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Unknown #. M. Gaultier, le Chancelier (Married: Unknown Woman (Source: All purple information is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992)


Born: ? of Unknown Father (#Unknown) and Unknown Mother (#Unknown)

Died: ?


[His siblings, if any are unknown]


Miscellaneous Information:

"In 1983, Sir Christopher John Howard Chancellor [descendent of Robert Chancellor, brother of John Chancellor #973], published a family history of his ancestors in Scotland. This work, entitled appropriately, The Chancellors of Shieldlhill, was written totally independent of any American work and it borrowed from no other genealogies. It did, however, make a brief mention of material Sir Christopher had read in a booklet published in the United States.

In Sir Christopher's highly interesting family history, the next two paragraphs appear:

'The history of the Somervilles, a family closely associated with the Chancellors in earlier days, is based on 'Memorie of the Somervills' (written in 1674 by the eleventh Lord Somervill, 'by way of ane epistle to my sones'). Its author has no doubt about his Norman roots as is shown in the following paragraph:

In both Kingdomes, the name of Somervill has attained great honours and places in court and camp. The first Somervill that came into England was Sir Gaultier, a Norman Knight, who, assisting King William in 1066 in his conquest of England, had conferred upon him a Lordship in Staffordshire...'

"According to English surnames-Their Sources & Significations, by Charles Wareing Bardsley, MA, (David and Charles Publishers, Ltd.), London, 1873, the name of "Chancellor" was derived from the occupation of 'he to whose care was committed the chapter, books, scroll, records and what other literature belonged to the establishment with which he stood connected.' "

The original Chancellor family went by the name of Gaultier.

"The following may serve to identify M. Gaultier: 'M. Gaultier was a French law officer of the crown, who crossed over into England at the time of the Norman Conquest, 1066, with William the Conqueror. At that time he wrote his name 'Gaultier, le Chancelier,' to indicate his position as Chief Law Officer of the Crown. Subsequently, his descendants dropped the surname of Gaultier and assumed successively that of Le Chancelier, le Chanceler, Le Chancelour, Chancelor, and finally after the 14th century the name was written Chancellor.'"

Descendents of Gaultier, le Chancelier include Hugh Chanceller, George Chancler (#62209), George Chanceler (#31105), William Chanceler (#15553), William Chancellor (#7777), Robert Chancellor (#3889), John Chancellor (#1945), John Chancellor (#973), Thomas Chancellor (#487), Grace Chancellor (#224), Catherine Wroe (#122), and many, many others.


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