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689. Henry Mershon II (Marchand II) (Married: Ann Houghton (#670) in 1698 in London (Source of purple is The Association of the Descendants of Henry Mershon.) (Source of light blue information is Donna Patterson, Great Great Great Grandaughter of Francis Mettler (#43) and Hannah Mashon (Meshon) (Mershon) (#44), in e-mails to Susan Snyder in 2014).

Born: 10 October 1672 of Henri Le Marchand (#1,377) and Mary Ruscoe(#1,378) in Caen, Normandy, France.

Died: 20 September 1738 in Maidenhead, Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA.


[His siblings, if any are unknown.]


Miscellaneous Information:

In 1685, the Mershon family first appeared in America. Henry was probably brought to New York at ~ age 13 by his father to escape religious persecution and the Huguenot Wars in France.

The 1698 census of Newtown, New York lists "Henry Marshan" as head of the home, with two others living with him. The two were likely Ann, Henry's wife, and Henry III, their first child.

Circa 1700, "Henry Marshan" moved his family from New York to Hunterdown (now Mercer) County, New Jersey, near the present town of Lawrenceville. He was a land owner by 1702. Living there, he and his wife raised their 5 sons and 5 daughters: Henry III, Mary, Rebekah, Thomas, Andrew Mershon (#345), Peter, Ann, Houghton, Elizabeth, and Sarah.

Henry's will, dated July 19, 1738, names his wife and all 10 children. After his death (September 20, 1738), he was buried in the Cemetery on the Hill near Lawrenceville.


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