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439. John Tilghman (Tillman) (Married Eva Dryden (Mary Elizabeth ___) (#440), probably in 1749 (about 1750) in Dobbs, North Carolna) [Note: if this wedding date is correct, then Mary (Catherine)Tilghman (#220), if she is their child, must have been born after that date].(Source of the green information is "My Hutchcraft/Hendron Fernley Family Website.


Born: 1705 [Note: 1722... see miscellaneous comment below] in Somerset County, Maryland of Gideon Tilghman (#877) and Esther Holland (#878)

Died: 1809 in Preble County, Ohio. (aged 104) [Note if the birth date of 1722 is correct, he would have been 87 when he died... this is probably more likely .]


[His siblings included:

Aaron Elisha Tilghman: Born: 1706 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: 1779 in probably Somerset Co, Maryland.

William Elisha Tilghman: Born: about 1712 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died:1785 in Beaufort, South Carolina.[Notes]

Ann (Anne) Tilghman: Born: 1720 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: ?

Eleanor Tilghman: Born: about 1722. Died: before 1814.

Nehemiah Tilghman: Born: 1723 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: about 1776.

Margaret Peggy Tilghman: Born: 1725 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died:?

Elizabeth Betty Tilghman: Born: 1730 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: about 1807 in probably Somerset Co, Maryland.

Gideon Tilghman: (Married: Tabitha Dorman), Born: 1732 in Coventry Parish, Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: after 1764 in probably Somerset Co, Maryland.

Sarah (Sara) Tilghman: Born: 1735 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died:?

Joseph Tilghman: Born: 1735 (1755) in Coventry Parish, Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: in probably Lenoir Co, North Carolina.

Stephen Holland Tilghman: (Married: Frances Paden) Born: 24 Jun 1738 in Coventry Parish, Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: Mar 1809 (20 May 1810) in Logan or Christian Co, Kentucky.

Tabitha Tilghman: (Married Jonathan Hudson) Born: about 1739 in Somerset Co, Maryland. Died: ?

Gideon Tillman III: (Married: Tabitha Dorman) Born: ? Died: ?,

Elisha (Belisha) Tillman: Born: 1712. Died: ?]



Tilghman family genealogy shows John born about 1705, however a history of the Drydens of Maryland indicates that he first showed up on the taxrolls in 1738 and that boys were always added at age 16. This certainly would be more realistic considering his age at his death.

According to an e-mail received by the BRICKCHURCHNC e-mail list, titled "[BRICKCHURCHNC] John Clapp of Ohio and his daughter Permillia", dated 1/14/09, and written by Tom Wilson, "John led one of the British regiments against the Regulators in the Battle of Alamance. John served the British Colonial Governor, John Tryon, as his corresponding secretary, leading up to the Revolutionary War. His (John's) decision to switch sides from the redcoats to the patriots is well chronicled in Inglis Fletcher's book, The Wind in the Forest (1957); John's character is "Hillary" if you choose to read the book (not one of my favorites!). In hiding from his past British associations, John changed the spelling of his surname during the war from TILGHMAN to TILLMAN and followed in his son's (Tobias) footsteps who was a patriot. The family Bible of John's fell overboard while crossing a river somewhere between Knox County, Tennessee and Preble County, Ohio during "final" move to Preble."

[Note: John and Mary Margaret ___ (Eva Dryden) had possibly four children: Elizabeth Tilghman (Tillman), Tobias Tilghman (Tillman), Margaret Tilghman (Tillman) and Mary (Catherine) #220) Tilghman (Tillman). The "My Hutchcraft/Hendron Fernley Family Website" does not list Mary Catherine #220 or Margaret as children; Loy Family Website cannot explain the true identity of John's wife and hypothesizes that Mary Catherine's mother is Mary Margaret ___ and that Margaret could be Mary Catherine's sister. Margaret and Mary (Catherine) married brothers, Henry Loy and George Loy #219].


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