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202. Anna Maria ___ (Married John Philip Glass (#201) before 17 October 1732.) [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website).

Born: ? of Unknown father (403) and Unknown mother (404)

Died: after 17 February 1773 in Guilford County, North Carolina.


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown].


Anna Maria and her husband, John Philip, arrived in America on 17 Oct 1732 in Philadelphia on the ship John & William, from Rotterdam via Dover. John was one of 61 Palatines, who with their families totaled 169 passengers on the ship. [Note: the boat listing shows Hans Philips Glais and Maria. Other spellings of Glais are Kleas and Glassen.]

Anna Maria and John were early settlers of Opequon, near Winchester, Orange County [Virginia], which became Frederick County in 1738, part of the Northern Neck of Shenandoah valley.

John had 400 acres surveyed in Frederick County VA on the west branch of John Funk's Mill Run on July 21st 1749. On January 14th 1763 he had 113 acres surveyed on the North Run of the Shenandoah River adjacent his own land, and the lands of Barnet Seaver, Christopher Windall, and John Mauk. On January 15th 1763 he had 114 acres surveyed adjacent to his own land and the lands of Jacpb Bowman, Jacob Funkhauser, and Barnet Seaver. These three parcels of land, 627 acres, were sold to Jacob Rieffe on 3 May 1763.

John was granted a deed for 327 acres in Orange County NC, (which part became Guilford County), on 14 Feb 1764 from Andrew Campbell.

Anna Maria and John had seven children: Christian "Crisley" (#101) , Maria Barbara, John George, Paul, Catren, Philip, and Anna Maria (Mary).

The 1790 Guilford County census shows Widow Glass with one male under age 16 and one female other than herself.


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