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Unknown # Hugh Chanceller (Married: Unknown Woman (Source: All purple information is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992)


Born: ? of Unknown Father (#Unknown) and Unknown Mother (#Unknown) Generations before Hugh was M. Gaultier le Chancelier, but the exact lineage is unknown.

Died: ?


[His siblings, if any are unknown]


Miscellaneous Information:

The following is quoted from The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992) p. 3 :"The following information is taken from Burke's Landed Gentry, the most highly regarded and widely accepted historical reference to distinguished British landholding families.

'The family of Chancellor of Shield Hill, the only one of the name in Scotland, is of great antiquity, and has held the lands of Shield Hill for more than five centuries.

According to tradition they came at the time of the Norman conquest, along with the Sommervilles of Carrwath, whom they acknowledged as their lords-superior; and from whom they obtained a grant of the lands of Quadguan, lying in the Barony of Carwath.

The earliest member of the family of whom we find mention is Hugh Chancellor, who in the year 1198, along with William Fleming, 'Dominus de Bygare,' witnessed a charter of William I of Scotland to the monks of Kelso."

According to William Clarke Wroe in The Wroe and Chancellor Families, 1992, p. 32, "A highly regarded book, A Dictionary of Surnames, states: " A Scots family 'Chancellor' were in vassalage to the Lord of Somerville before 1432, and possessed Shieldhill and Quothquhan for centuries." In spite of this subservience, the Chancellor family was armigerous. [In heraldry, an armiger is a person entitled to use a coat of arms. Such a person is said to be armigerous. The Chancellor Coat of Arms is shown at right.]

Descendents off Hugh Chanceller include George Chancler (#62209), George Chanceler (#31105), William Chanceler (#15553), William Chancellor (#7777), Robert Chancellor (#3889), John Chancellor (#1945), John Chancellor (#973), Thomas Chancellor (#487), Grace Chancellor (#224), Catherine Wroe (#122), and many, many others.


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