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220. (Mary) Catherine Tilghman (Tilman) (Tillman) (Married George Loy (#219) about 1770 in Orange County, North Carolina; another source says about 1768 in Bucks County, Penn.

Born: about 1744 in Somerset County, Maryland; another source says about 1747, 1752 in Orange County, N.C. of John Tilghman (Tillman) (#439) & Mary Elizabeth ___ or Eva Dryden (#440) .The identification of Catherine's mother is confusing. From the Loy Family Website, "The only clue we have as to Catherine's parentage is that her daughter Margaret Ann (Loy) Clapp and Margaret's son Benjamin Clapp stated in the Mormon baptism for the dead proxy that Margaret was daughter of George and Catherine Loy, and that Margaret's grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Tillman." This website also states, "Tobias Tillman was son of John and Eva (Dryden) Tillman and Tobias' daughter (Phoebe) married her first cousin (Jacob), son of George and Catherine." [In order for Catherine and Tobias to have had the same father (John), but different mothers (Mary Elizabeth ? and Eva Dryden), John must have been married twice... or... there were two John Tillmans.] Other sites on say Catherine's mother was Eva Dryden. [If John and Eva are her mother and father and they were married 1749 in Dobbs, North Carolna as some sources say, then Catherine's birthdate would have been after that date... probably closer to 1752].

Died: 1833 (about 1830) in Loyston, Anderson, Tennessee; circa 1810 in Tennessee or Alabama. (The preceeding blue information is from Loy Family Website )


[Her siblings may have included:

Elizabeth Tillman: (Married: Unknown Snodgrass) Born: about 1750 in Dodds, N.C. of John Tillman and Eva Dryden, Died: ?

Tobias Tillman: (Married: Catherine Sharp) Born: 5 June 1751 in Orange County, N.C. of John Tillman and Eva Dryden, Died: 6 February 1845 in Preble County, Ohio

or perhaps

Margaret Tillman: (Married Henry Loy [George Loy #219's brother]) Born: ?, Died: ?] (Source of the green information is "My Hutchcraft/Hendron Fernley Family Website the blue is Loy Family Website ).


In the 1790 United States Federal Census, George Loy was living in Orange County, North Carolina. [Note: Mary was with him, as were most of their 10 children, including Catharine (Caty) (#110).] She was listed as head of household in the 1800 Orange County, NC Census according to the Loy Family Website.


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