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346. Fransinah Anderson (Married Andrew Mershon (#345) ) in 1730 in Hunterdon, New Jersey.(Source of purple is The Association of the Descendants of Henry Mershon.)(Source of light blue information is Donna Patterson, Great Great Great Grandaughter of Francis Mettler (#43) and Hannah Mashon (Meshon) (Mershon) (#44), in e-mails to Susan Snyder in 2014).


Born: 22 June 1708 (another source says 1714) of Cornelius Anderson (#691) and Annetje Annah Opdyck (#692.)

Died: 27 August 1796


[Her siblings, if any are unknown.]



She and her husband had 10 children: Hannah, Henry, Cornelius, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Sarah, Andrew Mershon (#173), Rebekah, Timothy, and Catherine.


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