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Philpenna ___



102. Philpenna ___: (Married Christian "Crisley" Glass (Gless) (#101) [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website)(Source: Crisley Gless' Will)


Born: ? of Unknown Father (#203) & Unknown Mother (#204.)

Died: ?


[Her siblings, if any are unknown]



In his will, written in 1771, Crisley Gless left 3 cows and 2 mares, a bed, and furniture to Philpenna, as well as other items described as "residue". He willed 100 acres of land with improvements to his son George. [Note: George Glass (#51). is the only child mentioned in Crisley's will.]


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