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Eva Dryden (Possibly Mary Elizabeth ___)



440. Eva Dryden (Possibly Mary Elizabeth ___) (Married John Tilghman (Tillman) (#439), probably in 1749 (about 1750) in Dobbs, North Carolna) [Note: if this wedding date is correct, then Mary (Catherine)Tilghman (#220), if she is their child, must have been born after that date. All information below is about Eva Dryden; nothing is known about the Mary Elizabeth ___, another possible mother of Mary Catherine]. (Source of the green information is "My Hutchcraft/Hendron Fernley Family Website).


Born: about 1709, 1720, 1727, about 1730 in Somerset County, Maryland of William Dryden (#879) and Unknown Mother (#880)

Died: 1809 in Dodds, North Carolina; burial West Baltimore Cemeter, Preble Co., Ohio


[Her siblings included:

Mary Dryden: (Married: Richard Ward) Born: About 1728. Died: ?,

Samuel Dryden: (Married: Jennie Coulbourn) Born: 1732/ 33 in Somerset County, Maryland. Died: 1796. ,

Sarah Dryden: (Married: Thomas Benston) Born: About 1733. Died: Before 1802. ,

David Dryden: Born: About 1737 in Somerset County, Maryland. Died: 1775,

John Dryden: (Married: Rachel Riggin Matthews, Naomi Riggin) Born: 1740/ 41. Died: ?,

Joshua Dryden: (Married: Sarah Bowland) Born: About 1745. Died: August 1785.]



[Note: John and Mary Margaret ___ (Eva Dryden) had possibly four children: Elizabeth Tilghman (Tillman), Tobias Tilghman (Tillman), Margaret Tilghman (Tillman) and Mary (Catherine) #220) Tilghman (Tillman). The "My Hutchcraft/Hendron Fernley Family Website" does not list Mary Catherine #220 or Margaret as children; Loy Family Website cannot explain the true identity of John's wife and hypothesizes that Mary Catherine's mother is Mary Margaret ___ that Margaret could be Mary Catherine's sister. Margaret and Mary (Catherine) married brothers, Henry Loy and George Loy #219]


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