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345. Andrew Mershon (Married Fransinah Anderson (#346) in 1730 in Hunterdon, New Jersey) (Source of purple is The Association of the Descendants of Henry Mershon.) (Source of light blue information is Donna Patterson, Great Great Great Grandaughter of Francis Mettler (#43) and Hannah Mashon (Meshon) (Mershon) (#44), in e-mails to Susan Snyder in 2014).


Born: 06 August 1706 of Henry Mershon (#689) and Ann Houghton (#690) in Maidenhead, Hunterdon, New Jersey.

Died: 05 July 1793 in Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA.(Another online source says 21 May, 1793)


[His siblings, include:

a) Henry III: (Married: ) Born: Died:

b) Mary: (Married: ) Born: Died:

c) Rebekah: (Married: ) Born: Died:

d) Thomas: (Married: ) Born: Died:

e) Peter: (Married: ) Born: Died:

f) Ann: (Married: ) Born: Died:

g) Houghton: (Married: ) Born: Died:

h) Elizabeth: (Married: ) Born: Died:

i) Sarah: (Married: ) Born: Died: ].



He and his wife had 10 children: Hannah, Henry, Cornelius, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Sarah, Andrew Mershon (#173), Rebekah, Timothy, and Catherine.


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