

Book E-2 page 218:
"E2-625: (1) Surv. H Apr 1837 by T. W. 10,801, 10,789, 8784, 10,042 & 9173 George Motte & Henry S. Wunder 852 3/4 A In Shenandoah Co. on Little N. Mt. adj. Wm. W. Payne, Kingan, Philip C. Jones, James Copelen, John Rudolph, Adam Rudolph, Abraham Secrist?, Joseph P. Yahany, William & John L. Smith, Scott. 30 Nov 1838 [Dl’d to Mr. Cunn 3 Apr 1839]"


The Washington Globe, January 13, 1837, contained the following obituary for William:

“The body of William Wroe Payne, Esq., a clerk of the auditor of the General Post Office Department was found in the canal, near the 14th street bridge, yesterday morning.

An inquest was held over the remains of the unfortunate gentleman by Clement C. Coote, Esq., who returned a verdict of accidental death by drowning.

There were few more efficient clerks, in the employment of the government, than Colonel Payne. Industrious, patient, and arduous in the discharge of the duties of his desk, in addition to his extraordinary talents as a clerk, he was deservedly a favorite with the heads of the department, and the gentlemen of the bureau to which he was attached.

His melancholy FATE has made orphans of a numerous family of helpless children, for whose protection and aid a bountiful Providence is invoked.”

[Susan Snyder' Note: It is unknown why William is referred to in his obituary as Colonel Payne. His brother, John, was a patriot of the War of 1812, but William was only 15 when that war began and 17 when it ended.]

Lifetime Events Summary for William Wroe Payne:

William's age
Apr. 1797
Death of Father
Death of Mother
~ 1812
War of 1812 Begins
Marriage to Amelia Gaw
Children's births
22 - 34
Birth of Son Phillip
Death of Son Joseph
Death of Daughter Eliza
Death of Wife
Jan. 1837
~ 39 yrs 9 mths

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