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211. Robert Ervin (Irvin)(Irwin) (Married Martha ___ (#212)


Born: 1743 of Unknown Father (#421) and Unknown Mother (#422)

Died: ?


[His siblings, if any, are unknown.]


Robert bought 640 acres on Reedy Fork, 1758. The source of this information is History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People, Greensboro, N.C. by Reverend S. M. Rankin, p. 32, "Robert Ervin bought 640 acres of John McClintock in 1758 and located on the Reedy Fork. His wife was Martha, and their children were Isabella, Robert, Richard, Joseph, Mary (#106), Jane and Sarah. Isabella married Robert Hanner, of the Alamance Church section, in 1773; Robert married Charlotte Mitchell, daughter of Adam (#215), in 1794; Joseph married Lavinia McComey in 1782; Mary (#106) married Daniel Donnell (#105 ); Jane married Thomas Dick, son of William; Sarah never married."

[Note: One internet source suggested that the John McClintock from which Robert bought land, may have been his father-in law. John McClintock did have a daughter by the name of Martha, but she married Samuel Thomas according to p. 25 of History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People, Greensboro, N.C. by Reverend S. M. Rankin.]

Robert Irvin's (Irwin's) name is mentioned many times in Guilford County, North Carolina Land Grants 1778-1934 by Elizabeth "Pat" Shaw Bailey, 1993. [Note: There is at least one other Robert Ervin (Irvin) (Irwin) living in the area when these land parcels were granted... Robert's son. Therefore, some of these entries may be for his son.] Page 4 states that James Bell bought 60 acres (Entry Date: 18 May 1783) Location: N sd Reedy Fork/ Haw River-Robert Irwin-Robert Donnald. Page 9 states that Alexander Caldwell, dec'd was granted 240 acres (Entry date: 4 Feb. 1779) Location: wtrs Hickory Creek-Dennis Towmy-Saml Fountain-Wm Fields-Robert Irwin, dec'd- Mary Brown- Hezekiah Gardner. Page 36 shows two entries: Robert Irwin was granted 305 acres (Entry Date: 1779) Location: waters Reedy Fork-John White-Robert Donnell, and Robert Irwin was granted 400 acres (Entry Date: 25 November 1778) Location: waters Hickory Creek-Johathan Armfield-Way-Reece- (assignor: Dec 26, 1789 by George Erwin/Irwin.)[Note: George Erwin/Irwin might have been Robert's brother, uncle, or father.] Page 60 states that William Russell was granted 640 acres (Entry Date: 29 Jan 1779) Location: wtrs Reedy Fork of Haw River-Robert Erwin-James Bell. Page 72 states William Way was granted 200 acres (Entry Date: 4 Aug. 1779) Location: waters Hickory Creek-Rogers-Irwin-William Brown. Page 75 states Andrew Wilson Sr. was granted 58.5 acres (Entry Date: 22 Nov. 1798) Location: wtrs Reedy Fork-Robert Ervin-Russel-Jedediah Aylet. [Note: It seems likely that this Robert Ervin (Irvin) (Irwin) (#211) is the one listed for the Reedy Fork property, while the Hickory Creek property might be some other Robert Irwin.


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