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106. Mary "Polly" Ervin: (Married: Daniel Donnell/Donnal/Donnall (#105) in 1778). (Source of green: North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 for Daniel Donnell, Daughters of the American Revolution, Lineage Book of the Charter Members of the DAR Vol 073)

Born: 1760 of Robert Ervin (#211) & Martha ___ (#212).

Died: 21 May 1814 in Guilford County North Carolina. She is buried in Buffalo Presbyterian Church cemetery. (aged 55) According to Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina, compiled by Raymond Dufau Donnell, 1996, p. 23; she is buried at 5E-6E/5D-6D.(Her gravesite was verified during a visit to the cemetery on 29 September 2005 by Susan Snyder (#2) and her cousins Sandra Henson and Mary Lue Finch and is shown at the bottom of this page.)

[Her siblings included:

a) Isabella Ervin: (Married: Robert Hanner, of the Alamance Church section, in 1773); Born: ? Died: ?;

b) Robert Ervin: (Married: Charlotte Mitchell, daughter of Adam Mitchell (#215), 1794); Born: ? Died: ? (In War of 1812) [Note: Robert's wife was the sister of Mary Mitchell (#108)];

c) Richard Ervin: Born: ? Died: ?

d) Joseph Ervin: (Married: Lavinia McComey, 1782); Born: ? Died: ? (In Revolutionary War)

e) Jane Ervin: (Married: Thomas Dick); Born: ? Died: ? (Thomas Dick located on Reedy Fork and owned two mills and 1500 acres of land)

f) Sarah Ervin: Born: ? Died: ? (remained single)]. (Much of the information about Mary’s siblings by Russell Leach's (#3) genealogical research and the miscellaneous information below, has been verified by Susan Snyder (#2). Reference source is History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church And Her People, Greensboro, N. C. by Rev. S. M. Rankin, 1934, p. 32-33, and 126.


She and her husband lived on the east side of the church on the north side of the North Buffalo.

Although not listed by name (as that was not done at that time), Mary appears in the 1790, 1800, and 1810 Census as a free white female in censuses with her husband, Daniel. In 1790, Daniel was living in Guilford County, North Carolina. The census shows "Dan'l Donnal's" household included 10 people: four free white males, 3 free white females, and 3 slaves. This census record can be viewed by clicking here. [Note: Mary would have been ~30 years old].

The 1800 Federal Census shows Daniel and a lot of other Donnalls are living in Salisbury, Guilford County, North Carolina. The census shows "Daniel Donnall's" household included 15 people: five free white males, four free white females, and six slaves. The census record can be viewed by clicking here. [Note: Mary would have been ~40 years old].

In the North Carolina 1810 Federal Census Index, p. 175, a Daniel Donnell lived in Guilford County. His ID # is NCS1a898602. The 1810 Federal Census shows Daniel was living in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina. The census shows "Dan'l Donnell's" household included 15 people: 4 free white males, 3 free white females, 1 unidentified person, and 7 slaves. The census record can be viewed by clicking here. [Note: Mary would have been ~50 years old].

According to Guilford County, North Carolina Land Grants 1778-1934 by Elizabeth “Pat” Shaw Bailey, p 73, there was a Daniel Donnell living along the waters of the Little Alamance River before 1813. [Note: Mary was living with Daniel at the time].

Mary and Daniel had perhaps 7 children: Robert, Martha, Joseph, Mary, Ervin (#53), Daniel, and Jane. [Note: Further research is needed to confirm Mary was one of their children. For details about the children, click on Ervin's name]

Below: Mary’s tombstone at Buffalo Presbyterian Church Cemetery. (GPS 36° 6.596 minutes N, 79° 46.78 minutes W). These pictures were taken on 29 September 2005. Left: Her tombstone was "chalked" to better read the inscription. A transcription of her tombstone is below these photographs.




???????? who
departed this
life may the
21st 1814 aged



Lifetime Events Summary for Mary Ervin

Mary's age
Birth of Children
1778 - ?
Birth of son, Ervin (Erwin) (#53)
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
15 - 23
War of 1812
1812 - 1815
52 - Dead


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