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215. Adam Mitchell, Jr.(Married Agnes (Nancy)___(#216)


Born: ? of Adam Mitchell, Sr (#429) and Mary ___ (#430)

Died: ? He may have died in the Revolutionary War. According to page 198 of History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and her People, Greensboro, N.C. by Rev. S. M. Rankin, Adam was trading in land before the Revolutionary War and his name doesn't appear in any record after the War. The document Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery Greensboro, North Carolina compiled by Raymond Dufau Donnell, March 1996 p. 71 states that there are church members buried at the cemetery for whom grave markers no longer exist. Specific sites are no longer known. Burials were in the center section, at the old section of the cemetery. Determination of those listed is based in part on church records. Records show that Adam Mitchell Jr. was buried in this cemetery, but his stone is missing. Page 77 states "Mitchell, Adam, Jr. Son of Adam and Agnes Mitchell, Sr., Husband of Nancy, 'Agnes.'" [Note: Susan Snyder (#2) believes this should say, "Son of Adam and Mary Mitchell, Sr." since the record for the bural of Adam Mitchell Sr.'s wife is "Mitchell, Mary. Wife of Adam Mitchell, Sr. Pioneer." It may be that the Adam referred to in the Buffalo document is the son of Adam Jr. and Agnes.... but this Adam's wives were Isabella Gwyn and Elizabeth Allen... not Nancy, Agnes. The confusion is that there were so many Adam Mitchells.. at least 4...associated with the church: Adam Mitchell Sr.(wife Mary), Adam Mitchell Jr.(wife Agnes or Nancy), Adam Mitchell Jr.'s son (wives Isabella and Elizabeth) , and Robert Mitchell's (Adam Mitchell Sr.'s) son (wife: Jennet).]


[His siblings included:

a) John Mitchell Born: ? Died: ?

b) Jennet Mitchell (Married Adam Mitchell, son of Robert. Adam was her first cousin) Born: ? Died: ?]


Adam was trading in land with his brother before the Revolutionary War. Their names do not appear in any record after the war. They must have died or been killed in service. [Source: These sentences are verified in History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and her People, Greensboro, N.C. by Rev. S. M. Rankin, page 198].

In Guilford County, North Carolina Land Grants 1778-1934, by Elizabeth "Pat" Shaw Bailey, 2001, Adam Mitchell's name is listed three times; but, it is unknown whether these listings are for Adam Mitchell, Jr., his father, or his cousin (son of Robert). [Note if History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and her People, Greensboro, N.C. by Rev. S. M. Rankin page is correct and Adam Mitchell Jr. was killed in the Revolutionary War, then these entries cannot be for him]. Page 50 states that Adam Mitchell was granted 107 acres (Entry date: 1 Dec. 1778) Location: "waters Hunting Creek." Page 59 states James Ross was granted 100 acres (Entry date: 26 Aug. 1778) Location: "waters Horsepen Creek - Adam Mitchell - Thomas White." Page 59 James Ross was granted 100 acres (Entry date: 2 Aug. 1785) Location: "waters Horsepen Creek - Isaac White- Adam Mitchell."

Adam and his wife had five children: Mary (#108), Samuel, John, Adam III, and Charlotte.


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