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210. Mary ___ (Married Robert Donnell II (#209) sometime prior to 1755 when their son Daniel (#105) was born.)


Born: Ca 1730, in the County of Ulster, Ireland of Unknown Father (#419) and Unknown Mother (#420)

Died: 1771 in Guilford County, North Carolina. (The source of the information about her birth and death is from Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina, Compiled by Raymond Dufau Donnell, Second Printing March 1996, p. 74.) A field stone marker was in the old pioneer section of the Buffalo Presbyterian Church graveyard and was known to Minor Cecil Donnell (dcd). It was viewed in 1965.[Note: Mary would have been 41 when she died.]


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown.]


History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People, Greensboro, N.C. by Reverend S. M. Rankin, explains on p. 42, "Robert Donnell, the second, came from York County, Pennsylvania, and located on the north side of North Buffalo in 1771. His wife was Mary, and their children appear to have been William, Elizabeth, Daniel, Samuel, Sarah, Robert and George. William married Mary, daughter of Samuel Bell, in 1773 and moved to Tennessee in 1797; Elizabeth married Robert Donnell, son of Thomas, Sr., in 1775; Daniel (#105) married first Mary (#106), daughter of Robert Ervin (#211), and second Catherine, daughter of Ralph Gorrell, Sr., in 1816; Samuel became a Presbyterian minister and was pastor of Spring Creek Church, Tennessee; Sarah married John Donnell, son of Robert, Sr, in 1779; Robert married first Jennie Morrison, in 1790, and second Mrs. Nancy Cabe Latta, daughter of John and Mary Strayhorn Cabe, of Orange County, in 1820; George married Lydia, daughter of Arthur and Lydia Forbis, and located on the Reedy Fork."


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