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108. Mary Mitchell: (Married: John McMurray, Jr., and after he died, she married John Cunningham Jr. (#107)--bond: 13 March, 1797 in Guilford County. (13 February 1799 in Guilford, North Carolina according North Carolina, Marriage Index, 1741-2004 [database on-line] Provo, UT.; She is listed as Mary McMurry) (13 February 1799, North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741 - 1868, Image 005331 in Guilford, Record #01 105, Bondsman: Adam Mitchell. She is listed as Mary McKurry.)

Born: 1770 in Rowan, North Carolina of Adam Mitchell, Jr. (#215) & Agnes (Nancy) Ross (#216)

Died: 26 May 1818,
and is buried at Buffalo Presbyterian Church in Guilford County, North Carolina. (Source: Find-A-Grave memorial #114361501) [Note: She had to have died between 1817/18 when her youngest daughter (Nancy) was born and 28 December 1818 when her husband married Mary Finley].

[Her siblings included:

a) Samuel Mitchell: (Married: Margaret McMurray, daughter of John McMurray, Sr. in 1795) Born: 1771; Died: 1851;

b) John Mitchell: Born: 1773 (1775); Died: 1841; Miscellaneous: Remained single

c) Adam Mitchell III: (Married: Isabella Gwynn & Elizabeth Allen); Born: 1776. Died: 16 September 1841. Miscellaneous: He and his wife Elizabeth are buried at Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Greensboro. The tombstones were photographed by Susan Snyder (#2) on 29 September 2005) Adam's tombstone reads "In Memory of Adam Mitchell who died Sept. 16, 1841 in the 75th year of his age." Elizabeth's stone reads "IN MEMORY of ELIZABETH Consort of ADAM MITCHELL who died March 25, 1853, in the 77th year of her life."

d) Charlotte Mitchell: (Married 1st: Robert Ervin & Married 2nd: Latham Donnell) Born:1764 Died: 1845. She is buried at Buffalo Presbyterian Church.] (The above listed siblings and their spouses in black type by Russell Leach (#3) are documented in Rev. S. M. Rankin’s book: History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People ca. 1934, p. 26.) (Source: Find a grave memorial #114361501 for Mary (Polly) Mitchell)



With John McMurray, Jr., Mary had no children (Reference Rev. S. M. Rankin’s book: History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People ca. 1934, p. 46.) With John Cunningham, Jr.(#107), Mary had eight children: Mitchell, Hannah (#54) , Joseph, Polly, William, Andrew, Elizabeth, and Nancy. She also raised three step-children from John's previous marriage to Margaret Donnell: James, Isabella, and John.

The 1810 Census for Guilford County, North Carolina lists John Cunningham (Mary's husband) with his family of 10 and a total of 26 people in his household. Mary is listed in the column as "Free White Female 26 thru 44." Details are shown at the link.

[Note: Mary must have been a busy woman attending to the needs of her three step children, her own 8 children, and her husband. Without a doubt, John's slaves helped Mary with the daily household chores and John with the agricultural chores.]

Mary died in 1818, just 8 years after the 1810 census, leaving behind her husband and several children. Several children were quite young. Her youngest child, Nancy, was born shortly before Mary died. Perhaps Mary died from complications in childbirth? If Mary was born in 1770 as an posting states, then Mary would have been 48 when she gave birth to Nancy.

Find-A-Grave Memorial #114361501 states that Mary is buried at Buffalo Presbyterian Church Cemetery and that her tombstone is broken and leans against a cedar tree. There is no photograph of her tombstone posted at Find-A-Grave.

[Note: Below is a chart of Mary's lifetime events, her birth date is yet to be verified and is shown in red. Her age during the events in her life are based on the 1770 birth year and are also shown in red.]

Lifetime Events Summary for Mary Mitchell:

Mary's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
5 - 13
1st Marriage
2nd Marriage
Birth of Daughter
War of 1812
1812 - 1815
42 - 45


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